Catfish The TV Show Recap 8/5/15: Season 4 Episode 15 “Andria & David”

Catfish The TV Show Recap 8/5/15: Season 4 Episode 15 "Andria & David"

Tonight on MTV their series about online dating, CATFISH airs with an all new Wednesday August 5 season 4 episode 15 called “Andria & David.” On tonight’s season a woman wants to meet her online beau.

On the last episode a man who sought refuge from his troubled marriage through an online relationship had doubts about his potential paramour due to her strange tales of seizures and kidnappings. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “a woman wants to meet her online beau, with whom she’s been involved for 10 years.”

Tonight’s episode of Catfish: The TV Show airs on MTV at 10 PM EST and is going to be exciting, don’t forget to come right back to this spot and watch the show with us.

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#Catfish starts with Max in California – he’s still working on his movie We Are the Friends. He’ll be back tomorrow so they start with a video chat. Nev reads an email about 12 going on 21 that says Andria is 21 and lives in St Louis and she’s been seeing a guy from Chicago online for 10 years named David Walker. She says she met him on social media called Bebo back in middle school. She says they texted and says he’s a few years older than her and it was exciting.

She says they had strong feelings for each other. She says she got so attached to him because she could always go to him but then there are all these excuses for why they can’t meet up. She asks to help her find out who this man is. Nev says this may be the longest relationship they’ve had on the show. They video conference in Andria and she says she’s a pre-school teacher and says she was in 6th grade when she met David. She says they’ve been texting and calling and nothing else mattered.

She says they grew up together. She says he’s always been there for her when she was going through things. She had a miscarriage last year and he was there for her through all this. She says he talks about them getting married and starting a family. She says he makes excuses about not getting on video chat and says she threatened him with Catfish before. She says she needs help to figure this out. Nev says they’ll see her in St Louis and will reel this Catfish in. He heads out.

Nev and Max head to Andria’s house and she says she just moved in and it’s her first place. Max and Nev bounce on her bed and dance on her floors. She says David was the first person she told she loved and says she gives him all her time. Nev asks if she was ever heartbroken. She says he was supposed to come for Christmas but he got arrested for contraband in his car and is now under house arrest. She says she stopped going to school and he was supposed to come get her to start their new life.

She says she’s not in college now because of him. Andria says she wants this with him and Nev asks what photos she has. She shows photos from way back and says he looks really cute. She says she told him she was going to put you on Skype then says he told her that he’s really a female named Gio. Then they show some photos that she was sent from her. Then there’s one of the person showing a photo of an Illinois driver’s license of this woman. They have the name Christina and the address.

She says she has letters too. Nev reads the letter and says it’s a very passionate love letter. Then the letter goes on and there’s sexy talk and an outline of what looks like a penis drawn on it. Nev says this is a whole new level of Catfish correspondence. Mex says no self-respecting Catfish puts their return address on the envelope. She says the voice sounds like a guy and plays a voice mail that does sound masculine. Max says he thinks it could be a woman and says Andria needs to face that it might be a woman.

Andria says he couldn’t do that to me. The guys head out. Nev says she wants this relationship so bad and can’t let go of it. Max is certain it’s that woman and Nev says that woman is at least part of it. Max and Nev are at a B&B when the crew shows up. They review the case and how David asked Andria to drop out of school and move in with her. Then she said she was going to take her on Catfish. Max says they think the voicemail could be a woman’s voice.

They think David is the woman and that Andria needs to let go of a fantasy. They start with the photos of Christina and her driver’s license. They have her cell number and they search that number. They get no results. They run the email and get a match that says it’s a female. They open the link and see the woman. They see the same photos of Christina. They are sure that Christian is David. Nev says they can tell Andria this is who she has been talking to.

Nev wonders if Christina has any real regard for Andria’s feelings and they have to go talk to her and get her to come to grips with this. Max calls Andria and they go meet up with her at a restaurant. Nev says she has to face the music and they agree it will be tough on her. She brought Camille her BFF along. They met in middle school. Nev asks if she’s been an eyewitness to this David drama. She says David would blow up her phone if they wanted to go out.

Camille says she’s talked to David and she doesn’t think it’s that girl. Camille says she wants Andria to get closure and move on from this. Nev says they did an investigation and found some things. They show her that Geostain is Christina. Max says Geo is Christina. Andria starts crying and Nev says Christina is David. She asks how you put words to that and Nev says she needs to accept that this guy is a woman.

She covers her face with her hands and cries. She says it’s frustrating. She says it’s been a long time and says she never told him lies or anything. She just cries. She says she doesn’t get it and it doesn’t make sense. Max says Christina probably means a lot of what she says but hasn’t been honest with her.

Nev says this is a shock but says meeting this person might be what she should do and Max says he doesn’t think she’ll believe it until she gets a confession. Nev says he can call and tell her they know what’s up. He asks if she’s okay with this and she says that’s cool. Nev says they can do this once and for all. They decide to take a break. Camille and Andria wonder why keep it going so long. Nev calls Christina and says he’s there with Andria and says she wants to meet who she’s been talking to.

Christina says she doesn’t know and asks to call back. He says Andria is taking it hard and is confused but still wants to meet her. Christina asks why she wants to meet her still now that she knows. Andria tells Max it’s been 10 years. Nev says they’ve been talking for years and she wants to meet who she’s been talking to. Christina says she doesn’t know and Nev says Andria has been waiting 10 years and doesn’t need to wait much longer. Christina agrees to call back.

Max brings the girls back in. Nev says he talks to Christina and says they showed her everything they found out. Nev says she was freaked out about meeting her but promised to think about it. Nev says they can fly to Chicago whether she likes it or not. Andria says let’s do it. They head to Chicago and Nev gets a text message saying she’ll meet with them. Andria says she has to see her talk and move to truly believe it. They stop at a house and head up to it.

Nev knocks and Christina answers. He asks her to come out. She has a deep voice and asks how Andria is doing. Nev says this is awkward and Max says they’ve listened to Andria’s story over the last 10 years she’s been pretending to be a guy. Max asks what’s her side of things. She says it started as a $25 bet and a joke. She says her cousin was on Bebo and she saw her photo and asked for her number. She says she’s always been attracted to women.

Max says she put Andria through a lot of hoops. Nev asks about the house arrest she mentioned. Then Max mentions her taking time off school to be with her. Max asks why not just break it off and Christina says she was there for her. She says they bonded and that was it – she says she could get away and talk to her because she doesn’t have friends much. Andria says there was more to it and Christina says Andria doesn’t know her. Christina says she’s not in love with her but cares for her as a human.

Andria says she always was calling her phone and crying on voice mails saying she loved her. She asks why with her for 10 years and Christina says she doesn’t have any friends. But then she says if she really wanted Andria she would have come clean. Max says that sounds heartless and she’s wasting Andria’s life because she needs to cry to a baby. Max says this is like a kindergarten fight. He says he saw the letter and says it was written with passion.

Christina laughs and says it was a fake letter. Christina says it was written to make Andria believe and keep her on the hook. Christina says Andria lied to her too and says she told her she was a white girl when they first met. Andria says she never did that and says she was only in 6th grade and wouldn’t even know to do this. Christina says she told her some truths and some lies. Nev says this is a long played out game for both of them.

Nev says they can talk more tomorrow but Christina says there’s no reason to. Max tells Andria they need to talk about why Andria has been in this relationship for 10 years. Next day, they get with Andria again to talk about what’s the deal. Nev says he doesn’t think anything good can come of them staying in touch. They call Christina and he asks if they can talk calmly and she agrees but says Andria needs to be real and says she didn’t do anything that Andria didn’t do and says she has pictures too.

Andria says that makes her mad and Max asks if she was faking any pictures. Max says they need to know that before they go over there. Andria says she made a profile page of someone else to try and friend David but they didn’t accept her as a friend. She says it was her name with another photo. She says she didn’t know why she did this. Nev says she was trying to be friends with him and she says the profile is down and says she told Christina about it.

She says she has emails and can show how long ago it was. She says she was sending photos of her. Nev says they are confused by this and it doesn’t really matter and Andria says it’s annoying. Nev says this is all dysfunctional and says today should be an ending for both of them. They invite Christina to meet them at the hotel. They meet with Christina and Nev says they can move forward in a positive new direction.

Andria says she did have some fault in all these years and didn’t just come here to step all over her. She says she did want to meet her because of all the years she gave her. Christina says she can’t accept her apology since she’s not being real. Christina says she knows she was wrong and says she needs to learn from her mistakes and says they were both bogus. Christina says she wants everything to be her way but it’s not. Max says they’re both to blame for letting it go on for 10 years.

Christina says she asked her to write back to her letters and agrees it was messed up to write that way to her. Andria says they were still together and Nev says Christina has been seeing this differently for a long time. Max says it’s sad she says she has no friends but Christina says she said she didn’t have a bond with. Max says it’s frustrating talking to her because she keeps changing little words and technicalities. Max gets annoyed and says she’s full of sh*t.

He says she turns things around on people and she changes stories and is twisting it to look less guilty than she is. She says she doesn’t want someone like Andria in her life and tells Max to go f*k himself. Max calls BS and says he thinks she had feelings for her. Andria says let’s go. Andria says dealing with her is like a slap in the face. Andria is now back in school working on a social work degree. She says Christina sent her a long text apologizing for what she said on the show.

She says Christina told her she wants to be with her and has strong feelings for her. Andria says she has nothing to say to her. Nev says she needs to shut this down and Max says she plays mid games. Then they call Christina and Nev asks if she and Andria have been talking and she says they haven’t been in contact – she’s lying – then says she’s learned to be more open.