Donny Loves Jenny Recap 1/7/15: Season 1 Episode 1 Premiere “The Wedding”

Donny Loves Jenny Recap 1/7/15: Season 1 Episode 1 Premiere "The Wedding"

Donny Loves Jenny airs tonight on A&E with an all new Wednesday January 7, season 1 premiere episode called “The Wedding” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s premiere episode, as Donnie and Jenny’s wedding day gets closer, Jenny goes ahead to Chicago for the final prep while Donnie is stuck with the unusal task of getting her dress there in one piece.

For those of you who don’t know about the show, the newlyweds Donny Wahlburg and Jenny McCarthy star in this 10-episode reality show on A&E. The unscripted docuseries, follows the now husband and wife navigating through the first months of marriage—the good, the bad, and everything in between. The couple serves as the show’s co-producers.

On tonight’s episode as per the A&E synopsis “as Donnie and Jenny’s wedding day gets closer, Jenny goes ahead to Chicago for the final prep while Donnie is stuck with the unusal task of getting her dress there in one piece. Donnie nervously awaits the tour bus arrival of his mom Alma, who doesn’t fly, and preps a special wedding surprise just for her. Jenny’s son Evan, Donnie’s NKOTB bandmates and the rest of their soon to be blended families help them realize how lucky they are to have a second chance at happily ever after.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be a great one and you’re not going to want to miss it. Donny Loves Jenny airs on A&E at 10:30 PM EST, while you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new series.

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#DonnieLovesJenny starts now. In Boston, a week before the wedding, Donnie and Alma are in the car. He’s beat boxing and she tells him to stop. He’s there to visit his mom and tells her he’s getting married in a week. He says he got his swagger from Alma. He’s says he never asked for advice for 42 years until he met Jenny. He says getting remarried and integrating kids is tough. He asks his mom for some wisdom. He says some of them weren’t happy when she remarried. Donnie laughs and says she showed up with nine kids.

Alma says he found his perfect match. Donnie says the guy she married had one kid but they never saw him because he was too scared to come around. She says Donnie and Jenny are both crazy. Jenny is with her mom Babe and shows her a letter she wrote to a friend in college that’s insane. Jenny says she remembers them being broke and scraping for change to buy food. Babe says she remembers when Jenny made her first big paycheck and came over and paid all her bills.

Jenny says her mom has always stood by her and understood. Jenny says she remembers calling her crying the same week she filed divorce and found out Evan had autism. Babe tells her she had to push through all the fear to take care of Evan and says no one but her knows what she went through. Jenny says her mom helped her face life and get out of bad. Jenny says her mom had to divorce her dad and then find love again.

Jenny says she wanted her and dad to stay together but says watching her find the love of her life in her second husband was a great example. Babe says it was like going from wearing stilettos to putting on slippers. Jenny says no one in her life has ever come close to Donnie. Jenny says Donnie is her slippers and her Prince Charming. Babe says she couldn’t have picked out anybody better for her. Johnny is at Donnie place and asks why he has Kermit and Miss Piggy on the wall and he says that’s him.

Donnie says they like sentimental things in their bedroom and Johnny asks about the bag of ones on the table and he says it’s for when he wants to make it rain. Jenny shows up to meet Shuki the wedding planner. She’s there ahead of Donnie at the Hotel Baker. Donnie says that was where they had one of their early dates. Donnie calls Pat, his stylist, about his tuxedo pants. Donnie says Jenny had big things to do in Chicago. Jill says he has to take Jenny’s dress because they can’t ship it in time.

He says he’s stuck with the dress but Jill says it’s an honor. Shuki is going over wedding plans with Jenny who says he’s eccentric, brilliant but hard to understand. She’s exercising while he talks and she says nothing is worse than back fat. Donnie calls and she says they’re looking over the cocktail hour area. He asks about her vows and she says she wrote the whole wedding. He asks if it’s legit and she says she wrote beautiful, poetic words for him but he says no one else can write your vows.

Donnie says he has to vow what he wants to vow and says he’ll write it. Jenny says she will include his vows that he wrote. He’s happy. Jenny says she’s confident in Donnie and says he’s calm and cool and has never let her down. She says she knows he’ll take care of her dress the way he wants. He’s stressed out over the dress and going nuts. Jenny is rewriting the vows because of Donnie’s request. She reads the vows to Shuki and it includes his cute butt and their sex life.

Shuki says it’s not okay. Jenny says she’s a stress eater and says she wants to eat Shuki’s head. In New York, Donnie goes to get the dress. He says it’s the most important thing and he’s worried. He says hi to Alan and says he doesn’t want to be responsible for the dress. She says he also has to take the jewels which are real. He holds the jewels and Alana shows Jill how to carry the dress – you have to carry it at three points. Donnie is scared to put it in the back of the SUV. He says they’re going to lay the dress out perfectly so nothing can scathe it.

He hops into Johnny’s lap up front along with the dog so Jenny’s dress can have the whole back seat. Jenny calls Donnie and says she wants him there and asks when he’ll be there. He’s waiting on the private jet and he’s worried about the dress. He and Rob have a drink on the plane as it takes off. Donnie says next time he’s in New York, he’ll be married. In St Charles, Jenny says the last 24 hours away from Donnie felt like weeks.

They meet up together with Shuki and he says it’s hot and his balls are sweating. She says she loves his sweaty balls. He tells her they need to jump off the balcony. She chases a bee off of him and he’s terribly allergic. She says it was a good work out. Shuki then starts talking crazy about the bees and Donnie imitates him. Donnie says nothing will stop him from marrying Jenny McCarthy. They sit and play the piano together – Heart and Soul.

She say he did good and he smooches her. She asks if she could tour with the band and he says no. They have a rehearsal moment. Donnie says the thought of not being able to see the dress stresses him – there is a big brown pole in the way. He demonstrates Evan walking with her and walking into it. She does her little walk and they sing along. Donnie kisses her and they start making out while Shuki tries to talk to them.

Donnie says Jenny always told him he reminded her of her dad Macky. Donnie says that’s awesome unless they’re naked in bed. We see Macky and Donnie playing golf and laughing. Donnie says there are a lot of women in Jenny’s family and he really likes him. He thanks Macky for supporting them and Macky tells him he’s special and Jenny thinks so too. Macky tells him he loves him and Donnie says he’s the closes thing to a dad he has now that his is gone.

He asks Macky if he thinks his pants are too tight and he says only if it hurts his crotch. Jenny is with her sister Jojo and she says they have the best relationship. She says Jojo calls her out on things she has to work on. Jojo says watching Jenny in all her relationships makes her want to not get married. Jenny says she’s always made the same relationship mistakes. Jenny says they’re always there for each other. Jojo says watching her with Donnie makes her want to get married.

Donnie says his mom doesn’t like cars, planes, trains or buses. She took a big tour bus to Chicago. He is thrilled when she makes it to the hotel. Jenny tries Evan’s jacket on him and she says he looks like a little man. He says he knows. Jenny is near tears and says yesterday he was her little baby boy. She tries a bow tie on him. He’s 12 and about to walk her down the aisle. She says she’s going to cry and she says he has the most important job at the wedding.

He says he’s not nervous. She talks him through the wedding process and tells him Donnie is going to be a step-dad who will love him so much. She asks if he’ll slow dance with her at the wedding and he says Aunt Jojo taught him. They dance around and chant – getting married. Donnie says he recruited his friend Regina Belle to do something special for his mom for her coming all this way. He says she dances to If I Could at each of her kid’s wedding. He wants her to sing that and she agrees.

Regina says she’s never actually sung it live at an event like that. Jenny is in a nice dress and kisses Donnie. She says the place looks amazing. Donnie imitates Shuki again. They do the rehearsal the night before and Donnie is all teared up as she walks toward him. He hugs Shuki. He made the pole that Donnie didn’t like into a tree. She asks Donnie if he’s sure but he says he has no doubts. She grabs Donnie’s butt and says she loves it.

There’s a crowd on the street outside and Jenny says she wishes she could invite them all in. He says the dress and has to get it to her dressing room. He doesn’t like that it’s still in his possession. Danny and Donnie are trying to move her dress still in its bag very carefully. They drop the dress and curse. Donnie says the dress keeps pulling him back in. He says – freaking dress. Jenny has her hair done and all her makeup done and she looks amazing.

Macky comes in and she asks him for words of advice. She says it reminded her of what Evan will look like when he’s older. She says her dad has a gleam in his eyes. He says he loves Donnie and she says he has all of your good qualities and none of your bad. Donnie and the guys are lying around. Jenny says Donnie wanted Evan to get ready with him and the boys. She says it was confirmation he’s fallen in love with Evan too.

Donnie is all teared up and says it felt like he was dressing his own son and not just Jenny’s son. Even is with Babe and Macky before the wedding. Jenny tells her son he looks so handsome and says he’s a dashing man. The crowd outside is chanting their names. They are so excited that Donnie and Jenny decided to get married there. Donnie is excited that Paul is there and he has them all on the bed so he can take photos. He lies down with them for some spoon photos.

Jenny sends Evan off with a special surprise gift for Donnie. He comes in with the package. Jenny says Donnie sends her roses all the time that just say hi. Donnie opens the gift and gets all teary. He thanks Evan and kisses him. Jenny is getting butterflies. She says Donnie is the love of her life and she knows it. Evan tells her that her dress looks amazing. Donnie says for the first time in his life, women outside the hotel are screaming something different “Donnie, Jenny.”

Donnie is all ready and Xavier, is there. He thanks all of them for being there and he walks down to the altar where he waits. He says he’s surrounded by people he loves and has had an amazing life. He says he’s waiting for Jenny and knows this is exactly where he’s supposed to be. Jenny says they have had fairy tale moments and says she saw them meeting for TV, kissing on New Years, the love songs he sings to her and all their selfies.

She says she’s exactly where she’s supposed to be. The wedding march starts up and the doors open. Evan escorts Jenny down the aisle and hands her off to Donnie. He tells Jenny not to kiss him yet although she looks like she’s about to do. The minister reads her vows. She doesn’t just say I do, but “I really do.” He slides a ring on her finger and can’t get the ring on – she says it was her cheeseburger. They swap the second part of their vows. She bounces right before the minister says I do.

He pulls her in close and kisses her very sweetly as everyone applauds. They walk back down the aisle as man and wife. Now it’s party time. Lynette, her sister, says Jenny was so excited after her first date with Donnie and says the amount of love they have for each other is almost obnoxious. The reception is in full swing and Jenny hugs Evan and tells him she’s proud of him. He asks how they met again and she says they met on TV and then dated him and then had him meet him.

She says she told him that Evan was the most amazing boy ever and Donnie says then they caught frogs together. Jenny says Donnie was marrying both of them, not just her. Jenny says Evan is so lit up and full of love. Jenny kisses her son on the head and leaves a big kiss mark. Paul says you know Jenny from TV but says nothing does her justice. He calls her Donnie’s mirror. Evan wants to make a speech and Jenny says he doesn’t like to speak in public so it meant a lot.

She says she thought it was great but was also worried about what he would say. Evan says it’s the greatest day of his life because his mom and Donnie got married. Alma says she loves Jenny and has never seen Donnie so happy. She says she calls them the two cuckoos because they were meant to be together. Jenny thanks everyone for coming to the wedding and says Donnie has surpassed all her Prince Charming expectations. She says she adores his kids too.

She says a psychic told her she would have three kids and she says she held onto that for a long time and then she fell in love with Donnie and realized those were her other two kids. She thanks them for sharing their moment and tells Donnie she’s honored to be his wife. Joey from New Kids says he knew he liked Jenny the moment he got off the stage and she says – I f-ing love you.

Donnie talks about the Regina Belle song that his mom always dances to at everyone’s wedding. He says Alma is always so good to all her kids. He says he’s not going to dance with her to that song but has Regina Belle there to sing it to her. Regina comes out and she dedicated the song If I Could to Alma who dances with Donnie to it. Alma is crying and dancing with Donnie. Paul comes over and hugs his mom too. Later, there’s a lot more dancing.

Amy, Jenny’s sister, says she cried the day she told her she was marrying Donnie. Macky says he calls them Stamps because they’re stuck together. Donnie and Jenny swap I love yous and he says they could do this shit all night and have to cut the cake. Donnie says he’s married and Jenny says she’s the luckiest wife in the world. Two weeks later, he pulls her out of the car and smooches her. They’re in New Jersey. Jenny says marriage doesn’t make things better, they are still who they are.

She says she doesn’t want Donnie to change because he’s perfect in her arms. Donnie says he doesn’t expect or want anything to change about Donnie. She teases him and says he has five suitcases from their trip and she has one. The smooch and he tells her welcome home. They head inside. Jenny says the only thing that’s different is her drivers license because she’s Mrs Wahlberg. He likes that. He picks her up and carries her over the threshold of their home.

He carries her up the stairs and says he’s going to surrender her spleen to get her up the damned flight of steps. She says she loves him so much she wants to microwave him like popcorn and eat him slowly then floss him out of her teeth. He says he wants to jump off the balcony and live in her womb like a baby. They’re insane but totally cute and in love.