FKA Twigs Overprotective and Possessive of Robert Pattinson at Met Gala – Her Meal Ticket?

FKA Twigs Overprotective and Possessive of Robert Pattinson at Met Gala - Her Meal Ticket?

FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson made their official couple’s debut at the MET Gala this week, and most of the reports are solely focused on that. However, we’ve analyzed the footage and received several tips about FKA’s unusual behavior on the red carpet. Why unusual, you ask? Well, FKA Twigs was extremely – almost abnormally – possessive and overprotective of her fiance during the event, no?

You can spot FKA Twigs side-eyeing Zoe Kravitz after Zoe and Rob say hi to each other on the red carpet. I mean, it’s a CLEAR side-eye, not a subtle or sly one. And even though Rob and Zoe don’t have any romantic history, it could just be FKA’s jealous side coming out.

However, we also don’t have any pictures or videos showing FKA Twigs interacting closely with anyone other than Rob – throughout the entire night! We have Rob saying hello to various people and we also have him chatting up friends and talking with the likes of Kate Hudson, etc. But FKA? Either she’s next to him, conspicuously absent, or side-eyeing whoever is talking to him.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? FKA is overly protective and possessive of her meal ticket and her claim to fame, and why wouldn’t she be? She knows that her relationship with Robert Pattinson, and now her engagement, is by far the biggest reason that she’s famous. Without Rob, people wouldn’t even know who she is, much less invite her to the most prestigious fashion event of the year.

What do you guys think? Is FKA Twigs purposefully trying to keep her fiance away from other women or even other people? Or was she just nervous at her first major red carpet with Robert Pattinson, and it just ended up seeming like she was ignoring everybody else? Or perhaps she really just didn’t know anyone there, and wasn’t in the mood to socialize…

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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