Hart Of Dixie Recap Season 4 Finale “Bluebell”

Hart Of Dixie Recap Season 4 Finale "Bluebell"

Hart Of Dixie returns to the CW tonight with an all new Friday March 27, season 4 episode 10 called “Bluebell,” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, in the season 4 finale, Zoe [Rachel Bilson] makes a monumental decision, and Wade tries to fulfill her wishes before their baby arrives. Meanwhile, Lavon [Cress Williams] feels awful about misleading Lemon [Jaime King]and tries to repair things; and George [Scott Porter] and Annabeth [Kaitlyn Black] are faced with a big choice.

On the last episode, AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black) was visited in a dream by BlueBell’s founder, who prophesied five omens about the end of BlueBell. Not taking it seriously, AnnaBeth shared her dream with Crickett (guest star Brandi Burkhardt) who told everyone and created a town-wide panic. Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) were surprised when it came out that they have very different opinions about marriage. Meanwhile, George (Scott Porter) was at a crossroads when he got an offer that could change his life forever. Tim Matheson, Jaime King and Cress Williams also star. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “as Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) try to work out their issues, Zoe makes a life-changing decision and Wade does everything he can to make it happen before their baby is born. Lavon (Cress Williams) feels guilty about misleading Lemon (Jaime King) and is determined to make things right. Meanwhile, George (Scott Porter) and AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black) are frustrated with their current situation, leaving them with a big decision to be made.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!

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On #HartOfDixie, Zoe tells Wade she wants to get married but says they can’t marry now to steal Lemon and Lavon’s thunder. Zoe doesn’t Lemon to be upset by finding out that Lavon didn’t mean to propose. Wade and Zoe come in and find Lavon and Lemon making out in the kitchen. Lemon asks Zoe to be a bridesmaid. Lemon says it’s all water under the bridge now and Zoe promises not to mess anything up. The ladies leave and Wade glares at Lavon.

He says he can’t take credit for the proposal but Lavon says he wanted to marry Lemon. Wade says it’s semantics and stomps out. Zoe goes to check on Olivia the fill-in lawyer George hired. She’s hyperventilating and gasping into a bag. She’s Zoe 2.0! She rants about the snakes and nothing to do there. Zoe tells her that she used to be her. Olivia asks her to take a contract to Brick about the new associate he’s hiring. Olivia says maybe she doesn’t speak Alabamian. Zoe says that’s not what she is.

Cricket and Jaycene tell AB they’re moving in together and she starts crying then says she’s happy for them. She says she doesn’t know if George is ever coming back and they didn’t make a game plan. George calls and she dries her tears to answer the call. The Truitts bounce around George and then Meatball says they need to talk. George says he’ll see her soon. Meatball and the Truitts complain that they hate being roommates.

They all want to know why George gets his own place and he says it’s because he pays the rent for all of them. George wants the Truitts to work on a cover song and they rant but George walks out. Zoe comes to talk to Brick and finds a new doctor in her office. He says his name is Dr Halsten. He thinks she’s a nurse and says Brick didn’t mention her when he hired him. Halsten says he’ll tell Brick she stopped by by Zoe says she’ll wait.

Lemon finds her grandma waiting at the house and hugs her. Brick is worried because the flowers came wrong. Shelby says they got the wrong champagne flutes but Lemon thanks them sincerely and goes to get her nails done without trying to take control. Shelby says Lavon has really calmed her down. Brick says they have to make sure today goes perfectly. Brick comes to the office and finds Zoe waiting. She rants about him replacing her without telling her.

Brick calls her a ding dong and says he’s their new associate to help out since they’re both bigger. He shows her a sign he’s had made that says Breeland & Hart and she starts to cry. He says her father would be proud of her. He tells her no partner of his can be weepy and she reaches for a hug. He gives her one. Wade and Zoe are at the Rammer Jammer toasting Zoe’s new partnership. Wade says they should celebrate by getting married.

Zoe sees her fries are gone and Sammy says she thought she was done. Then Dr Halston comes in looking for Brick. Sammy doesn’t know who he is. They start chatting and Zoe yells to get her fries. Dr Halston finds Brick at Fancy’s and says he treated a bunch of people that had food poisoning. It was Lemon’s whole wait staff. Magnolia says they should tell Lemon but Brick says they can fill in. He goes looking for volunteers but finds a lot of resistance.

Brick sees Lemon heading into Fancy’s and he tells her to go home and relax. She leaves and then Wade comes up. He asks if Wade heard he made Zoe partner and says his shirt is nice. Wade asks what he wants and he says to keep her occupied. Rose tells Zoe that she got into Columbia and tells her that before Zoe came she didn’t have a role model and says she wants to be a strong woman who’s a little crazy when it comes to love.

Zoe has something for her and hands her a really spiffy pair of her expensive high heels. Rose tells her that she misses Harley all the time but is so glad he brought Zoe there. George gets to AB’s and she runs out and kisses him. They swap I miss you’s. He says long distance sucks and she asks if they’re going to get through this. She tells him to come inside and see how fast he can take his clothes off. Lemon wants to know why Wade wants her help when he was just buying beer.

She asks what’s going on and then turns on him and demands to know. Wade says the Fancy’s wait staff got food poisoning but Brick is handling it. She sees that the car got booted while they were in the beer shop and Wade says that wasn’t part of his plan. Zoe goes to her dad’s grave and says she’s having an Alabama baby boy with Wade. She thanks him for all the post cards and for bringing her to Bluebell. She says she finally found love and a home and wishes she could share it with him.

Zoe says she wishes he could be a grandpa to her baby. Brando and Sylvie show up to bring flowers to the grave when Zoe gets a twinge from a false labor pain. They insist on giving her a ride back to the house. She tells her dad that the baby isn’t due yet but then she gets another contraction. Uh-oh. At the party, everyone is there. The Pritchett sisters are helping serve food. Frank is bartending. Tansy tells Zoe she’s moving back to Bluebell then Zoe gets another twinge.

Tansy says it looks like her eyes rolled back in her head a little. Shelby tells Brick the party is lovely and says Lemon will love it. Lemon sends a text and says the taxi didn’t show and she’ll be another hour. Wade asks Lemon how she can be so calm and calls her a Cylon. She says she’s marrying the right person so it’s all okay. Wade asks her how she would feel if someone stole her thunder and Lemon says she’d be honor to share her thunder with him.

Everyone at the party wants Lavon to tell the proposal story again. They ask where he got all the candles and he says he had them in case of a blackout. He says he spelled out Marry Me and he says she said yes and his heart grew in his chest and he knew he would always be happy. The pastor says that’s a story they can tell their children and Lavon feels terribly guilty. Shelby asks Zoe if she has Braxton-Hicks and says she went to the ER three times thinking she was in labor.

Zoe says she’s a doctor and knows better. Shelby says when you go into real labor, you know better. Cricket and Jaycene talk to AB to ask how it’s going talking to George about their future. AB says George says they won’t be long distance for long and then they speculate that George may think she’s going to move to Nashville but AB says he knows she has given up too much for men in the past and can’t ask her to do that. Cricket scrambles and says they’re probably wrong.

Lemon finally gets there and she says it was fine and it was fun. Her grandma asks if someone gave her a sedative. Lemon says it’s the perfect party. She goes to Magnolia and their little sister and greets them. Some of the Belles get catty about the flowers but Lemon is unconcerned. Wade finds Zoe and asks if she’s okay. She says him that Dr Halston is flirting with yet another woman. Zoe says they don’t need more love triangles in Bluebell.

She gets another pang and Wade is concerned. She says she’s going to go outside for a minute. George talks about Nashville fondly and AB overhears him saying he thinks he could see him having a life in Nashville. AB asks what he means about them not doing long distance for long. He says maybe one day she can come to Nashville and says there are nursing schools there. She walks off angry. Lavon says he needs to tell Lemon something and says the proposal wasn’t technically for her.

He says it was Zoe’s proposal to Wade but says when she saw it and thought it was for her, he got carried away because he does want to marry her and it was the end of the world. Lemon says she didn’t need the perfect flowers or party but she did need to be actually engaged. She walks off sad. Zoe is outside and realizes she’s in labor. Lemon comes out and says she knows it’s Zoe and Wade’s proposal and says they should make the party theirs.

But Zoe says the moment is Lemon’s then her water breaks all over both her and Lemon’s shoes. Wade asks if she just peed on Lemon’s shoes and Lemon calls Wade an idiot and says Zoe is in labor. Zoe says it must be that little boy’s moment. At the hospital, the doc says Zoe is only two cm dilated. Wade is confused and she says that means they have hours to go. She sends him to get her some cheese snacks. The Belles complain to Lemon about how bad Lavon was.

Then Lemon says they need to check on Zoe but AB says she did and they have hours. AB suggests they get sloshed. Brick tells Lavon that sometimes you need to lie to women and this is one time he should have. Lavon says he’s going to give Lemon the proposal she deserves tonight. Brick says that’s good because he paid for this party and George still owes him for the botched wedding. Lavon says he’ll pay for the party. They each take a shot then go to execute the proposal plan.

Wade high fives Zoe for hitting five cm. She asks if he ever thought when they met that they would have a baby. He says no because he thought she was a spoiled brat. They talk about the first time they made out in his car. He kisses her. A huge group comes in including Wade’s dad, Rose, Brando and Sylvie and Dash too. She says they can stay and tells Wade they’re like family. They all have the proposal set and Lemon’s grandma even gives him a beautiful ring that Lemon has always wanted.

Brick tells George to go get Lemon from the Rammer Jammer but he’s scared of AB. They send him anyway. The Belles boo him when he comes to the RJ. He asks AB what he did wrong. While they talk, Lemon is told that Zoe is deep in labor and Lemon and the Belles go. Lemon says she needs new shoes and they head out. George tells AB this sucks and she says maybe they should break up. Sammy tells them Lemon left the RJ.

George calls Lavon who says they have to take the show to the hospital. More of Bluebell is crammed in Zoe’s room. The doctor says all non-family members have to go to the waiting room. Dash says they are all family and Zoe agrees. She asks them all to step to the other side of the pelvic exam. Zoe tells Wade they should get married right now since everyone is there. She yells out now and everyone goes wild. Wade says they have three cm so they have to plan a wedding fast.

Everyone takes on a task and Wade sends George and AB to get rings and says to keep it cheap. Lemon goes to get the reverend. Lavon has a harpist for his proposal but says Wade can use it. Wade and Zoe video chat with her mom and she says they’re getting married. Her mom says a hospital is no place but Zoe says she can’t wait another second. Wade says they have cake and flowers coming. Her mom says she’s half-Jewish and says they need a rabbi. Zoe says they’re not going to find one but Wade says he can.

George asks AB if she really wants to break up. She says she doesn’t see any other way since their lives are in two different places. He says they want to be together and says they have great chemistry and he loves her. She’s stunned. She asks what he just said and he repeats it. He says when you love someone you figure it out. He says the only mistake you can make it to let love slip away. AB cries and says she loves him too. They kiss.

Lemon laughs when Lavon says he had a whole proposal planned including twinkle lights and fireworks. He says she deserves the perfect proposal. Lemon says their life will be perfect and doesn’t need the perfect proposal. Lavon pulls the car over and she says they’ll miss the wedding but he says it won’t take long. He opens her door, gets to one knee and says he loves her and asks her to marry him. She cries and says yes. He slides the ring on her finger. They kiss.

The reverend is in the back seat and he’s crying. He tells them it was beautiful. Tansy has done Zoe’s hair and it’s crazy big. Wade comes in with a rabbi who was there for kidney surgery (OMG – it’s David Paymer, the guy who directs most of these episodes). The baby is about to come but Zoe insists wedding first and says she’ll close her legs. They start wheeling her down the hall. Wade and Zoe says their vows as they wheel down the hall. Zoe screams in pain.

She says she can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with him. Wade says she turned his world upside down and made him a better man. He says he will do everything to make her happy. The reverend and rabbi pronounce them husband and wife just as they wheel into labor and delivery. A few hours later, Wade wheels Zoe and their baby in for everyone to check out. The Truitts and Meatball come in and sing Ain’t No Gift Like the Present Tense.

The series end for good with the whole cast doing a song and dance number down the hospital hall and then in the town square of Bluebell. Then we see Lavon and Lemon’s wedding. Everyone is still singing and dancing at the wedding. We see AB has moved with George to Nashville. Candace is there holding her new grandson.

Every cast member is there singing along. Dr Halston rolls his eyes at Brick and Zoe and walks away. Zoe sees Halston arguing with the new lawyer and Sammy and she tells Wade she can’t believe there’s another love triangle. He says she can’t think they’re the only ones. She asks if all small towns are like theirs. He says he’d like to thank so but probably not. He says he loves theirs and they kiss. Aww. That show was so sweet from the first episode to this last. Sorry to see it go.