Henry Cavill Dumps Marisa Gonzalo After Girlfriend Leaks Photos – Gina Carano Heartbreak Causes Erratic Behavior?

Henry Cavill Dumps Marisa Gonzalo After Girlfriend Leaks Photos - Gina Carano Heartbreak Causes Erratic Behavior?

Henry Cavill’s behavior over the past few months has been astounding to the public, to say the least. Henry’s never been known to act out or get wasted at a party, especially not publicly, not has he ever seemed like the guy to date a known animal-killer. But alas, he’s done both these things recently, to the fury and disappointment of his legion of fans.

For example, his recent girlfriend, Marisa Gonzalo, was a 21-year-old girl who would often post pictures about killing animals and then brag about it. And if that wasn’t enough, Marisa was clearly using Henry for the attention and fame, and yet, it took him MONTHS to realize this. But alas, we should probably be happy he realized it at all.

According to our sources, Henry realized that something was wonky when he went on vacation with Marisa, his trainer, and his trainer’s wife. However, pictures of the fairly intimate vacation kept leaking online, and really, the only person they could have come from was Marisa Gonzalo. We can say with 99% certainty that she was the one who leaked all the pictures, which Henry eventually figured out. He dumped her [finally] and didn’t look back, and surprisingly, Marisa kept her head down and deleted her social media accounts for a few weeks.

Since then, she hasn’t been posting anything Henry-related online, which obviously indicates that he DID dump her – or at the very least, that the two did break up. Plus, Henry’s been partying in LA for the past two weeks of award season, and he definitely hasn’t been behaving like a man with a girlfriend. He’s been flirting with fans, partying with supermodels, getting into car with socialites, and basically acting out in the wake of yet another breakup.

Now, our sources suggest that while Henry’s behavior has been out of the ordinary, the genesis of his erratic actions can be traced back to his Gina Carano breakup. The Henry Cavill we all knew and love apparently vanished when Gina broke up with him, for reasons that are still not clear. However, after she broke up with him and/or dumped him [more likely], he apparently went off the rails quite a bit. How else would you explain the rash of bad decisions that followed, which includes but is not limited to dating Marisa Gonzalo? His heartbreak over Gina has been making him crazy, and luckily, he has close family and friends that are helping him get over it. Unfortunately, I don’t know that the damage to his public image is reversible, but let’s hope that he makes smarter choices about who to date in the future.

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