Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp’s Children Blame Amber Heard For Alcohol Relapse – Forbid Dad From Marrying Cheater?

Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp's Children Blame Amber Heard For Alcohol Relapse - Forbid Dad From Marrying Cheater?

Did rumors of Amber Heard being a cheater cause Johnny Depp’s drunken relapse into alcohol addiction? Vanessa Paradis and Johnny’s children seem to think so. Johnny Depp has hit his mid-life crisis, passed it, and is now well on his way to an elderly life crisis. After his drunken and awkward speech at the Hollywood Film Awards on November 14th, Johnny’s family is reportedly starting to get worried about his alcohol abuse. According to sources, Johnny even missed the premiere of Into The Woods because he was so hungover, so that means it’s now gotten to the point where it’s affecting his professional life.

The National Enquirer has a long report about how Johnny’s close friends and family are dealing with helping Johnny through this crisis, with a source adding, “People were discreetly told that Johnny is relying on professionals to help him get throught his fight in private. The decision was motivated at least in part by concerns over Johnny’s privacy. Having caregivers come to him eliminates the risk of fellow patients or clinic staff spilling the beans about his treatment.”

You know, this isn’t common knowledge but Johnny Depp’s always had issues with alcohol, even when he was still with Vanessa Paradis. However, he’d gotten sober and stayed that way for his children, Jack Depp and Lily-Rose Depp, but fat lotta good that’s done him over the past two years. Ever since Amber Heard entered his life, it’s become drunken party after drunken party and foolish decision after foolish decision. Whether it’s his mid-life crisis or Amber Heard’s influence, Johnny’s gone completely off the wagon – in more ways than one. An alcohol addiction, a drinking crisis, and a relapse into his old life – all staples of his ‘new’ life.

Now, we’re also hearing that Johnny’s children are blaming Amber Heard’s cheating for possibly causing Johnny to drink. They might even gone to the extent of forcing their dad to cancel the marriage to someone they have deemed a cheating famewhore, a notion that has undoubtedly been furthered by their own mother. But seriously – the Johnny Depp that was married to Vanessa Paradis and raised two smart and loving children is long gone, left with the crazy drunken old man who’s marrying someone half his age. Can you blame them?

Johnny Depp by FameFlynet