Josh Duggar Sex Scandal Gives Rise To Countless Hidden Duggar Family Secrets: Jim Bob’s Niece Was Born Out Of Wedlock!

Josh Duggar Sex Scandal Gives Rise To Countless Hidden Duggar Family Secrets: Jim Bob's Niece Was Born Out Of Wedlock!

The Duggar Family sex scandal shocked fans of the wholesome family’s reality TV show 19 Kids And Counting when documents were uncovered proving Josh Duggar had molested his own sisters. It’s not unusual for reality TV stars to have skeletons in their closet, but it was the hypocrisy of the entire thing that really got under the Duggars’ fans skins. According to a new report, Josh’s sexual abuse isn’t the only skeleton in the Duggars’ closets.

Jim Bob and his wife Michelle have stressed the importance of waiting for marriage to have sex and have children to all of their children. But Jim Bob’s own niece Amy, who has appeared on the show multiple times, was born out of wedlock. Amy even received her own special episode in which her parents, Deanna Duggar and Terry Jordan, travelled with her to Nashville to pursue her dreams as a country music singer. What the Duggars neglected to reveal in the episode is that not only did Amy’s parents never get married, but at one point Deanna actually had a restraining order against Terry!

The July 13 edition of Star Magazine reveals, “Deanna asked for an order of protection against Terry, alleging that he threatened her two days earlier at work.” Deanna also stated in the court documents that the day Amy was born Terry barged in to the hospital room and threatened to kill her and newborn baby Amy. Deanna and Terry have obviously made amends since then, but who makes amends with a man who threatened to kill their newborn child? If he was dangerous enough that you went to court for an order of protection – why is he starring on a reality TV show with you 20 years later?

Like we said, the Duggars aren’t perfect – no one is. The issue is that they tried to cover up all of their imperfections, and implied to everyone watching that they were perfect and looked down on others who in reality were no different than their families. Do you think the Duggars were wrong to cover up Amy and Deanna’s sordid past? Does their holier than thou attitude upset you as much as it does us? Let us know what you think in the comments below!