Kaley Cuoco Divorce: Ryan Sweeting Marriage Over After 21 Months – Already Dating Big Bang’s Johnny Galecki?

Kaley Cuoco Divorce: Ryan Sweeting Marriage Over After 21 Months – Already Dating Big Bang's Johnny Galecki?

Not even a week after the premiere of the “The Big Bang Theory” comes the announcement that Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting are getting a divorce. Just a few days before the premiere of the NBC comedy the actress appear on “Watch What Happens Live” saying that her real life hubby and her on-screen hubby – ex-boyfriend Johnny Galecki – have a great relationship and that there was no awkwardness at all.

Kaley married Ryan Sweeting in a secret ceremony on December 31, 2013 – they had known each other only three months. When Cuoco married Sweeting she was on the rebound from a break-up with “Man of Steel” star Henry Cavill – at the time sources said she hadn’t been dating him very long.

Until she started dating Henry Cavill she hadn’t been linked to anyone romantically since her break-up with Johnny Galecki. Keep in mind, Cuoco and Galecki kept THEIR relationship a secret – most people didn’t even know they were dating until she announced their break up. Is it possible that Kaley never got over Johnny? Has the on-screen couple reignited their off-screen romance?

When the actress appeared on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” a caller asked her how it is working with her ex-boyfriend. Kaley replied, “We dated like five years ago, so I think everyone’s moved on. Johnny’s actually one of my best friends. It’s a situation that ended well, I understand sometimes it doesn’t.” Does she protest too much?

Kaley Cuoco went on to tell the caller, “Ryan loves him, Johnny loves him. It’s been a long time so it’s great. I got lucky. It could have been horrible.” Sounds like things aren’t as sweet as the soon-to-be Mrs. Sweeting led fans to believe. Is there a possibility that Ryan Sweeting wasn’t happy about his wife working with her ex? After all Penny and Leonard just got married – and that probably means more lovey-dovey scenes on “The Big Bang Theory.”

No stranger to rebound relationships – it appears – is Kaley Cuoco already dating Johnny Galecki? Did the spark every really go out of their relationship? It can’t be easy working with your ex-boyfriend – then imagine having to play out love scenes with lots of kissing. No matter what Kaley said, that has got to be awkward. Voice your opinions in the comments section below and come back to CLD for all your celebrity news, gossip and rumors!

Kaley Cuoco takes her dog to a park in Los Angeles, California on September 27, 2015. Kaley and husband Ryan Sweeting announced recently that they have mutually agreed to get a divorce after 21 months of marriage and Kaley has already removed her wedding ring by FameFlynet


5 responses to “Kaley Cuoco Divorce: Ryan Sweeting Marriage Over After 21 Months – Already Dating Big Bang’s Johnny Galecki?”

  1. Art Fugue says:

    She clearly caught hubby cheating.

    • xxxxxxx says:

      I just think that Ryan could not handle the fame thing. He ciuldn’t even take her out for dinner without some rat paperazzi sticking a camera in their faces, as we can see above where she can’t even
      take her dog for a ball.

  2. SquidMcFishfish says:

    He’s an artist type and I think that world has really rubbed off on her. The tennis player seems like a real douche bag type and probably made tension for her. She’s probably also missed Johnny’s giant dick in her ass between sets

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