Kaley Cuoco Divorce Update: Ryan Sweeting No Sweetheart – Substance Abuse Issues Bring Down 21-Month Marriage – Report

Kaley Cuoco Divorce Update: Ryan Sweeting No Sweetheart – Substance Abuse Issues Bring Down 21-Month Marriage - Report

The Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting divorce drama just got kicked up a notch – or 10! The couple announced they were divorcing after only 21 months – they knew each other for three months before they got married.

If Kaley had taken a little time to know her hubby before they tied the knot she would have discovered that Ryan had a history with drugs and alcohol. In March 2006 he was pulled over near the University of Florida and blew a .133 according to official documents obtained by Radar Online. He was charged with DUI, possession of alcohol under the age of 21 and possession of a controlled substance – Adderall – with intent to sell or deliver. The drug charges were temporarily dismissed and the case is now officially closed.

Even though the tennis pro reportedly went to a rehabilitation center in Boston in early September, Kaley had already given up on the marriage. Sources close to “The Big Bang Theory” actress say she was already fed up with Ryan Sweeting’s drug and alcohol abuse before he even set foot in the rehab center. It appears the marriage was falling apart way before Cuoco claimed that her co-star Johnny Galecki and her Ryan got along great – nothing but love, love, love!

The source close to Kaley Cuoco said, “She said he couldn’t make a commitment to get sober. He’d tell her he was working on it, and instead go and get wasted. She didn’t want to get divorced, but she felt she had no choice. She couldn’t fix him. He wasn’t the man she thought he was.” Interesting – not the man she thought he was? How do you really know someone after two years? It takes much longer than that to truly get to know someone. Sounds like someone had blinders on!

Johnny Galecki is rumored to be back together with Kaley – they had a secret relationship but broke up about five years ago. Just a few months before Cuoco met Sweeting she was dumped by “Man of Steel” star Henry Cavill. Sounds like Kayley has either had a bad few years or made one too many bad choices when it comes to men.

What do you think about this new development in the Cuoco and Sweeting divorce drama? Should Kaley stuck by Ryan a little longer and worked it out? Do you think “The Big Bang Theory” co-stars are back together? Let us know in the comment section below and come back to CDL for the latest on Kayley and Ryan’s divorce and all your celebrity news, gossip and rumors!

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