Kate Middleton Caught In Royal Baby Battle – Prince Charles And Carole Middleton Fight Over Prince George & Princess Charlotte

Kate Middleton Caught In Royal Baby Battle - Prince Charles And Carole Middleton Fight Over Prince George & Princess Charlotte

Kate Middleton appears to be caught in a royal baby battle. Prince Charles and Carole Middleton seem to be fighting over time with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Perhaps Queen Elizabeth is no longer tolerating the Middleton’s royal revolution, and finally intervening to take control; however, Prince George has been spotted spending quality time with both of his grandparents lately.

The Middleton’s power and control might be crumbling. In March of 2015, the Daily Mail reported that Prince Charles was furious that Michael and Carole Middleton spent so much time with Prince George. Charles reportedly flat out told friends, “They never let me see my grandson.” It’s no secret Carole quickly, and concretely, inserted herself into The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s life, pushing Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles out.

Even after the birth of Princess Charlotte, Carole repositioned herself as monarch at Kate and William’s home, Anmer Hall. Carole Middleton continued calling the shots and even helped reform the home, giving it a more middle class feel, demanding staff and royals be on first name basis. In the weeks following Prince Charlotte’s birth, CDL also noticed that Prince Charles had only been spotted visiting the new royal baby twice. Both of Prince Charles’s visits were during the few days Kate Middleton spent recovering at Kensington Palace.

But it appears the rule of Carole Middleton might be coming to an end. A financial report, released by Clarence House and shared by media outlets like People, revealed it pays to be in Prince Charles’s favor. According to the Annual Review of expenses, Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton receive a multimillion allowance from Charles. The royal trio received $4.6 million from the Duchy of Cornwall last year, a slight increase from their previous year’s allowance. Knowing the Middleton’s passion for climbing social ladders, maybe this is one royal battle they don’t mind conceding.

Prince Charles has finally gotten more access to Prince George. As we reported, per a source spilling royal secrets to People, Prince George has been spotted spending more time with Grandpa Charles at his home, Highgrove House. The royals even planted a special tree near the front door of Prince Charles’ country home.

Carole Middleton isn’t taking Prince Charles’s move to retake power lying down. In answer to Charles’s quality time with George, Carole has been taking Prince George to Bucklebury Farm Park for some “one-on-one bonding” according to HELLO!. Most recently, Prince George rode Carole’s shoulders, wearing an outfit that was nearly identical to his grandmother’s look. The bonding time at the petting zoo followed a previous outing HELLO! noted – a trip to the local farmer’s market.

Kate Middleton clearly has her hands full with both sets of grandparents lobbying for time with the royal children. Combine the power plays with Queen Elizabeth’s demands Kate return to work, and the pressure to maintain her perfect post-baby body…no wonder Kate Middleton is said to be suffering from exhaustion and postpartum depression!

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