Queen Elizabeth Intervenes So Kate Middleton Allowed Prince George to Plant Trees With Prince Charles?

Queen Elizabeth Intervenes So Kate Middleton Allowed Prince George to Plant Trees With Prince Charles?

Kate Middleton has had a tight grip on control of her growing family. The Middletons have been quietly orchestrating a royal revolution, breaking traditions and rules, but it appears the Duchess of Cambridge has loosened her grip on her power. Did Queen Elizabeth finally intervene on Prince Charles’ behalf?

The royal couple has broken stuffy royal protocol on several occasions. First, Prince William was the first royal to take a paternity leave, staying home after the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Then, Kate insisted family raise the royal children, and Prince George was the first royal baby to not have a full-time, live-in nurse. Kate and William took on the full responsibilities of caring for newborn Prince George, with the help of Carole Middleton, for the first three months. The Duke and Duchess also picked close friends to be George’s godparents – Zara Tindall is the only relative chosen as a godparent. Traditionally, the birth of royalty are announced on an easel outside of Buckingham Palace. Kate Middleton and Prince William announced the birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana on Twitter.

It’s clear that Kate Middleton isn’t afraid of defying Queen Elizabeth and making changes. Prince William, who is rumored to be very passive, seems to be towing the line in Kate’s changes. Even Anmer Hall, the royal couple’s home, is now a reformed estate. Staff are on a first name basis with the royals, and several remodels have given the house a more “middle class” feel. The kitchen, in particular, is said to be the star of the reform, with a make-under to give it a simpler feel.

Rumors have been swirling since Prince George’s birth that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles have been slowly pushed out of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s inner circle. The Middletons dominate Anmer Hall, and time with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Prince Charles was overheard complaining that he barely gets to see Prince George. Another allegation claims Prince William finally put his foot down, banning Camilla Parker-Bowles from seeing his children after she was said to have been caught cheating on Charles.

Even during Kate Middleton’s official return to public events, signs that there is tension between the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Charles are evident. During the charity polo match on June 14, Charles watched from a respectful distance as Kate watched over Prince George, staying within arm’s reach at all times. People magazine revealed that Prince Charles simply watched as Kate played with George and no photographs of the little prince and grandpa interacting solo could be found. Is Prince Charles intimidated by Kate Middleton?

One person who is not taking the royal revolution lying down is Queen Elizabeth. The Queen and the Middletons have reportedly butted heads on several occasions. Carole Middleton severely angered Queen Elizabeth after beating her to Kate’s bedside after she gave birth to Princess Charlotte. The Queen walked in to find Carole Middleton holding the princess and quickly demanded Carole be removed from her sight.

It appears Queen Elizabeth might have intervened on Prince Charles’ behalf. Recently, reports have surfaced that Prince George has been spending more time with Charles. The two royals have been gardening at Highgrove House. Prince George and Prince Charles were spotted planting trees together. The George and his grandfather recently planted a Winter Orange Lime tree near the front door of Charles’ grand country home in Tetbury.

Did Queen Elizabeth have anything to do with Prince Charles getting more quality time with Prince George? Are the Middleton’s still shutting Charles and Camilla out? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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