Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap – Bruce Opens Up to the Girls: Season 10 Episode 10 “About Bruce (Part 1)”

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap - Bruce Opens Up to the Girls: Season 10 Episode 10 "About Bruce (Part 1)"

Keeping Up With The Kardashians continues tonight an all new Sunday, May 17 season 10 episode 10, called “About Bruce (Part 1)” On tonight’s episode, Part 1 of 2. Bruce Jenner and the family open up about Bruce’s decision to live as a woman.

On the last episode, Kylie realized she had to address her new look after the media started prying into her beauty secrets; Scott hired Kourtney as an interior designer, but soon worried that he made a mistake when the lined between work and pleasure started to get blurred. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the E! synopsis “Bruce and the family share their feelings about Bruce’s decision to live publicly as the woman.”

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#KUWTK is all “About Bruce” tonight. The kids will talk about what they really think about Bruce Jenner’s transition and Kris Jenner pipes up too. Bruce says he wants to help people by doing this publicly and says maybe it’s his calling in life. These are scenes taped months ago when Bruce first told his family about his transition. Many families of those who decide to transition often feel grief of the loss of the person they knew and Bruce acknowledges this.

Khloe has bought Bruce some new shoes – in size 13 – the first set is a pair of red patent leather heels. She’s worried she’ll use the wrong terminology and offend someone but says this is all new. She says she’s fine with him dressing as a woman and wants him to be happy. On January 13, 2015, Khloe comes to deliver a stack of gifts to Bruce. She says she got prezzies for “her” but doesn’t know her taste and he says he doesn’t know either but says this is so nice and appreciated.

Bruce says, as a little kid, his gender identity was always an issue but people don’t see that on the outside. He says he ran away from it – literally. He says he was a macho athlete to prove something to the world. He says he’s the last person you would think would have problems like that – he says it was his little secret that he wouldn’t tell anybody. We see clips of his athletic glory. He says he’s been holding “her” off is whole life and pushing her away.

Now, Bruce opens the first gift and says it’s so much fun. Khloe bought him a pair of white heels like the ones she’s wearing. She asks him to try them on and he does. She jokes who wore it better and bitch stole my look. He cries and hugs her and she’s crying too as Kendall shows up. Bruce says when you keep a secret so long, you have no idea how tough it is on you. We see a clip of Kendall when she was little riding on Bruce’s shoulder.

Now, Kendall cries and says she remembers being little and not knowing what was going on. She says they found things like makeup or lipstick and thought their dad was having an affair so they wouldn’t tell anyone. Khloe says Kim walked in on Bruce. Kim says she saw Bruce dressed up and she ran to Kourtney crying and hysterical and says she kept that secret for 12 years. Khloe says Bruce told her that he would dress up and walk around as a woman when he went on work trips.

Kendall says she came downstairs at 4 am a year ago and came down to get some water and saw her dad and she ran back upstairs. She says if that’s what makes him happy, she doesn’t like that he had to sneak around at 4 am so he didn’t scare her. Khloe says the older girls never said anything to their mom so as not to scare her. Kris says she knows Bruce is feeling a lot of relief over this being out. Kendall says he told the kids about four months ago separately and one on one.

Bruce says he was so scared to tell them. Kylie says her dad asked her to come over and told her everything. She says he seemed comfortable telling her and that made her feel… then she stops and cries. Kourtney says Bruce was crying and emotional when he told her. She says his biggest concern is hurting them and says she doesn’t think he’s really decided exactly what he wants to do. She says he seems to be taking it as he goes.

Bruce tells Khloe this is what he wants to do and Khloe asks if he’s planning on not being Bruce and Khloe says he doesn’t need their permission but he needs to tell them. Bruce says he thought it was understood but Kendall and Khloe said that was not clear to him. Khloe says Bruce was a cross dresser from what they understood but didn’t know he would transition to become a woman. Khloe asks when Bruce will be gone and he says by Spring. Khloe asks if that’s this Spring in a few months.

Khloe cries and says this isn’t fair to not tell them how fast this is happening. Khloe says she supports him and always has, but says he should tell them how close this is and says they’re still his kids no matter how old they are. Bruce says everyone reacts differently. Khloe says they’re all scared and says she wants to be honest about her feelings about this. Khloe says no matter how honest Bruce is, it will take time to digets and get used to. Kendall is crying and goes to get a tissue.

Kendall says her dad is the most amazing person she knows and says she couldn’t ask for a better dad. She say she taught her to be the tomboy she is. She says their school was 45 minutes from home and he dropped them off every day and was first in the carpool line. Kris says he was a great stepdad and always treated all the kids like they were his own. She says there have been so many amazing times as a family. Kim says Bruce was always so much fun and promised their dad that he would be there.

Kim says he really has been. Khloe says Bruce has been her dad since she was four. She says he’s the person that knows everything and has all the answers. We see videos of little Kylie and Kendall smooching on Bruce. Kendall and Khloe cry over the idea of losing Bruce. She says to not tell them that is not okay. Bruce comes to the kitchen and finds them there and gives them a hug. Bruce says the hardest thing is honesty about how severe what’s happening right now.

He says sometimes it’s easier to talk to strangers than his kids. Bruce tells the girls he’s not going anywhere. He says he’s not abandoning anyone. Kendall says it’s scary when someone says Bruce will be gone. He says they said that, not him. Khloe says they want him to do what makes him happy and they will be there for him and says he needs to be honest even if it hurts him. He says Kendall and Kylie are the only ones he’s worried about and that hurts Khloe’s feelings.

She says he’s still her dad and she’s known him longer so it hurts that he’s not treating them with the same concern as the two younger daughters. Khloe asks shouldn’t they have a chance to say goodbye and says he won’t be the same person. Bruce says he knows dealing with this will be like a death in the family and will be tough on the people around him. Khloe says they need to have a sit down where he answers all their questions no matter how draining it may be. Bruce agrees and says he loves them.

Bruce says as a young boy of 7 to 10, he knew something wasn’t right but couldn’t express it. He says sometimes he would steal his mom or sister’s clothes and liked that side of him but it scared him to death. He says he had to be this boy but he didn’t feel that way. He says you’re confused and have no help as a young person and had to deal with it on his own. He says his whole life, he used distractions not to deal with it, starting with the Olympics.

Kris says she met Bruce on a blind date and it was love at first sight then withing five months, they were married. She says they had so much in common it was a match made in heaven. She says they went to races, played golf, went skiing and says they did everything. She says they could not keep their hands off each other. Bruce says he loved those times and says Kris is a good woman and he loves her to death. He says her love and acceptance have been overwhelming.

Kim comes over to see Bruce and says the house looks really nice. He says he’s in escrow on a new place and is moving and he says last night was kind of rough. He says Kendall and Khloe ganged up on him and said he didn’t communicate good enough. He says Khloe said he had to tell them everything and says she got Kendall all riled up. Kim says Bruce is afraid to let them down but they want to understand his struggle and relate to it. Kim says she knows he doesn’t want to hurt them.
[2015-05-17, 9:32:57 PM] Rachel Rowan: She says it’s just hard when they hear things changing they didn’t know about and just want to be in the loop. He says he’s been keeping these secrets all his life then shows her his pink toenails with his pedi. He says he does his nails himself and says he does his makeup too and could do hers. He says he did Khloe’s toes once and she was shocked. Kim says it looks professional. He says that’s why he wore socks, so he could paint his nails to feel good about himself. He says he’s so tired of lying about who he is and says it wears your ass out and he just wants to be himself. Kim asks if he will fully become a woman and he says he does see that in the future. Kim says he has to tell the others that.

She says hesitating make it seem like he’s lying when he’s probably already made the appointment. He admits he has made the appointment. He says it’s probably happening this years. He says he has a few more things to tweak on his face. Then he says he has the Diane Sawyer thing. Kim has no clue and he tells her about the interview. Kim says it’s amazing. Kim says this is a secret she’s been keeping for over a decade and says she thinks he will help a lot of people once this comes out.

He says he’s shooting the special in two weeks and can’t let the tabloids control the message. He says he’s not doing it for ratings but because he thinks it’s the right thing to do. He thanks Kim for her love, respect and support. She hugs him. Kim admits it is confusing for them and says they want to know when Bruce is not Bruce and he’s a she. Bruce says he has pushed her off for too long and can’t die and not experience her. Kim wonders if “she” is like Bruce and says they don’t know what to expect.

Kris says it’s hard to believe it’s happening. Kim comes home and chats with Kris and says she didn’t realize he was really having a transformation. Kris says he was vague when she asked him the same thing. Kris says her biggest concern is that the kids are okay. Kris cries and says she doesn’t know how to handle this but she committed to this life and he just checked out.
[2015-05-17, 10:01:09 PM] Rachel Rowan: Kris says she wonders why now and Kim says when she was pregnant, she felt out of her body and who was this roly poly that couldn’t get out of her bed and wipe herself. She says maybe that’s what he felt like and the way she imagines it. She says you just have to let go. Kris says she knew he had tendencies but never expected this in a million years. Kris says everyone in life has issues and says she’s pretty open to people and their differences.

She says the other thing she expects is honesty. Kris tells Kim she has memories of this life that she now feels like didn’t exist. Kim calls Kris and she asks her if she knew about Diane Sawyer. She says she just found out and Kim says she’s going to a meeting with Bruce about this. Kim says she supports Bruce but is very protective of her mom and says sometimes she gets angry and resentful and feels sad for her mom. Kendall says she had no idea about the interview too. Kim ends the call to talk to them.

Kim says someone caught Bruce caught him traveling with wigs and stuff in his suitcase back in the 80s. She says the publicist he hired asked the reporter to kill the story and he did it. Kim says he’s had this same publicist all this time and he arranged the Diane Sawyer interview. Kendall says this makes her mad that he didn’t tell her and Khloe when they were there having a conversation about honesty. Kylie says she wants people to accept this (or not) and move on.

Kim says Bruce told her he’s going to tell the whole story and Kim says it’s really hard on their mom and says she cries all the time and they should appreciate all the things she does for them. Kim says she does a lot and says she wanted to tell Bruce this yesterday but she was trying to be strong. She says she’s going to go to the meeting to be the family representative. She says it’s hard because Bruce has to call all of them one on one because they’re so busy and tell them things over and over.

Kim says they just have to support his decision on going through this journey. Kim says she was worried to tell Kanye but he said Bruce needs to be who he is and do this. Kendall says this will be a good thing in the long run and says his motivational speeches could be life-changing. Kim says there will be a period where people will struggle. Kendall worries that people could treat her dad badly and says he wouldn’t hurt a fly and is one of the greatest people she knows.

Kendall cries and says to think about people hating him or not being okay with what he wants to be scares and worries her more than anything else. Conspicuously absent from all of this is Rob. Khloe tells Kendall that she needs to take some photos with her dad before all this changes. Khloe says she wants more time with him before he transitions. Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie are all there with Bruce. He asks Khloe where to start. Khloe says she and Kendall came to see him.

Khloe says they found out he’s fully transitioning in Spring and claims he told them that and Kourtney says she never heard that and says they should know and prepare for that. Kendall says she doesn’t want him to feel ganged up on but Khloe says they have legitimate questions. Kim says Khloe is a bit more harsh than the rest of them but Khloe says she’s team Bruce but just wants honesty. She gets mad at Bruce for not calling her after she left in tears because he lied to her.

They argue and he insists he wasn’t lying to her. Kendall says he didn’t make it clear this was happening now. Kim says they want to be on the same page. Bruce says that’s why they’re here talking. Khloe says he’s been their soccer and carpool dad since she was four and walked her down the aisle at her wedding. She says she respects that it’s different but says she just gets mad when she hears things that aren’t what he told her.

Kim says they have to let it out and want to know they can ask questions to be part of the journey with him and right now, they feel a disconnect. Bruce says when you carry a secret, you isolate yourself from the world and it’s not a good things. Kourtney asks if he has a date and if it’s a whole major thing. Bruce says you do this in stages and says he got a nose job and says he had a lip lift. He says his forehead is next. Khloe says this is not things you do on a whim and says he’s been planning this for awhile.

Khloe says that means he’s been lying to them and she types on her phone and shows Kendall a note that says he’s been planning this for a year without telling them. She says she knows he has to be on hormones for a year and seeing a therapist without telling him. Bruce tells Kylie he also has to get his jaw thinned. Kylie asks if he’s scared and he says no. Bruce says he doesn’t want to hurt anybody. Bruce asks what their biggest concern is.

Khloe says her concern is that he’s doing this so publicly. Kendall says at 65, he has to be certain. He says doing it in public is difficult and says he’s on a big stage and hopes he can make something important of this. Bruce says this may be the biggest calling in his life and he can help other people. Bruce says he has friends and goes out. Kylie asks where and he says to the movie. Kourtney asks what his casual style is and Kim asks out of all of them, who his style is like.

Bruce says he likes jeans and a sweater and says he has had wigs. Bruce says he’s always hated getting his hair cut. We see a flashback to him arguing about a haircut. Back when Kim was getting married, she asked him to get his hair cut. Bruce says little things like that are hard and that’s why he likes being out in Malibu doing what he wants. Kim says Khloe has feelings that things are unresolved. Kim says under Khloe’s anger, she cares.

Khloe says she told Kendall and Kylie that this doesn’t change what a good dad he is. Khloe says she has defended him at every turn. Bruce says being a good dad to them is his greatest accomplishment. He says he got them all out of the nest and they’re all successful. He says he’s scared to talk to them about things he knows will hurt them. Bruce says you can never do this right and there is no right way so he’s messing up. They’re all crying now. That’s the end – to be continued…