Kris Jenner Lying: Knew About Bruce Jenner’s Transgender Sex Change Plans For Years

Kris Jenner Lying: Knew About Bruce Jenner's Transgender Sex Change Plans For Years)

Bruce Jenner’s family – and most notably, Kris Jenner – has been claiming that Bruce’s sex change has come completely out of left field. They’re acting as though they were just as shocked as the public to hear the news, even though the rumors – and really, all the evidence – has been building steadily for the past year.

However, a new report from TMZ claims that all of the Kardashians, but most notably Kris Jenner, are lying when they claim that they were shocked by Bruce’s transgender sex change news. Bruce decided to ‘officially’ come out a few weeks ago, via several exclusives in People Magazine and US Weekly and E! However, his family all initially pretended that they were just as surprised as the majority of the public, even though Bruce’s looks have become increasingly more feminine over the past few months. What, they just ignored the changes completely?

But of course, it turns out that they were lying. Tell us something we don’t know, right? TMZ’s sources claim that Kris knew that Bruce ‘had issues with his sexual identity’ since they got married, which was decades ago. And apparently, Bruce has been vocalizing his desire to transition into a woman for years, which his entire family knew – including his dearly beloved wife, Kris Jenner.

In fact, Kris reportedly tried to keep Bruce’s desire for a sex change under wraps for many years, fearing that it would affect the Kardashian brand. But when he went and got that divorce, there was little she could do at that point. She tried and tried to keep Bruce happy by offering him fame and fortune, but Bruce grew sick of her controlling and manipulative behavior and decided to say sayonara. And now, he’s reportedly much happier on his own, especially since he finally has the freedom to go through with his transgender sex change.

What do you guys think? Do you believe the Kardashians knew about Bruce’s sex change before the public found out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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