MasterChef Recap – Claudia Sandoval Wins – Derrick Robbed: Season 6 Finale “Team Gordon Ramsay/The Finale”

MasterChef Recap - Claudia Sandoval Wins - Derrick Robbed: Season 6 Finale "Team Gordon Ramsay/The Finale"

Tonight on FOX Masterchef returns with an all new Wednesday September 16, season 6 finale called, “Team Gordon Ramsay; The Finale.”  We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode the sixth season ends as the Top 3 contestants create dishes for 30 restaurant guests who are in the judges’ culinary orbits. The winner earns an automatic spot in the Top 2, while the other two chefs face a pressure test involving three classic recipes. Later, the winner is chosen after the Top 2 compete for the trophy, a book deal and a $250,000 grand prize.

On the last episode, after learning from past champions in last week’s episode, the four remaining contestants put that knowledge to use in the next team challenge. Using special ingredients provided by judges Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot, each team had to create a unique appetizer and entrée – and created them three times!. The winning pair will automatically move into the Top Three, while the losing pair had to face the next pressure test, in which they had to recreate judge Christina Tosi’s world-famous Chocolate Malted Layer Cake. Find out who will be eliminated and who took the cake and moved into the Top Three. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis “in the next challenge, with a little help from a few other home cooks, the remaining three contestants will create dishes for 30 restaurant guests who serve an important role in the judges’ culinary world. The home cook with the most number of votes will move on in the competition, while the remaining two home cooks will face the next pressure test, during which they must complete three classic MASTERCHEF dishes. The home cook with the best dishes will move on to the finals. Then, in the final challenge in the MASTERCHEF kitchen, the Top Two home cooks will have one last chance to prove to the judges that they deserve the MASTERCHEF title by creating a three-course meal. After evaluating the final dishes, the judges will reveal America’s next MASTERCHEF, and the deserving home cook will walk away with a MASTERCHEF trophy, a book deal and the $250,000 grand prize. Find out whose culinary dreams will turn into a reality”

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#MasterChef begins with the top three entering the kitchen – Derrick, Stephen and Claudia. They face the judges and Gordon says one of them will be American’s next MasterChef and the #MCTop3 smile. They talk about the money, cookbook deal and trophy. Christina says they will have a room full of VIPs to cook for in the MC restaurant. The VIPs will be the judges. Gordon says they have a station choice. They settle in for the challenge.

They are then told they will get help with a sous chef. In comes Katrina, Tommy and Hetal. Stephen isn’t happy to see any of them. Christina asks who makes him nervous and he says Tommy is nervous. He unrolls his sous chef apron and sees that he got Tommy. He groans in aggravation then asks if he’ll have any trouble from him. Claudia got Katrina and she smiles happily. That leave Hetal with Derrick. Gordon says they have 75 minutes to prepare and plate restaurant-quality entrees.

They head for the pantry at a run. Stephen bosses Tommy around – he’s making scallops, beef and nut sauce. Claudia is making a Mexican dish that’s innovative – she’s grilling octopus with potatoes. Derrick and Hetal are making miso black cod with bok choy. They all come out and get started. Part way through, Gordon stops them and says the guests just arrived. He says they are top executive and sous chefs. Each judge invited 10 special guests.

Gordon says these talented individuals are the judges and they’re hungry. Derrick says this is pressure. Gordon goes to Claudia who tells him about the grilled octopus, potatoes and sauce. He says it looks amazing and colorful. She says she’s really inspired and says she thinks it’s the best dish she’s ever cooked. Graham talks to Derrick who says it’s his best dish yet. He says he made miso black cod with oyster mushrooms and bok choy with peppers. Graham says it sound provocative.

Christina goes to Stephen who is yelling at Tommy. He says they’re working as a team and Christina says it doesn’t sound like it. Christina says Stephen seems like he has a lot to do with just 15 minutes left but he says he’s got it under control. Derrick coaches Hetal and she cooks as he says. Gordon says to start plating. Claudia realizes she didn’t cook one portion of the octopus. She’s got to figure something out fast. She scrambles to grill more octopus. Gordon yells at them to speed up.

Stephen fusses at Tommy and Hetal tells Derrick they don’t have time for all the plating details he wants. Gordon counts down from 10 and it’s hands off. The dishes go out to the diners and Derrick says it’s his best dish ever. Graham tells them to say goodbye to their sous chefs. Stephen says he and Tommy put out some good dishes and he appreciates his effort. Gordon takes the three home cooks out to meet the VIPs judging them.

Gordon introduces them to the diners and asks them to describe their dishes. Stephen did pan seared scallops with rutabaga, beets and asparagus with nut sauce and added truffles. Claudia made grilled octopus with frisee salad and oregano potatoes. Derrick made miso black cod, daikon puree and sauteed bok choy. Gordon then sends them back into the kitchen while they taste the dishes. Each table has one of each.

Derrick says all he heard was Stephen screaming. The diners discuss the dishes and Stephen’s scallops get mostly positive reviews. Derrick’s dish gets good reviews and one of Gordon’s chefs says it could be served at their restaurant. Claudia says her heart and soul were on the plate. The chefs says that octopus is tough to get right and it’s cooked nicely but some don’t like the potatoes. Everyone seems to have critics and fans of their dishes. They then vote for the best dish.

Gordon announces that Derrick was the big winner. He’s thrilled and runs down high fiving the guest chef diners. He’s thrilled to be in the finale. Love the little drummer boy chef. He is sent up to the balcony to enjoy a glass of champagne. Gordon calls Stephen and Claudia down front. He says they have one more big battle head to head and one of them will leave while the other moves with Derrick to the finale.

Graham says this is an epic battle of three pressure tests – appetizer, entrée, dessert. Christina says the appetizer is a savory version of her favorite dessert. She pulls off the cloche and reveals a cheese soufflé. Graham’s cloche has the entrée and it’s steak frites. Gordon’s cloche has the dessert and he says it’s the most difficult to nail and shows a panna cotta and then says see what’s inside and cuts it open. Inside is raspberry coulis.

Gordon says they have one hour to make all three. He sends Stephen and Claudia to their stations. Derrick is stunned by the time limit and says they both may be going home. Graham then says they get to Skype their family and friends before they start and they each have a Surface to make the call. They both get teary as they make their Skype calls then their 60 minutes starts and they are off and running. Christina says this is a huge challenge of three technical dishes.

Christina says the time limit is tough. They talk about how they have to get the panna cotta setting then the soufflé then blanching the potatoes. Christina says the cheese soufflé is most difficult and says if you over-whip the egg whites, you’re screwed. Claudia says she wants to win this for the women in her life. They are at half the time gone. Christina says Stephen is at the right spot with his coulis. He gets them filled and back in the chiller.

Claudia realizes she threw out her extra panna cotta she had to top them with. Gordon says the pressure is getting to her. Graham says she’s making a panic cotta. Derrick wonders what she will do. Then the judges notice that Stephen messed up his soufflé mix and then put them in too early. Derrick says they are both making fundamental errors. Gordon tells Stephen he put them in too early and says they can’t rest or they’ll fall.

Now the two start seasoning the steak. They talk about the steak not being cooked right and limp, soggy fries. They are down to five minutes. Claudia turns her panna cotta out and it looks perfect. Stephen brings his up too then they go back to the other plating. Claudia has two plated and Stephen is lagging. Then it’s the souffles with 10 seconds left. They both barely make it and then it’s hands off. Now it’s down to the tasting.

Claudia thinks her plates look a lot better than Stephen’s. Christina asks about the souffles and then tastes Claudia’s then Stephen’s. Stephen’s has fallen somewhat but he hopes his flavor is better. She walks away without comment then tells the other two that Claudia’s is much fluffier and picture perfect. She says Stephen’s had better seasoning though. Then Graham goes to taste the steak frites. He’s looking for medium rare with perfect seasoning.

He cuts into Claudia’s steak and shows her the cook. It looks good and he tastes then touches the fries and chooses one to eat. He nods and moves to Stephen’s. He cuts into Stephen’s steak and the cook looks right as well. He then touches the fries and chooses one to taste. Stephen says he double cooked them to make them crispier. Stephen is confident he won that one. Graham says it’s a toss up since Stephen’s fries were crispier but Claudia’s were better seasoned.

Gordon then goes to taste the panna cotta. Derrick says visually, Claudia’s looks better. Gordon says Claudia’s is smaller then cuts into it, looks and tastes. He moves on to Stephen’s and asks why the raspberry is seeping out. He cuts into it and it looks messy. He tastes and then goes back to the other judges. Gordon says that they were both good and says Claudia’s had better filling technique but Stephen has a nice texture.

Gordon tells them it was close but one person had a small edge on each dish and sends Claudia to the finals with Derrick and that sends Stephen out of the competition. They hug and she goes upstairs crying. Gordon tells Stephen to get a business plan together so he can invest in his food truck. He says he now has Gordon Ramsay as a partner. Stephen says he’s leaving with no regret. He goes up to hug the judges and they ask who will win. Stephen says it’s going to be Claudia. Derrick says he’ll miss him.

Now it’s the MasterChef Finale! The #MCFinale begins with a look back at the season and a look at Derrick and Claudia’s personal lives. Now all the home cooks are back and in the balcony to cheer them on. Graham brings out Derrick’s family and friends and they come hug him including his GF, parents and others. Then Derrick’s mom says to stay focused and says she’s very proud of him. Claudia is so happy to see her daughter and the rest of her family and friends. Her mom says she knew Claudia has what it takes and says she’s proud. Then they send the family members upstairs after a final hug.

Graham says tonight is a three course challenge. They have 10 minutes in the pantry and can cook any meal they want. They send them running to the pantry. Shelly says they are very different cooks and it’s tough. Nick says this Claudia’s chance to start a new life and he hopes she wins it. Stephen says he’s decided to support Derrick after all their acrimony. Derrick is making watermelon pork belly for his app and Claudia is making a tamale with cactus salsa. They have 60 minutes for the appetizers.

The judges talk about the appetizers and Gordon questions whether the pork belly will be done in time and whether tamale is fancy enough but Graham says it could be a home run if she elevates it. Half the time is gone. Gordon checks on Claudia and she says she’s doing Mexican flavors to elevate it and she says Mexican cooking has been underrated too long. Graham and Christina talk to Derrick who is doing watermelon three ways to go with the pork.

The judges watch and wonder if Derrick’s pork got done – he did it in the pressure cooker and checks it and says it’s like butter. Stephen says Derrick is blowing his mind. Shelly says Claudia has her heritage in this. They count down the last 10 seconds and then it’s ready to serve the apps. They bring down their appetizers. Derrick says the pork is the best he’s ever made and Claudia says her dish stacks up plus hers is taller. Short Derrick says it’s not about being tallest and they laugh.

Derrick explains his dish – he serves them and says it’s spiced pork belly with watermelon three ways. They taste and Gordon says it’s dangerous, refreshing and him and says the melon lifts up and says he’d love more pickle but loves it and calls it brilliant. Graham says it belongs on a menu and says right now his palate is singing from the sauce and says it’s a greatest hit. Christina also gives a lot of praise on presentation and flavor.

Claudia brings hers up and she says it’s huitlacoche tamale with avocado crème. Gordon asks why tonight would she cook a tamale for the finale. She says this is who she is and says simple ingredients can be elevated. They taste and Gordon says it’s incredible and she made street food unique. He says the cactus salsa has finesse and says he’d give it more acidity and more crème. Graham says it’s so well balanced and a great job. Christina says it’s very much hers and she showed her love in the dish.
They head back to the kitchen to start their entrees while the judges talk about this being a tough call. They have another 60 minutes for the next dish. They start cooking while the crowd cheers. Gordon says the standard is high. Derrick is making venison with huckleberry sauce. Claudia is cooking swordfish with chickpeas and a Mexican sauce. Christina checks her out and she explains the dish. Gordon talks to Derrick about his puff pastry cage and he says it’s a play off Gordon’s Wellington. Now it’s time to serve.

They then deliver their entrees into the dining room for the tasting. Derrick made a show on a plate. It’s pan seared venison with root vegetables, huckleberry sauce and a pastry cage. They taste and Graham says he loves the care on the vegetables and says it’s a hit. Christina says she loves the cage. Gordon says it’s stunning and says he nailed it and he wishes he had a nice glass of red wine to go with it. Claudia made grilled swordfish with Mexican squash, chickpeas and salsa verde. Gordon says it looks inviting but if the fish is dry, she’s done. They taste.

Gordon cuts then says it’s beautiful. He tastes and says it’s fragrant and has character and is her 100%. He says he wants more salsa verde and says it’s her most accomplished dish. Graham says she couldn’t have done more justice to the swordfish and says the cook is hard and says she has also found her voice and is singing with it. Christina says she liked the squash and says she’s opened her eyes to this type of cuisine. They send them back to make their desserts.

Derrick is making lemon mousse with a dark chocolate shell and sponge cake. He’s baking sponge cake in a new way. Claudia is making poached pear with key lime flan. Gordon says they have to go out on a big high. Christina and Graham check out Claudia’s dish and she’s got a dry caramel going and is taking risks. Gordon talks to Derrick who is making sponge cake that’s steamed in the microwave. Gordon teases him about that aspect.

Claudia curses as she cooks. She splashed some water on her flan. She has to start over because of this error. Christina says this could mean she loses it. They have just 10 minutes left. Derrick is struggling with thick batter and he can’t get it into the cup to cook it. He’s wasting time and worries this cake will cost him the whole thing. Derrick finally gets his cake to come loose. Stephen says Derrick’s looks artistic and has a lot of technique. Nick says Claudia’s pear is a masterpiece.

They serve the desserts. Derrick says Claudia’s looks amazing. He says it’s an honor to be next to her. Derrick says she’s a tough competitor and is making him earn this. Derrick describes his green tea cake and chocolate crust. Christina says the lemon mousse is aerated and the paper thin layer of chocolate is gorgeous. Graham says the flavors all work and says the cake is creative and delicious. Gordon says he pulled it off brilliantly and says he wasted 15 minutes pissing around with the cake.

Derrick says he couldn’t give it up. He says his mom’s voice is in his head telling him not to give up. Claudia presents her poached pear and cinnamon brittle. Graham says it’s eye opening and it’s all about the pear. Christina says the brittle with the pinch of salt is incredible. Gordon says it’s fragrant and delicious. He says the flan needs more lime and it’s an amazing finish. The judges talk before they crown the winner.

The judges chat and Graham says a chef is defined by how they use everyday ingredients and that’s what Claudia does. They agree on the winner. They head out to give the results. Prepare for Derrick to be robbed by the sympathetic story of the immigrant single mom. Derrick clearly outcooked her. He’s been amazing all season and it should have been Stephen vs Derrick in the finals. This result feels like they were making a statement rather than truly judging the best cook.

Claudia’s stuff looks good but this is like when the judges pick someone more interesting or with a sadder story or some other factor that has nothing to do with the food. They tell them it was close and then Gordon announces it’s Claudia. Last year’s winner was rumored to be sleeping with Gordon so the whole thing feels sketchy. Not impressed. Congrats to her but Derrick deserved it IMHO.