Nina Dobrev Keeps Secret Boyfriend Hidden: Ordered To Stay Single For Movie Career?

Nina Dobrev Keeps Secret Boyfriend Hidden: Ordered To Stay Single For Movie Career?

Even as Ian Somerhalder flaunts his new engagement to Nikki Reed, Nina Dobrev has stayed ‘officially’ single all this time. Nina Dobrev has been ordered to keep her boyfriend a secret for now as her team tries to get her into better movies and develop her career. Sure, we know that she’s had rebound hookups and even fake rebound relationships [Derek Hough, for one], but she has yet to go public with her boyfriend, whoever he may be. There were rumors about Nina Dobrev dating Mark Foster of Foster The People, and then there were rumors of her dating her Vampire Diaries co-star, Chris Wood. But unlike Ian, Nina has been very careful about not showing PDA with her secret boyfriend. In fact, she’s tried very, very hard to fit the image of young Hollywood starlet having fun and partying it up.

So what accounts for Nina’s and Ian’s drastically different methods to public dating in Hollywood? Well, for one, Ian Somerhalder is older and he’s at an age where his relationship status won’t matter to producers and executives. Most of the time – and most especially when there’s a big movie at stake – big name actors are forced to appear single, in order to sell the movie better. I mean, hot, sexy, and ‘single’ sounds better than hot, sexy, and taken.

The whole point of movie stars is that the public can imagine themselves with these actors – they don’t want the fantasy ruined by their significant others. Granted, there are exceptions to this list, i.e. Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, etc. But all these actors started out single, and/or their talent won people over. Unfortunately, Ian is neither that famous nor that talented, but also, he’s never going to be that movie star level. His time has more or less come and gone, which means instead of hiding his relationship status, he can flaunt it to generate more PR.

However, Nina Dobrev is in a very different situation. At 26 years old, she’s still at an age where she has a bright career ahead of her, whether in TV and films. However, being single helps her brand image much more than being attached does – especially after she leaves The Vampire Diaries. In fact, sources tell us that Nina could be hiding her secret boyfriend on orders, especially as she’s reportedly trying to launch a film career and land a movie franchise.

Do you guys think it will work? And do you think Nina is dating Chris Wood, or Mark Foster? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Carl says:

    Well they do have a point Ian is out of his movie prime and Nina is starting out so yeah that is the truth. But i do agree there are other celebrities out there to write about.