OJ Simpson Hot For Caitlyn Jenner – Acting Out Jail House Fantasies With Cait Lookalike

OJ Simpson Hot For Caitlyn Jenner – Acting Out Jail House Fantasies With Cait Lookalike

In the creepiest news of the week, it looks like OJ Simpson has an eye out for Caitlyn Jenner, although he reportedly never cared for her when she identified as Bruce Jenner. It looks like OJ Simpson won’t live to make it out of the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada, so he’s making the best of his time behind bars – and that includes romance.

Transsexual Jazmena Johnson is a former prostitute who served time at Lovelock with OJ Simpson and has sat for an interview and admitted that she and former NFLer and civil court-convicted lady killer OJ Simpson had sex multiple times – unprotected sex to boot! However, before you throw up into your mouth too much, Jazmena Johnson qualified that she performed oral sex on him rather than more “intrusive” intercourse.

More worrisome is that Johnson is HIV positive and OJ Simpson now has to worry that he may be infected. But that hasn’t slowed his roving eye. OJ’s pal Norman Pardo told the National Enquirer that OJ Simpson may be developing a bad case of the hots for Caitlyn Jenner because she increasingly resembles Nicole Brown Simpson. Norman told the tabloid, “Caitlyn is starting to look more and more like Nicole Brown Simpson and if she doesn’t watch out, OJ is going to come for her.”

Not that OJ could come at Caitlyn Jenner or anyone since he’s been locked up for eight years and not likely to see the light of day anytime soon. What makes this very interesting is that Kris Jenner coordinate with Nicole Brown Simpson for OJ Simpson to hang out with Bruce Jenner back in the day when Bruce was struggling socially. Norman says, “OJ thought Bruce was a little strange. Even back then, he was feminine.”

But now that OJ is obviously open to being involved with a transgender woman – as evidenced by his jailhouse romp with Jazmena Johnson – it’s not unbelievable that the athlete would be turned on by his old golf buddy in his new sexy Caitlyn persona. Caitlyn Jenner, however, is still on the fence about whether she’ll date men or women and has brushed the question aside on her new E! reality show I Am Cait. Some tabloids allege that Bruce Jenner had affairs with men back in the day.

While these seem to have been debunked – although no one but Bruce Jenner and the alleged men would know for sure – Caitlyn Jenner is being coy on her dating preferences. Caitlyn recently told her friends that she’s only been sexual with women and assumes that’s who she’s interested in – however, Caitlyn has also seemed enchanted with new BFF Candis Cayne, herself transgender. A Cait/Candis romance may be just the ticket since it’s kind of the best of both worlds.

Candis is nice and tall like Caitlyn, knows the ropes of the new LGBT community that Cait is stepping into, and is a hotty to boot. No matter what Caitlyn Jenner’s preference turns out to be, we can 100% assume that she won’t be looking for romance at Lovelock Correctional. Too bad, OJ!

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