Once Upon a Time Recap – Gold Gets Down to Business: Season 4 Episode 15 “Enter the Dragon”

Once Upon a Time Recap - Gold Gets Down to Business: Season 4 Episode 15 "Enter the Dragon"

Tonight on ABC their fantastical series Once Upon A Time returns with an all new Sunday March 15, season 4 episode 15, called, “Enter the Dragon” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Regina [Lana Parrilla] goes undercover, bonding with the Queens of Darkness in order to spy on them. Meanwhile, Hook [Colin O’Donoghue] has an odd request for Belle [Emilie de Ravin]; Henry [Jared Gilmore] makes headway as he searches for the Author; and back in fairy-tale land, Regina helps Maleficent [Kristin Bauer van Straten] regain her spark.

On the last episode, Emma thought something was being kept from her; Henry and Regina hoped Pinocchio would remember a clue. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “In order to infiltrate the Queens of Darkness as a spy for the heroes, Regina must prove she’s still willing to get her hands dirty. Meanwhile, Emma, David and Mary Margaret scramble to keep tabs on their undercover operative. Hook requests an unusual favor from Belle as Henry makes progress on his search for the Author. In a Fairy Tale Land flashback, Regina befriends Maleficent and helps her to rekindle her lost spark.”

Tonight’s season 4 episode 15 looks like it is going to be as magical as ever so make sure that you tune in to our live coverage of Once Upon A Time at 8:00 PM EST!

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#OnceUponATime starts with Regina looking for the lady villains in town. She sees Cruella’s car outside Granny’s and goes inside. Regina says she can see the rumors are true – Maleficent is back from the ashes. Maleficent asks Regina if she thinks she’s there to kill her and says that there are far worse crimes that must be accounted for. Cru says Regina is united with the heroes but Regina does a sell story that she’s sick of them and is still one of them.

Maleficent says they can test it out and offers Regina a drink asking if she’s a bad girl. Regina takes the drink, crushes the glass and says she’s the worst. Back in the Enchanted Forest, Regina is annoyed with Snow White for winning another horse trophy. She snatches the girl’s ribbons off the wall and then Rumple is there and says it’s ironic that Regina saved Snow from a horse accident and now she’s the best rider in the land.

Regina rails at Rumple for not teaching her magic faster. She has Maleficent’s spell book and says he found it in Cora’s things. She says she’s tired of watching Snow get everything while she gets nothing. She says she wants revenge and Rumple says she doesn’t even know what revenge looks like. Rumple tells her to look in the mirror and he shows her a wasteland he says was a lush forest until Maleficent burned it down.

Regina asks how she did it. Rumple says she cultivated her magic over time and Rumple says if Regina rushes, she will never be ready. Regina says he’s making excuses. Regina says she’s tired of waiting and Rumple says that’s her problem and wishes her luck with Maleficent. He magics her to a place near Maleficent’s castle where one tree from the disaster Maleficent wrought is still burning. She’s got the woman’s spell book in her hand and heads to the castle.

Now, David and Mary tell Emma they sent Regina under cover with the villains. She asks when she’s supposed to check in and David admits she’s an hour late. Cruella drives her car with the lady villains and Regina asks where they’re going. Cru says she’ll see soon enough. Regina asks how they managed to resurrect Maleficent but Mal says first she has to earn their trust. They drive to the railroad tracks and park across them.

Cruella says she’s playing her favorite game called Be a Hero. The first to save them loses. Regina magics them out of the away in a puff of purple smoke a moment before the train hits the car. Cru tells Mal she went soft but Mal says Regina is just rusty. She asks Regina if they’re playing too rough for her and she says they should get out of there and go find some real trouble.

Henry is studying one of the book’s pages at Gold’s shop with Belle. He looks at a door on the page and says he thinks it has to do with the author but needs to figure out where it is. Belle says he will and he wonders what message August was leaving them. Killian and Emma are looking for Regina but Killian tells her not to worry. She says if Regina has it under control she should have contacted them again. Mary and David are also out looking for Regina.

They spot a police car crushed on the side of the road and burned up. They get out of the car. Regina is there and says that’s Maleficent’s idea of a good time. She says she had to prove herself last night which meant a lot of drinking and burning. She says next time, let her come to them. She says all she knows so far is that they’re hiding something powerful. Regina says she had to build trust with them. She says last time she had to go to Mal, but this time she’ll come to her.

Back in the EF, we see a young Regina creeping into Mal’s castle calling out to her and asking her to teach her. Mal tells her to light the fire place. Regina is nervous but generates a flame in her hand. She throws it into the fireplace and lights the wood. Mal says that’s pathetic but it will do. Mal staggers into sight looking drunk and disheveled. She sits and says it feels like. She says she hasn’t had a proper fire in years.

Mal tells her about a potion that takes the edge off – a bit of sleeping curse, seawater and her blood. Regina asks what happened to her and Mal says a Briar Rose – she says King Stefan undid all her work with true love’s kiss and says she doesn’t even care anymore. Regina says the Maleficent she read about would never have given up and says she needs to remember who she really is. Mal says that woman would turn into a dragon and eat your flesh if she got mad.

She tells Regina she’s lucky she already had breakfast. She tells her to take the dusty book and get out. Now, the three ladies come to see Gold at his hidden cabin and tell him that Regina was sniffing around. He asks if they told Regina he was the secret. Gold says Regina poses a great opportunity since her heart has been broken once again. He says when war hits Storybrooke, everyone will have to pick a side, even Regina. They ask what war and Gold says the one they’re going to start tonight.

Back in the EF, Regina walks by the side of a road when a carriage stops. A man asks why she’s out in the middle of nowhere. She says she’s walking to Leopold’s castle. The man offers her a ride and says he’s on the way to Aurora’s wedding – the daughter of Briar Rose. Regina goes back to Mal’s castle and rants to her that a whole new generation is getting their happy ending while she rots. Mal asks why she cares and Regina says if someone as powerful as Mal can’t get revenge, she stands no shot at it.

Mal asks if Regina had someone taken from her. Regina says the girl responsible is still living and breathing and she hasn’t had her revenge. Mal advises her to give up and find another hobby. Regina says no and tells her the wedding is a reason to turn back to a dragon and fight. Mal says she can’t turn anymore. She says she lost the fire a long time ago. Regina tells her they need to get it back. Now, Mal finds Regina cleaning her vault.

Mal says she’s sorry they didn’t stay to help clean and says it was good to see her and they had fun last night. Regina says last night was fun, this morning not so much. Mal offers her a couple of aspirin and Regina says she knows what they are but wonders why Mal is being nice. Mal says she needs Regina sharp tonight. Mal says they’re in town to get what Regina wants – the author. Regina asks how she knows and Mal says Rumpelstiltskin told Cruella about it in New York.

Regina says she’s been looking for months but Mal says they have new leads. Regina asks if this has to do with the powerful magic she’s hiding. Mal says she’ll let her in on the secret if she does a little job for them. Killian, Mary, David and Emma meet Regina at the library. Emma says this is a bad idea and says that Regina has no undercover experience. Regina says the villains are looking for the author too to shift the balance to destroy the happy ending of the heroes.

Regina says they want her to help steal something. Emma says these things don’t end well and Regina insists. Emma says she’s in too and will stick by Regina tonight for whatever is planned. Regina waits at the clock tower that night. Emma is in her car nearby. Cru’s car roars down the street. It’s empty but the doors open and Mal is there. She asks Regina if she’s ready to take a drive. She says Cru enchanted it or Regina can take the wheel. She asks where Cru and Ursula are but Mal says it’s just the two of them tonight, like old times.

Belle is with Will at Granny’s when Killian plops down beside Will and asks if he’s interrupting. Belle introduces them and asks if they’ve met. Will asks Killian if he wants to fight to take it outside. Killian says he’s there for Belle and asks her to speak in private. He tells her about the three villains and Regina being undercover. He says he suspects the Dark One is involved and says they may be using him. Belle says he’s useless outside of Storybrooke and Killian says maybe they lured him back.

He asks if she has the dagger somewhere safe and tells her she should move it somewhere safe – someplace they’d never think to look. Killian says he can bury treasure where no one will find it. Emma follows Cru’s car at a distance. The car stops and Mal says – we’re here. Regina says this is Marco’s house – the town handyman. She says there are no magical objects there but Mal says they need Pinocchio. She says he has information about the author.

Regina says she tried already and says his memory was wiped when he turned back into a boy. Mal says she needs to ask questions more forcefully. Mal says Regina has been too long around heroes and has forgotten who she really us. Mal tells her to go inside and steal that little boy. Back in the EF, Regina tells Mal about the tree that’s still burning and says that’s the spark that will reignite the dragon inside her. She hands her the horned hat and tells Mal to get dressed.

Mal is in her full gear with her staff and they head out to the tree. Mal raises her arms and the fire rushes to her. Mal breathes it in and off the burning tree. She did it. Regina asks if it worked. Mal says she’s not sure and Regina says they’re about to find out. King Stefan rides up on them and says if she tries to take Aurora’s happiness she’ll fail like she did with Briar Rose. Stefan tells his men to seize them but Mal slams her staff into the ground and tries to turn dragon. She can’t.

Stefan says she’s made a fool of herself again. They’re surrounded by men with swords. Now, Marco makes a rocking horse with Pinocchio when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Regina. She asks to come in. Regina knocks them both out with a wave of her hand. Emma comes inside and Regina asks why she’s there. Emma asks what Mal wants her to do and she says they’re after Pinocchio.

Regina asks what happens when Mal realizes they snuck him out. Regina says she’ll protect Pinocchio. She tells Emma she’s not in over her head and promises to protect him. Regina says they have to break some rules. Emma says she’ll follow but stay back and will come in blazing if something looks bad. She tells Regina her magic has been going crazy since the villains came to town.

Regina brings the child out to the car and Mal says it’s good to have her back. In the EF, Mal and Regina are being frog marched by Stefan’s men. Regina is getting ready to fight but Mal says she can’t defeat them. Regina magics her ropes off herself and Regina says she can defeat them with a dragon’s help. Stefan tells his men to kill Regina but then Mal roars and is back all scaly and green eyed.

Stefan screams for a retreat and Regina smiles and says – looks who’s back. Regina shoots fire at the king and his men. Now, Regina is in Marco’s house waiting for Regina’s GPS to start moving. It doesn’t and she runs out and sees that her phone is on the street out front and the car is gone. Emma asks herself what Regina is doing. Back in the EF, Aurora is brushing her hair and humming when Mal comes in.

Aurora says her father promised to protect her and Mal says he failed. Mal says she was going to kill her parents but then realized they would suffer far more if they were alive to see what she did with Aurora. She tells Mal that she’ll defeat her just as her mother did. Mal says she has a more special curse in mind for Prince Philip. She knocks Aurora out and lays her on the settee. Regina watches and says it was inspired.

Mal says it never would have happened without Regina. She says she reminded her of who she is and thanks Regina. Now, Belle has the Dark One’s knife and asks Killian where he’ll hide it. He says it’s better that she doesn’t know. Belle says the idea of Rumple returning after all this is upsetting. She starts to hand him the knife then says she had the most awful thought and wonders what if he’s already back. She says she has a terrible feelings. She says the knife is her only protection.

Killian says use the dagger to command him to come face her and if he’s there, he’ll have no choice. She does but nothing happens. Belle says she was wrong and hands him the knife. Belle drives away and Killian smiles then disappears in a puff of smoke and it’s Gold holding his knife and smiling. She’s none the wiser. Gold creeps around to his shop later and goes inside as Killian. Belle asks if the dagger is safe and he says now that it’s hidden, they have one last piece of business.

He says they have to swear a pirate’s oath to swear never to talk about this so the dagger stays safe. They place their hands on each others hearts and he says – you have my word – and Belle says the same. Killian asks if that rose is from her admirer Will. She says he left it outside. She says it’s new but it’s nice to spend time with someone who’s nothing more than he says he is.

She says she doesn’t know if she can ever be over Rumple but says Will makes her smile. Belle asks what happened between the two of them. Killian says Will took something he cared for. He leaves and looks back in the window at her. She’s on the phone laughing. He turns back to himself and walks away. Back in the EF, Rumple asks Regina how she got back so fast – she says on the back of a dragon.

She says she helped Maleficent get back to where she was. Rumple says he thought she was seeking a teacher not looking to become one. Regina says she already has a teacher who is doing quite well by her. She put Snow’s horse under a sleeping spell and says Mal showed her that killing Snow White is too easy and that she needs to take away what she loves.

Rumple says he’s been trying to teach that lesson. Regina says she’s ready to learn it. Now, Regina goes with Mal to Gold’s cabin and asks why they’re out there. Mal says they needed somewhere to hide and Regina says their dark magic isn’t a spell, it’s Gold. He’s there and says that’s right dearie. He walks up with his knife and asks her if she thought he would stay banished for long. She says she didn’t.

Gold says sometimes you learn from the student and sometimes you have to fall far to see the light. Regina says he’s seen that you need the author to get your happy ending and that puts them on the same side. Cru comes in with Pinocchio and says they’ll use him to get what they want. Regina asks what he’s going to do. He says to step aside and he’ll show her or asks if she’s gone soft. She says never.

Gold says no amount of torture will work on Pinocchio but says it will on the man he used to be. He magics August back to adult hood and says – shall we begin?