Reign Recap – Sex, Drugs and Heads May Roll: Season 2 Episode 15 “Forbidden”

Reign Recap - Sex, Drugs and Heads May Roll: Season 2 Episode 15 "Forbidden"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Thursday February 19, season 2 episode 15 called “Forbidden,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Mary’s [Adelaide Kane] mother returns to warn her about threats to her throne

On the last episode, King Henry’s poisoning was investigated by Francis and Mary. Meanwhile, the Duke of Guise’s return put Catherine in the midst of a romantic triangle; Mary confronted her feelings for Condé; and Greer found herself in an unexpected situation. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Mary’s mother returns to warn her about threats to her throne, so Mary makes a daring move. Meanwhile, a stumbling block with Mary pushes Francis closer to Lola; and Kenna receives an intriguing offer from Antoine.”

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On #Reign, the Duke of Guise’s coffin is loaded onto a cart for transport while Marie eulogizes him warmly but is glad like Catherine that he’s gone. Antoine tells Louis to stop looking like a puppy at Mary. Catherine says Francis thought Marie might mind them filling her brother full of arrows but she says otherwise then tells Mary they need to talk. Francis tells Lola he has news and says the Duke of Duchess von Amsberg are in town and have agreed to an engagement between their daughter and Lola and Francis’ son. She says this means John can be safe and part of one of the most powerful families in France. Lola is thrilled and he says there’s one catch. They want to meet Lola.

She asks what if she doesn’t measure up and Francis says it’s only a formality. He says to just be herself and she’ll impress them. Antoine greets Kenna who came to return a ruby she found in a strawberry he left her. She says she loves her husband and can’t accept. He says he’ll stop but continues flirting. She asks how she likes his preparation for the dinner and she says it’s lovely. He says his wife Jean usually helps him but she’s ill. He says perhaps she can help welcome the Valois. She says she knows people that could help but says Bash won’t like her helping and won’t likely attend the party.

Antoine sweet talks her then asks if 300k gold pieces is enough for her to shop with. She’s shocked. Marie asks Mary where her heir is. Mary says it’s complicated and Marie says she knows she’s not sleeping with Francis. Marie says Mary has a job and says sleeping with one’s husband can be a job that you come to hate. She gives her some herbs to drink with her wine before sex to loosen her up. She says Mary needs to get pregnant quickly. She says Elizabeth is still unmarried and the English want an heir from the royal blood line.

Marie says James is under pressure too and want Mary gone over the Protestant issue. Marie says Mary is on the cusp of losing her country. Marie says to make an heir and it will be her over Elizabeth. Francis asks Mary why she didn’t tell her mother about her rape and she says she didn’t want to relive it. She says her mother is right about the heir. Mary says Francis has heirs in his brothers but she has none. He reminds her she once spoke to him of love but she makes it clear she thinks she needs to bed him out of duty to make an heir. He says they both should think about it.

Bash tells Kenna that he doesn’t think they should go to the party but she says she’s helping Antoine throw the party. Bash says Antoine has made it clear what he wants from her. She says she can handle it but says the party gives her an excuse to go out and do things. She asks him to go to the party and he says he has to go deal with a woman in the village who says she can raise for the dead. He asks her to wait for him and then they’ll go to the party.

Francis says Mary is willing to work on an heir under pressure from her mother. Catherine says maybe Mary will welcome this push. Catherine tells him to take Mary’s lead but to make sure that he is seen entering and leaving Mary’s chambers so in case she gets pregnant there will be no doubt that the child is his. Bash goes to the village to ask about the female healer. She says he saved her son by laying hands on him. She calls her boys over when he asks about her attitude.

He lifts the child’s face and he sees his eyes are milky. She says he blinded her boy as the price for curing him. She tells Bash to find and stop that woman. Greer finds her hooker friend Sharlene packing. She says she couldn’t pay her rent because that man chopped off her hair. Greer brings her a lovely wig and Sharlene says men on the street won’t take her. Greer says there are other venues where she can ply her trade. She offers to fix Sharlene up to blend in.

Marie puts some of her herbs in her glass of wine then sees Lola and greets her. Lola curtsies and Marie asks if she was coddling her bastard son and ignoring her. Lola says she must go and says Francis was faithful to Mary and that she was with him one night when they were apart. Marie reminds her she has always been Mary’s lady since she was a child. She says she chose Lola because she played well with Mary and didn’t throw mud at her. She rants at Lola about her attitude.

Marie says Mary is no regular girl. She says she is a queen who must be seen as a force of nature. She says she and her son make Mary seem disposable and says disposable queens are disposed of brutally. Marie says if something happens to Mary, Lola should remember her role in her demise and says she won’t forget. Lola drinks some of Marie’s drugged wine after Marie storms out.

Bash meets with the healer Delphine who has taken refuge at the convent. He asks about the Greek worker and she says he was buried alive and she just helped him out. She says the boy went blind and she had nothing to do with it. She says many times her healing comes with no price and she only heals someone who is sure to die otherwise. She says she can know the pain someone has when she touches them and can also see pain yet to come.

Bash tells her to lay hands on him and say what she sees. She touches his hands and says he was wounded in battle. She says he was on a horse wounded, almost died for a brother and says his heart was shattered then healed. She says he will lose someone very close to him soon and his heart will be broken again. He asks who and she says no. Kenna is freaking to Antoine because the party has started and she’s not even dressed. She says she needs to go back to the castle to meet Bash. She freaks over place cards and he says to go sort them while he sends up a dress from his wife’s collection.

He says he will get a message to Bash. He tells him man to take Kenna’s note and pretend that it’s going. Lola is acting strange and touches Louis and tells him about the engagement. She says she’s very relaxed but had a drink to steady her nerves. When Louis hears she was drinking with Marie de Guise, he asks what she drank. She says it was better. She grabs some marzipan with gusto. She’s obviously drugged. Francis goes to Mary’s chamber and makes sure he’s seen on the way in.

Mary tells him she’s all right and wants to do this. She says she’s just cold. He offers her a shawl. Francis asks if she’s sure and she kisses him. She pulls him backward onto the bed but then says it’s his breathing. She says if she can look at him, she’s okay. She keeps her eyes open as he kisses her. Her hand is clenched in a fist and he says they can’t do this. She says they have to. He asks why now. He says an heir is important but what are the odds they would conceive a son tonight.

Louis says they can try next month but she doesn’t want to wait. He says he can protect her even if she’s not in control of Scotland or England but she asks what if he turns on her if he’s mad. He thinks she wants to move on to Louis and asks if he called her to his chamber so she wouldn’t call Louis to her. She says she can’t stand being a queen but not a queen, a wife but not a wife. He tells her that being with Louis will not erase her pain. He tells her he forbids it and storms out.

Kenna comes down in a lovely gown bedecked in jewels. She catches everyone’s eyes. Antoine tells Louis that vengeance is invigorating. Antoine takes her hand and she asks if Bash is there. He’s at the castle and is furious that his wife isn’t there. Antoine says he wants her to meet some people. Lola looks at the von Amsberg baby. The parents are terribly unattractive. The mother has a unibrow and pinched face and the father a giant nose and ears. She says the baby has ears too far back and one eyebrow.

Lola tells Francis that Johnnie would have to be a saint to marry that girl. Francis pulls her aside and asks how drink she is. She touches his hair and he tells her to stop. She says it was nice that he was willing to marry their son to that ugly baby. She pets the fur on his cloak and tells him he’s a good person. Marie comes to see Mary. Her daughter says there will be no heir. She tells her mother she was raped when the Protestants stormed the castle.

Marie asks if she fears she’s pregnant from the rape. Mary is furious at her mother and asks if she’s past it. Mary says she is past the fear of pregnancy but faces other. Marie says she’s sorry but the man who violated shouldn’t crush her aspirations. Mary says Marie only sees her as a weapon and a vessel for her own dreams. Mary says she’s her own person, a woman grown and not a breeder for the purposes of others. She says she may be utterly alone but would rather be that than her mother.

Francis takes Lola outside to clear her head. He tells her the carriage is on the way and she says she loves his crown because it’s kingly. She says sometimes she sees the free young man he was in Paris. He says it was the first time he was outside the walls and no one knew where he was. She tells him he’s a marvelous kisser and says she hopes things work out between he and Mary. Francis says to escort Lola to her chamber with no stops along the way.

Louis rides to the courtyard and dismounts. Mary is walking there. She says he came back early from the party. He asks what’s wrong and she says it’s nothing. He says he saw Francis at the party and asks why he didn’t stay with her. She says she froze and couldn’t do it. She says it’s worth than ever for them and Francis knows about their feelings and has forbidden them from being together. She says she does care for him but can promise him nothing. He asks if Francis was harsh.

She says her mother is relentless and is pressing her for an heir. Louis says Lola was drinking with her mother and came to the party obviously drugged. He says if her mother is doing opiates routinely, it’s a miracle she can walk around. Bash shows up to the party to see Antoine and Kenna dancing. Kenna says she was missing him and he says it looks like she was grieving his absence. Bash asks why he’s trying to seduce his wife then asks why she’s in these clothes.

Bash says she was supposed to meet him and she says she sent a message. Antoine says he’ll check to see what happened. Bash walks off. Kenna calls Antoine a manipulator and liar and says he tricked her. Bash says she put herself in a position to fall for it. Bash says she’s in his gown and jewels and says she obviously wants more. She admits she does want more from life and from him. Lola runs into Narcisse and asks if sex with him could be simple and not scary.

She asks if there is something dirty or odd involved. He kisses her and she bites his lip hard. He says she’s not in her right mind. Lola says – not you too. He says if she comes to his bed, he wants the real her. He snaps for her maid and says to take her to her chambers and get the physician. Lola says – he didn’t even offer me a bath and says – he always offer me a bath. Narcisse smiles. Mary asks what herbs she’s taking and says she drugged Lola.

Marie says she’s dying and has been taking tinctures in increasing amounts because the pain is unbearable. Mary says she must stay but Marie says James is weak and she must help him with the nobles as much as possible. Marie says she wanted to put the world at Mary’s feet but can’t protect her once she’s gone. Mary says she’ll survive and Marie tells her to fight for herself, her throne, her country. She tells her to have an heir and be unassailable.

Mary says she won’t let anyone take her country from her. She says she will keep her life and crown. She reassures her mother she can rest in peace. Antoine greets Kenna and she asks if he’s following her and says to stay away. She says she won’t be his revenge against the family. He says he doesn’t want that, he wants her. He says he wants her to be his wife. He says he knows what he wants and has never wanted anyone more. She says he’s married and he says Jean is dying and has only a month.

He says when she’s gone, he will take another wife. She says she’s married and he says her marriage can be easily overturned since it was at the hands of a mad king. He asks her to entertain a life with him and a chance to be a queen. Catherine finds Francis brooding and he says it’s over there’s no chance of an heir. She says she’s not surprised that Mary can’t be intimate yet. She says her concern is for him and asks what makes him happy. She says he has a son and a family.

Catherine says she has compassion for Mary but says the weight of his crown will crush him. He says Mary has released him to take another but he hasn’t done it yet. Catherine says she supports him and says if someone at court brings him joy, he should have it. He goes to the window and looks outside. He sees Lola playing in the snow with their son and the nannies. She looks up and sees him and says she’s sorry about last night. He says he’s surprised she remembered.

She says she remembers them all in detail. He says those were nice things to hear from a friend then says she was unkind about the von Amsberg’s baby’s ears. Sharlene comes back to the tavern and shows Greer how much she made – two month’s rent. Sharlene says it was wonderful and thanks her. She says it was the easiest money she ever made and says she and her friends want Greer to tell them about the parties and then dress them up to fit in. Sharlene says they’ll pay her and they can all profit.

Greer says this was not the future she imagined and Sharlene says it doesn’t have to be her whole future. Mary tells Louis that her mother is taking the herbs because she’s dying. She tells him she’s going back to Scotland to rule in person. He asks if Francis has agreed and she says he doesn’t know. Louis says he will help how he can. She says she’s not waiting on a child or anyone to secure her future. She says knowing that, it’s clear to her – she wants him at her side.

She says if he agrees, he would be risking his life. She asks him to come to Scotland with her where they can be together. She says it will be a new life for them both. Antoine finds Louis and says he’s basking in his triumphs. He tells Louis bravo and says he had a message from England that Elizabeth wants Louis as her husband so make an alliance. He says she’s invited him to court her so he can be king. Louis says he can’t. Antoine says Elizabeth is his future.