Running Wild with Bear Grylls Recap 7/27/15: Season 2 Episode 3 “Kate Winslet”

Running Wild with Bear Grylls Recap 7/27/15: Season 2 Episode 3 "Kate Winslet"

Tonight on NBC their new show RUNNING WITH BEAR GRYLLS airs with an all new Monday July 27, season 2 episode 3 called, “Kate Winslet.” We’ve got your recap down below. On tonight’s episode Kate Winslet joins Bear for a paramotor adventure through Wales’ mountainous Snowdonia region.

On the last episode high above the Italian Alps, Emmy-nominated actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson joined Bear Grylls for a 48 hour adventure of a lifetime. As the two negotiated the Croda Dei Toni, a snowy peak referred to as the “Mountain of Thunders,” they will make a 6,000 foot descent along steep sheer cliffs and sharp ridges, build a snow cave for shelter and eventually rappelled a frozen waterfall to their extraction point. Along the way, Ferguson shared some personal insight about his sudden rise to fame with “Modern Family,” his fight for marriage equality and the challenges he faced growing up. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “Bear Grylls takes Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet on the ride of her life as they “paramotor” to the top of the Snowdonia Mountains in Wales. They will descend through jagged, rocky cliffs and ascend up deep canyons to get to their destination on the coast. They will gather trout and earth worms and must set up camp in the very windy environment to rest before their final swim in the icy ocean waves. Along the way, Kate talks humorously about her humble upbringing and also reveals the unwavering determination that has helped her achieve movie star status.”

Will Running with Bear Grylls be another huge hit for NBC? Well you’ll have to tune in tonight at 8PM EST and let us know what you think. We’ll be recapping all of the action right here for you. Hit up the comments and let us know your thoughts about this new show!


Tonight on #RunningWild, Bear has Kate Winslet with him. He talks about her six Academy Award nominations, one Oscar and 70 other awards. In Snowdonia, Wales, Kate flies in on a helicopter. She says she’s been working solid for two years so this is good for her. She says she likes an adventure. Bear flies over on a weird contraption to pick her up. The heli drops Kate off in the middle of nowhere.

Kate sees him coming and says it’s too much. She cheers as he approaches and lands. She says her husband will be so jealous. He tells her this is like a helicopter only more dangerous. Kate says making a film you may find yourself in a precarious position and you have to do it. She straps in and they take off at a run. She is thrilled and says it’s so wonderful. They fly up to the top of the mountain range.

From there they will climb down to make camp. The land and she thanks him. She says it was really incredible and she always wanted to do it. She’s excited to do what’s next. He says they have 14 or 15 miles to go. Bear says the British Special Forces train there. He says there’s nothing safe there or laid out paths. He asks her about her three kids. She has Joe 11, Mia 14 and baby Bear.

She says a lot of people think life stops when you have a kid. He asks her about holidays growing up and she says lots of driving and camping on the fly. They are climbing down a steep path and come to a dead drop. She says for f-k’s sake Bear and asks how they will get down. It’s about 150 feet down. He says they’ll tie her in and lower her first.

She says they’re winging it and says if there is a God, watch over me. He makes a strange and seemingly precarious tie off and asks if she’s happy. She says definitely not. She says she’s going to try and not let herself get too hysterical. He says #DontLookDown too much. She says that’s the first thing she’ll do. She shimmies over the edge of the cliff and he says to lean out and back.

He talks her down but she’s got crumbling rock under her feet and loses her footing. She tells him she’s scared and he says to get her feet under something solid. She gets stuck. She says she’s dangling and he says to find her feet. She says there’s nothing to touch and he says he’ll lower him more. She whimpers and he says to use your hands and grab but she’s clinging to the rope instead.

He gives directions and she can’t hear him. She grabs and he says to move right. She sounds more confident and he says to stay there while he comes down. He works his way down to her and she says she was scared. Now he’s with her and shows her how to leap out to the right and swing. He grabs her hand and pulls her to him. She admits it was scary and he tells her to look up.

She says no and he says looking up is better than down but she says she doesn’t want to do either. Bear says they still have more to do. He says with a fellow Brit after a near death moment, you need a cup of tea and they drink and have some jerkie. He asks about acting and she says her dad is and so she never had a plan B and has been lucky in that regard.

He asks if she thought she would make it to this level and she says she never thought she would be in films. He asks her how she got Titanic and she says she loved the script and there was noise that it would be Leo playing Jack. She says she told James Cameron she wanted the part and may have sent him some roses after the audition. She says she had no idea it would be huge.

She says people told her that her life would completely change after it came out. She says she didn’t change but her life did and almost overnight. She says she doesn’t like the word movie star and says she doesn’t like showing off and Bear says that’s the English. She says she prefers to be home. She says it’s nice to be doing okay. Bear says it’s more rapeling now and she asks must we.

He ties off on a tree for them to go side by side. She touches a loose rock and he knocks it off the cliff to get it out of the way. That scares her but he says at least it’s gone. She isn’t sure about the tree but he seems to think it’s safe. He coaches her down beside him. He says to watch her face and she says she doesn’t give a sh-t about her face and he says a lot of other people do.

They are now on a short rope. He says if she falls, he has her and if he falls, she has him. She says that there’s no way she has his. Bear says one little mistake and it’s a one way ticket down. Kate says Bear has a way to work you through and says just go and don’t look. They are now climbing up a sheer face. She gets stuck but then finally makes it up. He says she committed and she says she had no option.

She shoves him up the hill and pushes his rear then smiles at the camera. She says her son’s teacher will tell her never to wash her hands again. She climbs up and tells Bear she’s got him then says she doesn’t but wanted to say it. He says she’s doing fantastic and seems to like the danger. They hit the top and she says it’s gorgeous. She says it’s amazing to find yourself doing that and making it to the top.

She says she feels stronger for it. They head toward the valley and Bear says they have to make shelter, fire and find food. He spots a water source and they take a break to refill their bottles. He finds a trout and says it’s his dinner. He says they get stuck there and she says she was wondering when he was going to bust out some ghastly thing for her to eat.

He hands her a little trout and then kills it and drops it in her shirt. She says she has fish guts on her nipple. They head off and he says they have to make camp soon. They are on the shore of a lake and he says they have to be resourceful. They find a flat spot and she says it’s brilliant. They are bringing in some heather for bedding and will sleep under the stars. She finds slate to use for plates.

Kate says she considers herself resourceful and says she has to wash her bra and has found a washing line. She says this program is not geared towards women and asks where his tampon stash is. He says it would be great for fire and asks if she has one. She does and he uses it to start a fire. They get a fire started and Kate says – okay girls, that’s a tampon fire and says he invited the right girl along.

Bear says Kate will do what she wants and hangs up a line and says she has to wash her sports bra. She says she doesn’t want to wear one that smells of fish guts. He says they could use it as a fishing net. She washes it and hangs it on the line.

Bear is looking for more food and finds worms to fry up and she says yummy. She says he thinks these things are delicious and says it’s horrible and wonders what’s wrong with him. He also cooks up the trout after Kate guts it. He cooks her up a worm and it crunches. She asks if it’s done. He says it’s like calamari and she says it’s not and grimaces and says it’s bitter.

She says it’s like burned electricity wire and has bits stuck in her teeth. They eat the fish next and she says it’s delicious. He says it’s as fresh as you can get. Bear says she has a natural determination. Kate says her parents raised them on a shoe string so excitement was a cardboard box. She says her success now is at odds with how she grew up and says she was bullied a lot.

She says she was chubby and had bad hair and big feet. She says one girl who was awful in particular. He asks about her bringing up Mia. She says growing up she only heard negative body image comments. She says she tells Mia they’re lucky they’re curvy and have good bones. She hopes it’s working and says happiness isn’t a search for physical perfection and says it has to come from inside.

Kate says she bumped into the awful girl after she had success from Titanic and she saw her working on a beauty counter at a department store. She says she thanks her for being such a bitch because it made her stronger. She says the heather is comfortable and says it’s nice to be just in her own head space and says she doesn’t have a lot of time to sit and be and is having a lovely time.

She says it’s a good first date and says she’s glad he’s not making her sleep in a sheep carcass. He calls it a sheeping bag. In the night, she wakes up retching. She throws up and he says it’s okay. She was just joking for the camera as she plays for the camera. He says Winslet one and he says this is war. She says she’s a delicate little flower and he says be careful crying wolf. She says be careful feeding her worms.

Kate wakes up before Bear and asks where her tea and toast is. He says she’s the first he’s taken out to be up before him. She says he should have been up ages ago. Bear says he prides himself on being first up but this is a rare treat to have Kate doing the housework. She asks what they’re doing and he points and says that way.

She says she’s going and he says it’s like taking Mary Poppins on steroids out camping. She marches off calling come on Bear. She says she’s excited about today since she has no idea what’s next but hopes to not be dangled off a rock face today and says she didn’t like that. Bear says the coast nearby is where they practiced for D-Day.

She imitates his walk and says she’s going to copy that walk when she gets an action movie. He teases her about her legs and asks if she’s hurting her legs and if they’re insured. She says actually they are. He points out the boat way down that’s their extraction point. He says now they are 300 feet up and it’s almost vertical for the climb. He tells her they should just run down commando style.

He says she should do the forward rapel like a confidence builder. He says doing it forward is 10 times scarier. He says he’ll go first and show how it’s done. He clips her in and says you lean forward and keep both hands on the rope. He says she controls it herself. She kisses his cheek and says she trusts him. He says it will be great. He jogs down the mountain face first. She says – he’s flipping running.

Kate says it was 12 seconds and another Tuesday morning for him. Now he tells her to lean right out. He talks to her and says keep walking. He says she’ll love it. He says a normal rapel is scary enough but this is worse. He says once she moves it will get easier. She leans and then stumbles. He says the more she leans, the easier it is. He says to take her hands off and says he’s got her.

She takes her hands off and quotes Titanic and says – Jack, I feel like I’m flying – then says get me down off this f-ing thing. He tells her to run and she does. She says she wants to do it again. He says they have to now swim out 50 yards to the boat. They strip down to swim out in the freezing water. She says to get on with it and not hang about. She says to stop fannying around.

They swim and she says she was excited to see all the surprises he had for her. She says being vulnerable and afraid are okay and she has loved every moment. They make it to the boat. Bear says she’s a remarkable human being. He says she’s a versatile actress but is versatile in life as well. He shoves her into the boat from behind and says he did it for England.

He says she is so fun and so modest. They take off in the boat at top speed. Kate says she needed this because she spends so much time looking after others. She says she feels calm and empowered. She says Bear rocks and she wants to do it again.