Selena Gomez and Zedd Worry About Justin Bieber’s Comedy Central Roast – Wants Revenge, Will Expose Selena’s Secrets?

Selena Gomez and Zedd Worry About Justin Bieber’s Comedy Central Roast – Wants Revenge, Will Expose Selena's Secrets?

Selena Gomez is madly in love with her new boyfriend Zedd, and the singer recently dished in an interview with V Magazine that getting back together with Justin Bieber is not even an option. Selena explained to V Magazine that she doesn’t regret her long and tumultuous relationship with Biebs, but she has moved on and she even referenced a “new relationship.”

Justin Bieber is not taking Selena’s new relationship with Zedd very well, or the fact that she is flaunting a new sexed up image in her topless V Magazine cover. The last thing anyone wants to hear is how well their ex is doing without them, and it is driving Justin Bieber absolutely insane. Regardless of how many “Apology Videos” Justin releases or public appearances with Naomi Campbell – Biebs just can’t seem to get Selena’s attention.

Selena Gomez and Zedd haven’t gotten the last laugh though – Justin Bieber’s Comedy Central roast is set to air on March 30th, the happy new couple’s camp is concerned that he could do some irreparable damage to Selena’s image and their up-and-coming music video, which has garnered a lot of positive buzz so far. A close source revealed to CDL, “Selena hit a nerve with her V Magazine interview and basically informed Justin and the entire world that they are never getting back together. Justin is bitter, and he is itching to strike back. Everyone is worried about the Comedy Central roast, they think Justin is going to put Selena on blast and totally annihilate her relationship with Zedd.”

We all know Justin Bieber is rather unpredictable and has a bit of a temper – and it sounds like the Comedy Central roast is going to be must-see TV. Selena Gomez flaunting her relationship with Zedd all over social media is just poking the bear, it’s only a matter of time before Justin gives up trying to win her back and moves on to phase two of epic break-ups…revenge.


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  • Honest

    Selena is pathetic and ugly. Who gives a shit. She shouldn’t have secrets that dangerous anyway.

    • She’s not ugly or pathetic. Maybe you should look in the mirror and see how ugly and pathetic your attitude is.

  • Becca Cordia

    Screw all your hate towards Justin…the cameras only catch Justin when hes bad and never when he does something good. Justin is a great guy on the inside and so inspiring. You guys just want him to fall…well guess what us beliebers aren’t going to let that happen. We love him way to much to let someone with such amazing talent go away for good. Dont like him,fine. Dont like his music,fine. Dont like his style,fine…but doesnt mean spend the time you could be doing something else then hating on someone you “hate” ovi you’re jealous because you take the time to hate on him.Everyone has there own opinions and thats fine but you’re opinion doesnt matter to him so why try and make him fall? Just stop!

  • Toby

    He hasn’t done it yet, so no need to bash him. Maybe he will be a stand up guy and not do anything and even if he does, let’s all remember the stupid things we did when we were his age.

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