The Bachelor Spoilers 2015: Chris Soules Doesnt Love Winner Whitney Bischoff – Won’t Marry Fiancee Who Won Season 19

The Bachelor Spoilers 2015: Chris Soules Doesnt Love Winner Whitney Bischoff - Won't Marry Fiancee Who Won Season 19

The Bachelor 2015 spoilers expose the truth about who won Season 19 and why Chris Soules really chose winner Whitney Bischoff even though he will not marry his fiancee – Chris doesn’t even love Whitney! Season 19 Bachelor spoilers tease that on Monday March 9 The Bachelor 2015 finale of the reality TV dating show will air on ABC and Chris Soules will give his final rose to either Becca Tilley or Whitney Bischoff and get down on one knee and propose to the winner.

Just like every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette in the past, the infamous blogger and spoiler guru Reality Steve leaked spoilers of the 2015 winner’s name weeks before the Season 19 premiere – and announced that Chris Soules is currently engaged to Whitney Bischoff.

For weeks Bachelor fans argued that Reality Steve’s Season 19 spoilers had to be wrong – there was no way that of all of the girls that Chris had obvious chemistry with on the show he ended up giving his final rose to Whitney Bischoff. Reports emerged from various sources that Becca Tilley was actually the Season 19 winner, and Bachelor Nation was certain that had to be the case. With the Bachelor finale just a few short weeks away – 2015 winner Whitney Bischoff apparently could no longer keep the cat in the bag, or perhaps was tired of everyone saying that Chris Soules was engaged to another woman.

For all of the doubters out there, Whitney Bischoff took to Instagram on Valentine’s Day and posted a photo of herself and Chris Soules kissing (which we are sure the Bachelor producers seriously reprimanded her for). There really is no doubt in our minds that Chris Soules gave the final rose to Whitney Bischoff at this point – but the obvious question is… why? Not that there is anything wrong with Whitney (except for maybe her super annoying voice), but Chris had very little chemistry with the Chicago fertility nurse compared to some of the other women on the show.

A Bachelor insider dished to CDL, “When we were filming The Bachelor, it wasn’t like Chris was looking for the woman of his dreams. He was looking for a decent woman who was willing to give up her life and move to a farm in the middle of Iowa cut off from civilization. There were a lot of girls that Chris had obvious feelings for, but he cut them loose earlier in the season because he knew that they would never move to Iowa.”

So, Whitney Bischoff is the 2015 winner of The Bachelor – not because Chris Soules is madly in love with her. But, because she isn’t too bad to look at and was willing to move to the middle of nowhere and start pushing out little Soules babies. Nice.

Do you think that Chris would have chosen another girl to give the final rose to if someone else on the show was as ready to become a wife and a mother as Whitney was? If Britt Nilsson loved Iowa and wanted to live there – would Whitney Bischoff have even made it to the finals? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bachelor spoilers and news.



13 responses to “The Bachelor Spoilers 2015: Chris Soules Doesnt Love Winner Whitney Bischoff – Won’t Marry Fiancee Who Won Season 19”

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  7. BeccaForever says:

    I really hope that Chris chooses Becca, like seriously, to be honest Whitney’s voice annoys me, and she acts to much like a child and I don’t see her saying “I love you” over and over again will make it true. I like how becca is taking it slowly and going with the flow and Britney is just jumping in like a Disney Princess and says, “MARRY ME NOW” and I like how becca si cool and funny, and she knows what she wants and love is when you’re not sure you’re there yet, you don’t really know where you stand but you think you love them and you want to be with them and I vote team Becca

  8. Jackie says:

    I vote for Becca! She is mature and stable and will not jump in and just delete her entire life for this man. I really like her. The truth will come out eventually. Chris is lying to himself. He just doesn’t want to be alone and simple settled with the one girl who was ready to drop everything and follow him. I don’t think it will last!

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  10. Jill Nelson Robinson says:

    Every time Whitney spike, she would make a long boring sales pitch-like speech selling herself and trying to convince Chris to pick her. She would gush over him like a giddy school girl with her high pitch nasal voice. I’ve never seen such a fake happy reaction about picking corn. I never saw her age, but she looked older than the others on the show. She sat down to dinner and made another speech, boring everyone senseless. It was obvious Chris wanted to take a chance and work to win Beccas trust and love. Chasing and wooing the girl next door that everyone admires would make a great story. Settling for old desperate and boring is a story destined to end badly. Chris’s dad knew Becca was in his eye and heart, he saw it. Maybe when Chris comes down from the pedestal and gets back to. Real life, he’ll see that and throw away the script and carry on that long distant quest to court Becca before she rides off into another man’s sunset.

  11. Aims2626 says:

    I think his biggest fear is ending up alone one that farm. He chose the “sure” thing, but that will only last so long. I agree the he was in love with Becca. I just wish she would have given him a “little” more encouragement that last night before the final rise. I think if he had some encouragement he would have gone for it on her terms.

  12. mimine says:

    True Chris’s family forced him to choose Withney obviously he didn’t love her.

  13. mimine says:

    Withney is so desperate she will do anything on her power to keep Chris she knew she won by default.