The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge and Caroline Battle Rick and Maya For Company Control – Ivy Punished by Maya

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge and Caroline Battle Rick and Maya For Company Control - Ivy Punished by Maya

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers are trending about the next big couple of the new year 2015. B&B rumors have it, that Caroline Spencer and Ridge Forrester will take over the reigns of  Forrester Creations as the duo push off Rick Forrester and Maya Avant from the mighty Forrester Throne! When Rick had daddy dear Eric Forrester sign those papers giving him non revocable CEO position for a year, Eric could have never dreamed that his son would double cross him and the company so quickly!

When Rick announced Maya would be the woman by his side running Forrester Creations, everyone including Ridge, Caroline and Eric were completely blindsided. Rick also told a totally devastated Caroline their marriage was over and he could never trust her again since she admitted to kissing his brother a few months ago. The news of Ridge and Caroline trying to take over control of Forrester Creations will definitely not sit too well with Rick or Maya.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers are teasing that Rick takes some pretty destructive measures to hold his soon to be ex wife and big brother off from a corporate takeover. The B&B news also indicates gold digger Maya will make her own position in the company and within the Forrester clan known. The Bold and the Beautiful news is teasing about the sinister ways in which Maya will not only make Ivy Forrester pay for disloyalty to her cousin Rick, but also take Caroline along for the unpleasant ride.  Both girls get to see the true nasty side of Maya that takes both of them off guard!

The BB trio of Eric, Ridge and Carter will quickly exhaust every minute detail of the documents drawn up by Rick’s attorney in order to have him removed as CEO of Forrester Creations. With Rick’s mother Brooke expected to return from her Italian holiday soon (January 22), how will she react to her son’s deceitful ways? Is she willing to protect her son at any cost? How do you think this will play out? Will Rick and Maya be able to hold off Ridge and Caroline’s attempted overthrow. Continue to receive live updates everyday from our Soap Opera Spy page. Also check for the latest spoilers, rumors and breaking news on this Bold and the Beautiful storyline and many others.

As you can read below in the Soap Opera Spy Facebook page comments, Maya is not well-loved by Days fans!

Ridge and Caroline should resign and start own fashion house as a rouse to Rick dynasty…till the year is over!!!
Eric has to lose control over the company…he can’t run it…his decisions are bad..
Don’t care what happens to Ivy…..See More

I’ve said this before but I’ll risk repeating it. Rick is VERY married to Caroline so how are Rick & Maya kicking everyone out of the mansion?? Caroline needs to grow ‘a set’ of — and get proof that he’s cheating and she can burn his butt!!

I won’t be watching anytime soon. Ill keep reading your post from time to time. I just cant stomach watching Maya. She literally makes me sick…

Can we just send Rick and Maya off in a box somewhere so we never have to see either of them again? I have you agree she physically makes me sick too. Few characters in any soap have made me feel this way, the actress is good. Maybe too good lol

Caroline gets 50%

If Rick tries to get Caroline to sign divorce papers, she should rip them up and throw them in his face to spite Maya!!….or since Caroline never signed a pre-nup, if she does agree to divorce Rick, then she should take him to the cleaners and accrue HALF of all his wealth to spite Maya!!!…..either way, Maya is not going to be happy…..and that will be Caroline’s ultimate revenge on Maya!!!