The Vampire Diaries Recap – Liz Is at the End: Season 6 episode 14 “Stay”

The Vampire Diaries Recap - Liz Is at the End: Season 6 episode 14 "Stay"

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continues with an all new Thursday February 12, season 6 episode 14 called “Stay,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Jeremy [Steven R. McQueen] reminisces with Elena [Nina Dobrev] on his last day in Mystic Falls.  While you wait for the recap, check out what Nina Dobrev is doing about Ian’s engagement.

On the last episode, Elena became determined to celebrate Bonnie’s birthday and tried to send her a message, but the situation turned dire when she made an unsettling discovery. Meanwhile, Enzo enlisted Matt’s help to interfere in the life of Stefan’s great-niece; Stefan kept a close watch on Caroline when she unconventionally attempted to cope with everything going on around her; and Jeremy contemplated leaving Mystic Falls for good. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Jeremy reminisces with Elena on his last day in Mystic Falls; Stefan and Caroline grow closer when they prepare Caroline’s family cabin for her mother to live out her final days; Sheriff Forbes turns to Damon to help solve one of her remaining open cases involving Elena’s parents; Enzo lures Matt and Sarah into a dangerous plan.”

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action tonight, so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be live recapping the season 6 episode 14 for you right here and in the meantime, hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on this new season!

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In the past, we see Liz finishing up her work day. She takes a call and heads out to the hospital. It’s the night of the Wickery Bridge accident – Elena was the sole survivor. Liz is told that both Elena’s parents died. Now, Liz is packing up her office for the last time. She looks back at the boxes of files then opens one up. She pulls out the file on the accident.

Elena and Damon go to see the school principal about letting Jeremy graduate early so he can go to art school. The principal is not sympathetic and turns them down. Damon asks Elena if they can do this his way now and she says it’s bad enough that they compelled him into art school. Damon compels the principal to let him graduate early so he can start college.

At the Mystic Grill, Alaric, Jeremy and Matt are having farewell drinks for Jeremy’s last day in town. They discuss that Tyler is MIA but agree it’s okay since he’s nursing a broken heart. Alaric threatens Jeremy if he gets into trouble in Santa Fe. Matt gets call after call and Jeremy asks why Enzo keeps calling him. He says he sent Duke to him and then Sarah comes into the grill.

Sarah says she got a call from the manager to take photos for the restaurant’s website. She asks him to show her around and he goes to give her the tour. Damon and Elena come in and slap a graduation cap on Jeremy’s head and hand him his diploma. Elena explains they helped the process along and Elena goes to get a drink. Damon jokes and says they’ll all find a way to go on without him.

Damon tells him that he also left a going away gift in the cap and Jeremy sees there’s a joint in a baggie. Damon says not to let Elena see it. Caroline tells Stefan that it’s a good thing that Jeremy is leaving for art school. Stefan is helping her unload the car where her mom will be having her hospice experience. His phone rings and she awkwardly digs it out of his pocket.

She answers the phone because it’s her mom. She asks her why she’s calling Stefan. Liz asks what they’re up to and Caroline says it’s a surprise. She says Stefan is with her because she asked him to look after her and he’s doing what she asked. Liz says that’s not the only reason he’s there. Caroline says she’ll call in three hours for the big reveal.

Damon finds Liz in her office and says dying gets her a ticket out of work. She says she has open cases she wants to finish. Damon sits and says he can help close some. He opens several folders and says those were him. Liz hands him another and asks about that one. It’s the file on the Gilberts. She says she never pursued it because the time never seemed right.

She says then later, she and Damon were friends and she was worried he may have been part of it. He promises her that he was not involved. She plays him a call from Elena’s mom Miranda saying she needed to speak to her urgently then two hours later, they drove off the bridge for no reason. Damon says she has a good old who-done-it on her hands.

Elena sneaks up on Jeremy and tells her to hand it over but he insists Damon gave it to him so it’s okay. He hands it over and says Ric left because he didn’t want to be spotted since he’s supposed to be dead. She says their lives are weird then she asks for his lighter. She says them smoking a joint together may be the most normal thing they’ve done in years.

Caroline comes out with her childhood bike to show Stefan but is distracted by how sexy he looks with his muscles showing while he’s doing home improvement work on a ladder. She tells him he doesn’t have to do all this and says if he has someplace else to be, he can go. He smiles and says he doesn’t. (Okay, how long until they finally hook up? It’s killing me.)

Liz tells Damon which drawer to find a bottle of booze and he tells her that’s why she’s a terrible sheriff. She says she’s a terrible sheriff because she’s best friends with the person responsible for half her cases. She asks why both he and Stefan were in town the night the Gilberts died. He tells her it was the anniversary of his mother’s death.

She died of an illness back in the day and he says that day makes him feel odd and he doesn’t like to talk about it. Then he asks her why the Gilberts were taking Wickery Bridge road instead of the main route and why did they have luggage in their car like they were leaving town. Jeremy asks Elena if he can have her car and she says no.

They’ve got the giggles and the munchies and are noshing fries. She tells him she’s the world’s worst sister. She says their parents died then she let him down because she couldn’t deal. Jeremy says that didn’t make her a bad sister and says they went through it together. Damon calls then calls again and he asks if she can come to the sheriff’s office.

She says it’s not a good idea to be at the police station since she and Jeremy smoked his going away present. He says it’s important so spray on some perfume, get some eye drops and pizza then come over. Enzo shows up after Elena left and says he heard Jeremy was leaving town. He reminds Jeremy that he’s still unhappy that he tried to kill him and failed.

Matt looks through the pics Sarah has taken and then notices one photo of interest. It’s obviously a photo of her and she says she didn’t take that one. Enzo calls Matt and tells him to bring Sarah to a tunnel by the river. Matt asks what he’s going to do and he says he’s going to hold her hand and do general introductory behavior.

Matt tells him not to threaten his mom again and then he says he went more local and has Jeremy instead. He’s crushing him under his foot and tells Matt to meet him ASAP. Stefan asks Caroline where to stash all the hooch she brought and she directs him to a cellar. She’s freaking out over the books she brought for her mom and worries that she could have a bad last literary experience.

Stefan says he’s read them all and can take the responsibility for choosing books. She goes off to open a bottle of booze. Elena tells Liz she didn’t know about the luggage in the trunk or why her parents took that route. She says she was texting with Bonnie and wasn’t paying attention. Liz says the way this town works, there’s something odd about it then tells Elena sorry for not looking into it sooner.

She says Liz was good to them after her parents died and says that was a lot. Damon laughs to hear the Liz cooked for them. Elena says she’ll see if Jeremy knows anything. Liz gets a dizzy spell and Damon steadies her but she says she’s fine. Matt takes Sarah to the tunnel and says it’s a good place for interesting photos. She snaps some pics as he looks around with concern.

She tells him the photos he saw were taken by her roommate for her art final, not by a guy. Enzo calls Matt and says he’s there. Enzo runs Matt down with his car while Sarah watches in horror. She runs over to him and he’s bleeding out of his mouth and nose. Caroline tells Stefan that her mom is running late trying to solve a bunch of cold cases.

Stefan tells Caroline it doesn’t matter what book her mom reads in her final moments. He says life is about the moments that lead up to your final moments, not those final moments. Caroline says she just wanted it to be perfect. Stefan holds her hands and says she likes to be in control and if anyone could control death, it’s Caroline.

She tells Stefan she’s glad her mom asked him to look after it because she doesn’t know if she could get through it alone. He says he’s not there because Liz asked but because he’s lost his mom too and that when she told him she hated him, it was the worst thing he ever heard. She tells him they both know that she didn’t mean it. He steps closer and kisses her gently. (OMG!!!)

Then he kisses her more thoroughly and pulls her close. They pause and look at each other. She says one of them should say something and he tells her – go for it. She says “Not that.” Matt tells Sarah she needs to get out of there. Enzo comes over and says he was out walking and saw what happened. Matt tells Enzo to fix it. Enzo says he can help but it may shock Sarah.

She says she will but to stay calm. He vamps out, bites his wrist and feeds his blood to Matt. Then he zooms away while she stares in shock. Elena asks Jeremy what happened when she sees the damage to his face. He says – Enzo’s a dick. She threatens Enzo but he says he can fight his own battles. She asks Jeremy what he remembers about the night their parents died.

He says he used to smoke pot in his room and their mom caught him and threatened to have him arrested. He thinks that’s why she called Liz. She calls Damon who says that makes sense. He ends the call and tells Liz the message was a joke and was intended to make Jeremy think he was in trouble. Damon says the luggage was for a surprise out of town trip and the main road had a tree across it.

She says the roads were slick and that’s why there were no skid marks. She says that’s mystery solved then asks him to call Caroline and ask her to delay the surprise til tomorrow since she’s not feeling well. Damon agrees and says he’ll go get the car and take her home. Liz stands and takes the badge off her belt then lays it down on the Gilbert file and clicks off her lamp for the last time.

She takes one last look at her office and then flicks the overhead light off and heads out. Damon calls Elena and says Liz is worse. Jeremy says this is a bad time for him to leave town. She says the better time was two years ago before he died and all these other terrible things happened to him. Ric agrees that Jeremy should go and offers to take him to the airport so Elena can go see Liz.

She tells Jeremy to expect an SUV-sized package from her but tells him not to crash her car. Damon tucks Liz into bed and tells her that her PJs are sexy. She laughs and calls that disturbing. She says if there had been a supernatural reason the Gilberts died, at least there would have been a reason. She cried and says it was just a stupid accident.

She says she did everything she should have – lived a good life, took care of her family. He says sometimes bad things happen to really amazing people. Liz cries and says there’s some peace in knowing she’ll be one of the few people in town to die an ordinary death. She says she’s okay being exceptionally ordinary but says Caroline was meant to be extraordinary.

She says Caroline needs to know she’s proud of her. Damon says she’ll tell her that herself. He tells her to lay down and tucks the blankets around her. She thanks him for today and for being there with her. He holds her hand and says he didn’t get a chance to spend much time with his mom before she died. He says he wrote her eulogy but then didn’t get to go to her funeral.

She tells him he can have a second chance and can write hers but says – nothing dirty. He smiles and she asks for a drink. He goes to get her a drink and then asks on the rocks or neat. She doesn’t answer and he looks back but she’s out. Caroline rushes to the hospital and Damon explains that she fell asleep and that the doctors said they could make her comfortable.

She goes into her mom’s room and sees that she’s utterly still and out of it. Caroline cries and says she didn’t get to say goodbye to her mom. Stefan calls Tyler and leaves a message about Liz. Damon says the doctors said she’s stable and it won’t be long now. He also says Liz set up a DNR. He goes to get some air and leaves Stefan there.

Stefan goes in where Caroline is sitting with her mom. Caroline says she should have been with her. He tries to comfort her and she says she was supposed to give her mom peace and thank her for being an amazing mom but now can’t think of the last thing she said to her. She says she was supposed to be with her for her final moment and he says she still can.

Alaric takes Jeremy to a bus stop. He’s not going to college – he’s going off hunting. Ric says he needs to produce some art work to fool Elena. He hands him a bag of hunter gear and gives him a map of an area he needs to investigate supernatural killings. Ric says he’ll send him leads as he gets them and says he’s an adult and it’s his choice to go be a traveling vampire hunter.

Ric tells Jeremy he’s proud of him and he tells Jeremy he’ll call if Bonnie shows back up. He gets on the bus and it pulls away. Ric watches it go and waves. Stefan tells Caroline to clear her mind and to think about her favorite memory of her mom. She struggles and he says to relax and close her eyes while opening up her mind.

He says they’re going to live in a memory. Stefan tells her to take her mom’s hand and she does. She holds her mom’s hands and then we see her back learning to ride her bike with her mom telling her to just pedal. Caroline asked for her training wheels but her mom says she can do it. Then she tells Caroline she won’t let go. Caroline says she’s not ready for her to let go but she’s riding on her home.

Liz whispers that she is and watches Caroline ride away unassisted. Elena, Damon and Matt come into the room for her last moments. Liz’s sensors show she’s flat lined and Caroline calls out for her mom then starts crying. She tells the others that she’s gone. She bawls while holding her mom’s hand. They switch the machine off as all goes quiet and dark.