The Walking Dead Season 6 Spoilers – The Saviors, Negan, and a Zombie Army

The Walking Dead Season 6 Spoilers – The Saviors, Negan, and a Zombie Army

The Walking Dead Season 6 spoilers explores more plot details and what to look forward to. More news from ‘The Walking Dead’ season 6 strongly suggests some major plot spoilers. The rumors that have been brewing about the Saviors, Negan, and even a zombie army are gaining fuel as new details from the set of ‘The Walking Dead’ emerge. AMC is very guarded with the details of the next season TWD, but we are putting together hints and sharing what insiders, cast, and crew have confirmed.

The net is buzzing with speculation regarding the appearance of one of the pinnacle TWD villains – Negan. The hulking leader of The Saviors could dominate the bulk of season 6, and mean major character deaths. As we’ve covered, the appearance of Negan could mean the demise of Glenn. Before we prepare to lose the fan-favorite character, remember the show doesn’t always stick to the graphic novel completely.

Fans eager to see vicious leader appear will be interested to hear that a casting call supports the theory Negan and The Saviors will be a part of season 6 of ‘The Walking Dead.’ The notice requests “some biker types — no super huge — generally avery [sic] sizes but biker looks and facial hair.” And, as in the comic books featuring females in Negan’s ranks, a request for “a few women in good shape — women and bikers late 20’s to 50 years old or so – again all in generally good shape.”

Perhaps the most interesting twist in the casting call is the need for “male twins — over 18 for a very featured role.” My mind is whirring with this addition. To my recollection, the only twins that are mentioned in the books are Ben and Billy; who met a death in the tome that was very similar to Lizzie And Mika’s story, and Susie and Rachel; who died in the prison. These twins characters could be a wild card in TWD spoilers.

Greg Nicotero, producer and walker-wizard, already teased the use of a zombie army in season 5, when the Wolves nearly trapped Daryl and Aaron. Luckily, Morgan arrived in time to free the duo, but insiders say there will be more traps and more walkers in season 5 thanks to The Wolves. The group of scavenging survivors seems to be the source of the walker army they have been building and even corralling into trucks with music and disco balls. Their methodical system is as Greg dubbed it, “diabolical.”

As far as how TWD will use the zombie army in the TWD plot of Season 6, there is a theory… the Wolves might follow the vein of the comic book and use the army to break down the protective walls of Alexandria. It should be noted the Wolves aren’t really present in the book, but it’s believed they are actually the show’s version of the graphic novel’s group called The Scavengers. If that is true, and the show sticks with that major turning point, fans will be in for some bloodshed and character deaths. The event, in terms of drama, action, and turning points, won’t let fans down. Come back to CDL for more The Walking Dead spoilers and news!