Vanderpump Rules Recap 11/9/15: Season 4 Episode 2 “New Blood”

Vanderpump Rules Recap 11/9/15: Season 4 Episode 2 "New Blood"

Tonight on Bravo Vanderpump Rules returns with an all new Monday November 9, season 4 episode 2 called, “New Blood,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, when Lisa Vanderpump brings new blood to the shark-infested waters of SUR, Katie Maloney and Scheana Shay quickly teach new girl Lala that there’s no such thing as a secret at Lisa’s restaurant.

On the last episode, in the Season Four premiere, Lisa Vanderpump vowed to take SUR restaurant to new heights. Scheana threw a costume party for her 30th birthday, but when Kristen showed up Ariana and Sandoval accuse Scheana of being a fake friend. James’s reckless behavior threatened his DJ career, Schwartz realized he’s ready to commit to Katie, and a visit from Jax’s mother offered rare insight into his life before SUR. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s show as per the Bravo synopsis, “when Lisa Vanderpump brings new blood to the shark-infested waters of SUR, Katie and Scheana quickly teach new girl Lala that there’s no such thing as a secret at Lisa’s restaurant. Rumors spread that James was unfaithful to Kristen, and Kristen must make a tough choice about who to believe. Jax imports a new girlfriend from Kentucky and Scheana continues to feel the heat from Ariana over her friendship with Kristen.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Bravos’ Vanderpump Rules Season 4 episode 2 — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new episode of VR tonight.

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Sur has a new hostess, a girl named Lala Kent, who has an outspoken personality.

Katie asks Scheana how she feels after her birthday party. Scheana says James asked her if she had a good time, and she says she told him she had a good time until the end, but apparently he didn’t remember how he acted (he was extremely drunk that night). Scheana tells Katie that James then ended up with Jenna. The story goes that the two of them took an Uber together, which James claimed dropped him off first and then took Jenna to her home. However, Kristen told Scheana that she did an investigation and found out James and Jenna took an Uber together at 3 a.m. that never made it to Jenna’s. Then, at 6 a.m., James called another Uber which took him from Jenna’s place to Kristen’s. Katie tells her not to get involved in the situation, but Scheana says she already is.

Lala tells Lisa that she has a gig in Italy and needs to leave. She says she would be back on Monday, and would not do something like this but she just found out this morning.

Scheana tells Katie that Kristen will not stop texting her angrily about how her friend allegedly fucked James, calling Scheana a bitch and saying that her friend is a whore. Katie says she’s been nice about responding to her and giving her any information she knows, but calling her a bitch is uncalled for. Scheana says that if Kristen is going to call her a bitch and her friend a whore, she isn’t going to want to talk to her.

Brittany and Jax walk up, and the two girls ask her if she has a set of spare keys and if Jax is asking her to have his babies yet. Katie and Scheana give her advice on her job interview with Lisa and Scheana says one of her first questions is going to be “You seem like a nice girl, why are you dating Jax?”

Jax asks Lisa to be nice to Brittany. Lisa asks why this one is important, and he says he is helping her out. Lisa agrees to meet her.  Lisa says she will never be nice to him until he radically changes. Jax asks how, and Lisa says maybe a lobotomy would work. Jax leaves and comes back in with Brittany, leaving her in the room. Lisa tells Brittany she doesn’t like the idea of someone coming in here because of their relationship with Jax. She asks her if she has a resume, and she says she doesn’t have it with her because she wasn’t prepared for this but she works at two bars.  Meanwhile, Katie talks to Jax about the fact that he was just with another girl the other day and now he is acting into Brittany.  Lala walks up to the bar, and Jax invites her to a get-together.

In confessional, Katie says Jax takes the out of sight out of mind thing too far by flirting with Lala when Brittany is in the next room. Lala reveals during the conversation that she lives in Stassi’s old room, which intrigues Jax. Katie makes a crack in confessional about how she thought that Jax would do anything to get into Stassi’s bedroom. When Lala leaves, Katie tells Jax not to break any more hearts. Jax says he envies what she has with Tom, and Katie says he can have that but he needs to control himself. In the other room, Lisa tells Brittany that she will consider her but she needs to bring back a resume.

Tom and Katie’s relationship is thriving now that Katie gave him an ultimatum. Tom says after Katie gave the ultimatum and let it go, he actually wants to commit more. Katie tells Tom about James and Jenna leaving Scheana’s party together.

Kristen and James meet up to talk. The conversation begins with a long silence, and Kristen tells him his behavior last night was really embarrassing. James says he is sorry, and she asks him if he is really sorry. He says yes, and Kristen orders a drink. Kristen asks him about the Uber story again, and he says the Uber took him home then dropped her off. She asks if he didn’t go to her house and then get an Uber at 6 a.m. from her house to his. He initially denies this, but cracks as soon as she offers to show him the receipt, which she found in his e-mail.  Kristen says in confessional that she is called crazy for looking in her boyfriend’s e-mail, but that she finds something every time. He says they were just hanging out, and she says they are done.  “Have you ever cheated on me? Be honest now, because now’s the time,” James says, taking a drink.  Kristen refuses to answer him, storming off in tears. She says in confessional that James is not the person she started dating a year and a half ago. She says she believed he loved her so much, and that it’s hurtful and she did everything for him.

The Sur staff all get together and hang out.

Before Jax shows up, Tom Sandoval says that he doesn’t take anyone seriously who is dating Jax. Jax gets mocked for his mild foot fetish. Tom Sandoval asks Jax about his new girl, and he says she seems nice before he cuts him off and says it isn’t that serious. (A flashback shows him asking Brittany about her living situation and if they are going to move in together.)  Jax says in confessional that he doesn’t want to say it’s good to be with someone who is clueless, but it is nice that Brittany knows nothing about Sur or his reputation.

Lala talks about her upcoming modeling gig in Italy, and Katie says that in Sur’s defense, why would they hire someone who isn’t reliable. She tells her that Sur is flexible but they aren’t going to be able to employ someone who constantly has to be leaving.  In confessional, Katie says that there is something about Lala that makes her feel like she can’t trust what she is saying, and that if you really want to get into it, they don’t just fly models out from America to Italy. “I’m pretty sure there are plenty of models in Italy,” she says.

James and Kristen talk again. James says he got really drunk, fucked up, made a mistake, lied to her and did horrible things. Kristen says he gets so angry when he’s drunk, and he says he gets angry with her. She asks what she did to make him angry, and he says he’s not sure if she did anything. She asks him to tell her what happened with the Ubers, and he beats around the bush before saying that he is 100% sure he made out with her but that they didn’t have sex. She asks why, and he says at the time he wanted to. She asks what else, and he says he might have tried undressing her. She asks if he took her shirt off, and he says she didn’t want him to. Kristen sarcastically asks why she didn’t let him, if it was because she didn’t want to cheat too much. James says he doesn’t know. However, in confessional, he says he is lying to Kristen on purpose because if he told her the real truth she would be devastated. He smiles, saying that in real life they were “definitely boning.” He tells Kristen that he has not had sex with anyone but her, and he doesn’t like Jenna or anyone else but her. He says he knows it’s going to take time but he’s sorry and willing to work on that with her.

Sandoval and Ariana go furniture shopping.  He tells her it’s been awesome living with her, and there isn’t one second he ever regrets it. She says he is so good to her. Ariana asks him if he thinks Scheana is bored and that’s why she’s inviting this Kristen bullshit back into her life. Sandoval says he doesn’t know. Ariana says that it seems Scheana’s only requirement for being her friend is that they haven’t fucked her over in the last two months.  Ariana says in confessional that she isn’t going to cut Scheana out of her life the way Stassi cut Katie out of her life, but Scheana will see a lot less of her if Kristen is still around. Sandoval says there really isn’t any excuse for Scheana to still be talking to Kristen because she has like four years of experience being her friend.

Lisa and Jax talk about Brittany, and Lisa says she hasn’t even seen her resume. Lisa says they should also see if he is still interested in her in a couple of weeks, which she doubts due to his track record.  Jax says in confessional he can’t really respond to anything she is saying because he does have such a bad track record with multiple girls.

Scheana and Katie talk about Lala. Katie shares her suspicions about Lala’s “modeling” gig in Italy, saying Tom gets asked to do modeling gigs all the time but has never been asked to go to Europe to model. Scheana gleefully pulls up Lala’s Instagram profile picture, which is of her bare ass and legs. Katie says she kind of wants to ask her how the modeling job is going, and Scheana asks if she is currently working. Katie says she thinks so. Scheana wants to go up and talk to her, and Katie says they are not going to be mean, they are just inquisitive. The two of them go up to her, and Katie asks her about the gig. Lala says she is going in two days and will not even be gone for a week.

Katie says she knows people in Italy who work in the modeling industry and she is pretty sure Italy is crawling with supermodels. Lala asks her if she doesn’t think she could be a supermodel. Katie says she has a beautiful ass profile picture, and she knows better than to believe it’s for modeling.  Lala says they caught her in her lie, and that she is actually going for fun on a free trip to Italy.  Scheana and Katie ask her what she has to do for the free trip, and Lala says luckily she is good company, so she gets to keep her legs closed. “But what about your mouth?” Scheana says, before telling her that starting off lying isn’t going to get her a good start with management or anything of the sort. Lala says she obviously does care, imploring Scheana and Katie not to tell anyone.  Scheana tells her to have fun in Italy, saying they’ll see her when she gets back.

Scheana tells Ariana that kristen will not stop texting her about the James and Jenna situation, calling her a rude bitch for not knowing what supposedly happened or didn’t happen.  Ariana says anyone being cool or nice to Kristen translates to her as them not only being best friends, but that she has the right to talk to people like that.  Ariana goes down the laundry list of all the crazy things Kristen did, saying she thinks she is taking advantage of Scheana too. Scheana agrees, and says she is going to talk to her.  Ariana says she would never be friends with a person like that, saying Kristen is “f**king f**ked up.”

Scheana and Kristen meet up. Kristen says she was really upset, but James came over and broke down and talked to her.  Scheana says she tried again to let her back in a little bit, but she sends her this shit that makes her feel like a terrible person. Kristen asks if it’s her fault then that James and Scheana’s friend hooked up. Scheana says James would say so because he left her at the party. Kristen says she can’t believe she said that.  Kristen asks her why she blames her for everything. Scheana says she doesn’t see how Kristen doesn’t see that she is often the person causing the problems, going through the various parties of hers that Kristen has ruined. Scheana says that she can’t be friends with everyone anymore, and that Ariana can’t be friends with her if she continues to be friends with Kristen.  She says it’s hard to be friends with Kristen, and Kristen says it’s hard because her friends keep fucking her boyfriends.