American Idol Recap 2/3/16: Hollywood Week Round 3: Season 15 Episode 9

American Idol Recap 2/3/16: Hollywood Week Round 3: Season 15 Episode 9

It’s another exciting night of AMERICAN IDOL on FOX with an all new Wednesday February 3, season 15 episode 9 called “Hollywood Round #3” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Hollywood Week continues on it’s third part.

On the last episode, Round Two of Hollywood Week began with only a hundred and eight contestants out of the original hundred and ninety. The remaining vocalists knew that they had to bring it on and, unfortunately, they ran into a hurdle. There were the infamous Groups Rounds when the contestants split up into groups of three or four but are still supposed to come together as a group of strangers in order to pull off semi-decent performance. So, really, the Group Rounds was quite demanding. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “Hollywood week continues on it’s third part and the contestants are put to the test to see who will become the next American Idol. Who will come out on top?”

Tonight’s show is going to be an exciting one, which I’m not going to miss and neither should you. Tune in tonight at 8 PM EST! Celeb Dirty Laundry is your go to place for all the up-to-date American Idol News and we’ll be recapping the finale right here for you. Do you have a favorite to win? Hit up the comments and let us know who you really like!

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#AmericanIdol is on #HollywoodWeek on the last day – it’s the solo round. The signers have to perform with the band tonight. First up is Stephany Negrete. She does Fire and Rain by Adele. JLo sings along. She does really well.

The contestants are worried because they are not getting judge feedback instantly like they are used to and some of them are having nerve attacks because they don’t know what they think about this.

Thomas Stringfellow does A Thousand Years – from Twilight. Avalon Young does One Last Time. Olivia Rox does an original song. Keith says she has decent songwriting skills for a 16-year-old.

John Wayne Schulz does Keith’s John 3:16. Ryan explains that no more than three people can choose a song. One of the girls is upset she got fourth on a song list and is bawling. OMG. Drama.

Mackenzie Bourg decides to do an original song to avoid the angst. It’s pretty cool. The judges are told it’s his song and are surprised. Keith says it’s like a lost Ed Sheeran track and gives a thumbs up.

Shelbie Z does Heart’s Alone and absolutely kills it. Her voice is huge. Kory Wheeler does Fix You. James VIII does Chris Isaacs Wicked Game – that’s a nice treat. Not as falsetto as Isaacs but was a nice cover.

Tristan McIntosh was the one with the song choice drama and one of the girls that had her song gave up her spot for her. She sings What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts dedicated to her mother. The crowd of contestants and guests seems to dig it.

Keith says this season is the girls for sure. Next is Sonika Vaid, who does Ariana Grande’s One Last Time. The judges talk amongst themselves about her pretty tone plus some criticism. We see a montage of the contestants talking among themselves, making friends and bonding.

Lee Jean is next, and he plays his guitar and sings Shawn Mendes’ Stitches. He gets mad applause, and Harry says his heart is breaking in two. Lee’s pal Sara Sturm is next with Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know.

Jenn Blosil does an amazing rendition of True Colors by Cyndi Lauper. Returning contestant Emily Brooke is a bundle of nerves before she does What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts and Harry tells the other judges it’s perfect.

Keith says he thinks she listened to herself too much. Emily says the song wasn’t played in the key she asked for and is stressed. Malie is sick on the floor, coughing and Ryan says the unofficial diagnosis is laryngitis.

Mionne was rehearsing, and she also is sick. There are lots of people with voice problems from illness and fatigue. Malie Delgado takes the stage to do Stitches by Sean Mendes. Her voice is breathy and Jennifer says she’s had that problem before. She gets big applause.

Mionne Destiny is next, and she’s got voice issues too. She does Chains by Nick Jonas, and she seems to push past her throat problem. Keith says when your voice is pushed too far it can be hard.

Jessica Cabral is next and sings Up to the Mountain by Patty Griffin. She hits some big notes but lands on a meh one at the end. There are four performers left before major cuts. Harry says this is the hardest part, and it bums him out.

Joshua Wicker is first of the last four, and the new dad is nervous and homesick on what he’s missing with the baby. He does A Thousand Years – the recognizable Twilight tune by Christina Perri. His nerves affected his performance for me. Harry fights for him, though.

CJ Johnson is next, and the Memphis singer rocks the house with Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac. The crowd loves him, and so do Keith and JLo. Harry agrees it was good. Next is quirky farm girl Jeneve Rose Mitchell.

She does Danny’s Song by Loggins and Messina, and it’s funky. Harry says she has something that no else does, but Jennifer says you couldn’t even hear the song. Last of the solos is Dalton Rapatonni. He does Hopelessly Devoted to You from Grease.

He does an emotional performance and hits the big notes perfectly. Keith says he loved it. Harry says who does that, and Keith says Dalton does. Dalton says he’s not sure how it went and says it was a blur.

The 75 contestants now wait while the judges talk and look at head shots. They’re done deliberating and divide them into three different rooms. Each group waits for their verdict. They deliver the news to one room that they are going through, and they are ecstatic.

They give the second room the bad news they are leaving. Room three gets the news they are also staying. That means that 51 contestants will move to the next round. Good luck to all and check back with CDL for live recaps of all American Idol episodes for the rest of the final season.