Big Brother 18 Recap James Wins HoH – Breaks Promise, Blindside Noms Bridgette and Frank: Season 18 Episode 16 “HoH and Nominations”

Big Brother 18 Recap James Wins HoH - Breaks Promise, Blindside Noms Bridgette and Frank: Season 18 Episode 16 "HoH and Nominations"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 18 airs with an all new Sunday, July 24, season 18 episode 16 and we’ve got your Big Brother 18 recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Nominations for eviction are revealed.

On the last episode, Four “Battle Back” competitions took place, with the winner returning to the house for a second shot at the $500,000 grand prize. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Big Brother 18 recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB18 as per the CBS synopsis, “houseguests who’re up for eviction are revealed.”

The Big Brother 18 recap begins tonight at 9pm with an exciting new episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about the Big Brother 18 recap tonight? Who are you rooting for to win? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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#BigBrother18 #BB18 starts with Victor being welcomed back to the house and Michelle isn’t happy about that and also the loss of teams and Roadkill. Paul is thrilled but worries that Victor might ruin his game once again

Paulie isn’t happy to see Victor especially since he was the last HoH and can’t compete in tonight’s HoH. Frank is upset to see Tiffany go and thinks about using Victor to shore up his numbers. James thinks he needs to go ASAP.

We see a flashback of Paulie and James talking about evicting the returnee right away. Frank goes to talk to Victor in the bathroom and tells him that Bronte told him that Frank’s back is against the wall.

Frank goes to work on Victor

Paul comes in and Frank tells Victor that Bronte should have not gone home. Paul runs off – likely to tell someone else that Frank and Victor are talking. Victor asks who works with Frank and he says Bridgette has been.

Frank also says maybe Corey and Paulie but Victor says not to trust anyone. James tells Frank that Victor is a competition beast and that worries him. Da’Vonne talks to James and Nicole about whether they should target Victor.

Day still wants Frank gone. Nicole talks to Frank and Corey about Victor and Nicole says Da’Vonne wants to send Frank out and she says she’s not keeping anything from him. Paul tells Paulie that he’ll make sure Victor doesn’t target him.

Paul rats out Frank makes intervention plan

Paul wants to make sure Paulie knows he’s loyal to him and not Victor. Paul tells Paulie that he’s going to go tell him not to trust Frank. Zakiyah comes in and Day too and Paul says it’s bad that Frank is leeching on to Victor and they need to nip it in the bud.

Paul assures them that he can work damage control on Victor and they need to keep Frank away from Victor. Paulie calls everyone for the next HoH competition and it’s after party themed. They go outside and find the backyard done up crazy for the #HOH comp.

They are playing on a similar course that Victor and Tiffany played on but it’s a totally new challenge on the same set – you can ever see their frog puzzles still on the wall. Paulie is worried about being out of the HoH comp this week.

HoH comp kicks off!

This HoH comp is all about endurance. Paulie hosts as everyone stands on a disc and they have to have one arm up in the air while stepping over a glowing rope as it passes back and forth. James asks if anyone wants to make a deal with him.

Victor says this is horrible and it’s hurting his arm. The lights on the ropes go off and that makes it harder since they now have to look down more to see it. Paul trips up and his arm goes down and he’s showered with confetti and out of the comp.

Paul heckles the participants and Da’Vonne is annoyed with him. The others press on for quite a while and the comp has been going on for more than an hour. James tells Natalie she’s doing well and he’s proud and will give her a kiss later.

The comp drags on

At 1:19, Nicole goes out second. She’s upset and embarrassed and hopes Frank, Bridgette and Victor don’t win it. Zakiyah trips and is out just after 1:40 and then Michelle at 1:49. Corey hangs in until 2:41 but falls out.

Victor goes out at 2:42when he tries to grab a water bottle. He’s pissed off. Frank is in pain and goes out next when he was goofing off. Day is thrilled to see him go out. Day, Natalie, James and Bridgette are still in it.

They notice the sun is coming up – it’s been going on for hours now. Natalie tries on the rope and goes out at 4:04. She’s hoping James will win it since he’s the only one she trusts. James wants to win this so he and Natalie can be safe.

Seven hours later…

At 6:59, things are still going on and Da’Vonne and Bridgette and James are still going. Bridgette thinks she’s going to faint. James tells her let’s make a deal. Natalie tells James if he wins, she’ll give him a smooch on the lips.

James tells them he can hang in for another two hours even though he doesn’t want to. Frank talks to Da’Vonne about a deal. He asks what she wants and she says safety. He says Bridgette won’t put her up.

Day says if Bridgette gives up, she’ll give it to James. He says they’ll target Victor. Frank says someone told him that she wanted him out before Victor. The others can’t hear what they’re talking about so Paul goes down there.

Paul butts in

Day says Frank is trying to make a deal and she says she’ll give the comp to Bridgette if he tells her who told him that she wanted to put him up. He asks Paul and Zakiyah to leave and they do and then he whispers Nicole.

Da’Vonne asks if he’s serious then asks for a moment to think. Day says it’s hurtful and he says he has her back. James says he won’t put them up and Da’Vonne says if Bridgette comes down, then she’ll give it to James.

Frank tells her she’s got his back and she says she’s screwed either way if what he told her is true. Day is backing out on her word to Frank and she’s mad at Nicole now too. This could seriously blow up Frank’s game.

Paul lobs a grenade

Paul says why don’t we all discuss it since we’re all out here. Da’Vonne says she knows Nicole told Frank that she wanted him out before Victor. Nicole lies and says she didn’t say it. Frank says Bridgette was there and heard it.

Nicole is upset. Frank asks where else did he hear it from. Day says she’s happy that Victor came back and Frank says Nicole was lying to him or not. Day says she’s pissed and won’t throw it to Bridgette but will throw it to James.

Paul says just throw it. Day says if Bridgette throws it, she will too. Bridgette shrugs at Da’Vonne and then Bridgette drops her arm. Day does too. That makes James the new HoH for Week 5. Natalie runs over and gives him their #FirstKiss.

Frank feels safe with James as HoH

Frank hugs Bridgette and is feeling good and assumes that Victor is going up on the block but Victor thinks the yard drama has exposed bigger targets than him. Back inside, Nicole is upset that Frank threw her under the bus.

She goes to do damage control with Da’Vonne. Day says she doesn’t like Frank at all and says she can’t believe my name came up. Day says Frank came to her for a deal and said he wouldn’t put her up. Day says Frank whispered Nicole’s name.

Da’Vonne says she knew Frank was lying. However, Day doesn’t believe Nicole but decides not to tell her that and decides she needs to be watching her now. Natalie and James dance around in the pantry and says she’s proud of him.

James considers noms

Corey tells Nicole she never should have said that and Frank comes in and says he wants to talk to her later. Nicole thinks she has given Frank ten chances and now she can’t talk to him anymore. She tells Corey that Frank needs to go.

Bridgette talks to Natalie and says James told her he wouldn’t put her up. Natalie shakes on it since she’s in tight with James. Paul tells James that Bridgette is a good competitor so they should nominate Frank and Bridgette.

Paul tells them that Victor is not a problem and will do what they say to stay in the house. Paul says they’ve been trying to get Frank and Bridgette out for weeks and they need to go after them now. James ponders what to do.

Victor gets marching orders

Victor comes to talk to Paul and tells him he didn’t vote for him for eviction and says he needs to join them to get Frank out and has to vote with the majority. Paul tells Victor to go to James and tell him that he’ll vote to oust Frank then lay low.

Bridgette lies down with Frank and he says it’s a long day and he can’t believe how long she stayed up there. He thanks her and says he can’t believe how long it went on – he’s confident that James will not put them up.

Frank feels safe after Bridgette’s talk with Natalie and they’re already making plans for next week. James sits down with Day who asks if he made a deal with Bridgette. He says yes then says he’ll put up Frank and Victor.

James considering getting blood on his hands

Day tells James that if Bridgette plays in veto then she can keep herself and Frank both safe. James thinks now might be the time to make a big move after Da’Vonne gets him pumped up and then James seems to come around.

Natalie is stunned when Victor comes in and says Paul told him about the plan to put up Bridgette and Frank. Natalie tells James that he made a deal not to put them up. James doesn’t like breaking his word.

He says he has to go to work on some people that might be pissed about this so he doesn’t come out looking bad. Paulie goes to see James and Natalie leaves them to talk. James says he has to convince Natalie to be cool about him nomming Bridgette.

James has woman trouble

James tells Paulie that Natalie isn’t happy since he publicly made a deal with them not to put them up. Paulie thinks it’s no big deal. Natalie comes in and Paulie says Bridgette is teamed up with Frank and that’s the problem.

Natalie says it’s James’ HoH and he can do what he wants. Paulie promises to protect him later if he puts them up and Natalie too. James knows the whole house wants them to nominate him but he’s not personally threatened by Frank.

James wants to think about what’s best for him and Natalie in the game. James sits down to talk to Frank and tells him that Victor is a target in the house and Frank asks if he’ll put him up next to Victor and knows people are putting his name out there.

Frank tries to make a deal, James makes nominations

Frank says he thinks he can trust James and Natalie and he and Bridgette are going after Da’Vonne and Nicole. James says there’s so much drama in this game. Later, James calls everyone for the nomination ceremony.

Victor looks worried. James reveals he nominated Bridgette who is stunned and then Frank who isn’t surprised after seeing Bridgette’s face up there. He smiles. Michelle smirks. Nicole looks please and Da’Vonne is smug.

James says he nominated Bridgette because she’s collateral damage. Then he says Frank has been generating a lot of fights and drama in the house. Bridgette is angry that she’s on the block and says she’s been lied to over and over and James lied to her now.

Bridgette and Frank are reeling

James says he decided to do what the house wants since Frank and Bridgette are competition beasts and they need to attack them while they can. Da’Vonne is thrilled and says she’s been stirring the pot to get this done for weeks.

Frank says that’s the same thing James did on his season and he can’t believe he lied in the game again after it happening before. Bridgette goes to Frank for some comfort. She can’t believe James and Natalie both lied to her.

Natalie also doesn’t look pleased either. The veto will be all-important this week. Be sure to come back to CDL for LIVE recaps of the Wednesday night Veto competition and Thursday’s LIVE Week 5 eviction.