Big Brother 18 Recap Paulie Wins PoV – Backdoors Victor: Season 18 Episode 7 “PoV and Veto Ceremony”

Big Brother 18 Recap Paulie Wins PoV - Backdoors Victor: Season 18 Episode 7 "PoV and Veto Ceremony"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 18 airs with an all new Wednesday, July 6, season 18 episode 7 and we’ve got your Big Brother 18 recap down below! On tonight’s episode, the Power of Veto competition is held.

On the last episode, Tiffany, Paul and Frank found themselves on the block. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Big Brother recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB18 as per the CBS synopsis, “the house guests go head to head competing for the Power of Veto.”

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#BigBrother #BB18 tonight will reveal the Power of Veto (PoV) winner as Paulie and how he will make a play to backdoor Victor. As the episode kicks off, we see Paul trying to warn Victor that he’s being targeted but he refuses to believe it.

The episode picks up at the end of the Week 2 Roadkill reveal. Paulie says in the Diary Room that the alliance all knows that Victor won the RK comp. Tiffany is teary and confused becaused Victor put her on the chopping block.

Tiffany goes to her bed to stew about who she can trust. Victor talks to Natalie about the comp and tells her he won. She asks why he picked Tiffany and he says she rubs people the wrong way. Victor says in the DR that he thinks he has votes to send her home.

He’s also hoping to win PoV to keep her on the block. Victor tells her to play dumb and he heads off to bed. Michelle comes to sit with a crying Tiffany who begs her to tell her whether she’s being targeted.

Tiffany pulls a “Vanessa” freak out

Michelle tells her that Victor is the true target. Da’Vonne comes in and tells her it’s not easy to be in the chair, but she’s okay. Day tells Tiffany not to worry because the numbers are on her side then Day leaves to go shower.

Upstairs, Tiffany finds Paulie asleep lying with Zakiyah. She asks why Victor chose her after she wakes him up. Paulie says he doesn’t know why Victor chose her and she asks if it’s an elaborate plot to backdoor her.

Paulie promises her she is not the target. Paulie is annoyed since he didn’t put her on the block and sys in the Diary Room and wants her to calm down. Tiffany starts crying yet again. Nicole, James and Da’Vonne are there too.

Tiffany keeps crying and telling them there’s an elaborate plan. They all reassure her but Day is annoyed since she‘s acting just like Vanessa. Day says in the Diary Room that she can’t play with another Vanessa who’s being too emotional.

Bronte stresses out

Natalie and Bronte talk about RK and Bronte hopes to lay low this week so she’s not the target evicted from the block. Bronte says she’s hoping other people bring the drama so the target isn’t there.

Frank talks to Paulie about Tiffany blowing up their games by spreading her paranoia. Tiffany comes in to take a shower and Frank asks if she’s okay. She says she doesn’t trust Victor and they tell her no one does and that’s why he’s going home.

Frank hopes in the Diary Room that Tiffany doesn’t win the PoV and pull herself off the block. Tiffany says she knows she has to throw the comp. In the Diary Room, Tiffany says she’s frustrated and wonders if she can risk her game by throwing the comp.

In the storage room, Frank and Da’Vonne check out the food and they wonder what if Victor wins the PoV. Day says Paulie can be part of the eight if they take out Tiffany. Frank is open to targeting her.

Frank has had it with Tiffany

We see a flashback of Tiffany telling Frank that he screams and says he doesn’t know how she communicates. Frank says he’s just a loud guy. Frank says in the DR that she’s confrontational and overly-emotional.

Day and Frank wonder if they shouldn’t vote out Tiff this week. Paulie says Victor gave him some info to worry about. Flashback to Victor telling them Paul isn’t sure about thm. Paulie tells Paul that Victor told him not to trust him and Frank.

Paul isn’t happy to hear that and knows he could be in trouble and needs to dig out. Paul tells them that Victor told him he had a thing going with Frank and Paulie that he was going to bring him in on.

Paulie asks if Paul doesn’t trust them but Paul says they are stable and less-hostile and that’s better for him. Paul doesn’t like that Victor is trying to drag him down and decides to cut Victor loose.

Paul scrambles for safety

Paul tells them that working with the newbs has screwed him over. James is there for the talk and they calm Paul down and tell him things are cool. Now, Paulie calls everyone to pick players for the Veto Competition.

Paul, Bronte and Tiffany join Paulie up front for the player pick. Paulie will pull the chips for players and if the chip for him or the nominees come up, they get choice. Da’Vonne is drawn to play and Victor hopes he gets picked too.

The next chip is Paul so that means he gets to choose someone. Paul worries about whether or not to pick Victor and Victor is certain he’s going to pick him. Victor gives him a nod and Paul chooses Zakiyah to play.

PoV comp scheming begins

Victor is floored. Paulie says Big Brother will let them know when the comp will begin. Victor wonders why Paul didn’t pick him since that hurts his game and he wants to see where his head is at.

Paul tells him that he can beat the girls so that’s why he picked them. Victor says if he wins, he can pull Paul off the block and can keep himself safe too. Paul plays dumb like he didn’t understand how the comp works.

Victor jumps on Frank’s back for a piggyback ride. Paul thinks Victor bought it and jokes that he may piggyback himself to the block. Frank later tells Paul he’s doing a good job playing things off.

Paul is annoyed that he’s done Frank’s dirty work and he’s now patting his back. Frank says Victor was trying to make him look bad. Frank says Victor is going to be pissed but says, that’s the game son.

8-Pack wants TIffany to throw PoV

Da’Vonne says Tiffany needs to throw the comp. Frank says Victor not playing is great but Tiffany winning PoV could be disastrous for the backdoor plan.

Corey comes in dressed in overalls and tells them to get dressed for the veto comp and meet him in the yard. The challenge is set in the “Tozarks” a foot themed version of the mountains. The houseguests comment that it smells bad.

Frank says it smells like Nicole’s feet. Corey hosts the comp. They have to search the toenails for letters with goo on it. They’re looking for mushrooms with letters. This is the usual spelling comp.

They one with the word with the highest point value wins the PoV and they have 12 minutes to play the comp. Paul is determined to win because he’s not sure who he can trust at all. Tiffany wonders if she should throw the comp or not.

PoV comp gets stinky

Da’Vonne doesn’t trust Tiffany and is determined to win to block Tiffany and her paranoia from blowing up the plan. The comp starts. They start digging out letters from between toenails and under toenails.

Paul says James never washes dishes and this must be what James’ kitchen looks like. Day says she hates feet and wonders if BB18 has a foot fetish. The onlookers cheers and Bronte is worried since she voted against Paulie and now he’s HoH.

She worries she could be evicted. Paulie is a fan of spelling and is running all around to pick up everything. He wants three S’s and three T’s to see what he can make from that. Day has a word in her head with 10 letters.

She gets squirted in the face with some goo and James yells toe jam in the face and now she can’t find her letters. She asks what the hell Big Brother? James says that’s a leaky toe. Zakiyah is also grossed out.

Tiffany tries to win it 

Zakiyah gets a face full of fake fungus too as there’s five minutes left in the comp. Bronte is excited about her word and tries to get as many letters as she can and tucks them near the bridge. Tiffany says her competitive side took over.

She decides she wants to win it so she can do what she wants with the PoV. Day sees that Tiffany is counting her letters and then sees her running to get another and knows she’s not throwing it. Day locked her answer in first.

There’s a minute left. Paulie almost has his word but needs a B. Bronte runs back for more letters too. Paul is freaking out and rushing – he needs an ING and has to lock in a word before time is up. He locks his word in and feels good.

Zakiyah locks hers in and so does Paulie then Bronte and Tiffany last. Paul’s word is slouched and it’s worth 9 points. Tiffany spelled twinkling which is worth 10 points and she take the lead. She’s excited that she could win.

Paulie is a spelling beast

Frank is annoyed since she’s trying to win. He says she could screw their plan. Da’Vonne spelled redemption which is worth 9 points so Tiffany remains in first place. Day is aggravated since she counted her letters to beat her intentionally.

Zakiyah spelled duration and she has 6 points so Tiffany is still in the lead. Bronte spelled powerful which is worth 10 points but since she rang in before Tiffany, she takes the lead. Tiffany is annoyed but knows she can’t look upset.

She thinks the 8-Pack might think she threw it like they asked. Paulie spelled sustainability. Paul says it’s overkill. It’s a 10-point word and he rang in before Bronte so he wins PoV. Paulie puts it on and says he’s calling himself two chains this week.

He’s got HoH and PoV. Paul is pissed and is determined to stay here. Michelle runs to hug Paulie and says it was smart. Bronte is upset. Da’Vonne is thrilled since Tiffany wasn’t trying to throw and is now determined to get Tiff out.

Operation Backdoor Victor

After the comp, Paulie is planning on backdooring Victor as they discussed. Nicole tells the camera – Cody, he spelled it right – mocking Cody’s misspelling in BB16. Victor thinks it’s a good thing that Paulie won so Tiffany will go home.

Da’Vonne tells Frank she thinks that Tiffany counted her letters and then got more letters to beat her by a point. She thinks Tiffany is a threat to her game. Paulie listens to Da’Vonne too. Frank agrees Tiffany was being shady.

He thinks that’s not good for their alliance. Bronte tells Natalie she’s nervous but Natalie says they are not the targets. Bronte thinks Paulie is coming for her and says she only trusts Natalie who reassures her.

Paul comes to Paulie who tells him he’s pulling him off the block. Paulie wants to reward him for picking Zakiyah instead of Victor to play in the PoV. Paulie says that means Victor will ne angry at just him, not the others.

Paul happy with Paulie – over Victor

Paul is thrilled that his loyalty paid off and he’ll be safe this week. Frank goes upstairs to the HoH room and sits with Nicole and Paulie. He says he’s taking Paul down and says he talked to him.

Nicole says that’s good since he picked Zakiyah. Corey comes in and they tease him about his HoH costume. Victor heads upstairs too as they’re talking about the backdoor plan. Victor comes in and sits down and is clueless.

Paulie goes to shower. Frank asks why it’s hot in the HoH room and they talk about others stuff. James, aka #CaptainCamo, hides in a bin in the storage room. Nicole goes in there and he jumps out and she screams in terror.

James says gotcha and she says he gave her chills. She laughs and they go out into the living room laughing at another prank. Nicole talks to the rest of the Fatal Five about Tiffany. Da’Vonne says she makes her nervous.

Fatal Five cuts Tiffany

Nicole thinks that Tiffany is too much like Vanessa and they can’t tell what she’ll do and they may be better off as the Fatal Four. Michelle says she’s trying to distance herself from Tiffany. Day wants to strike now and take out Tiffany.

Victor and Paul play pool and talk. Victor tries to reassure Pau that he’s safe and Victor says he thinks that Paulie is targeting Bronte and might put up Natalie. Paul asks how sure Victor is and he says “pretty sure.”

Paul says in the Diary Room that he can’t help Victor who remains clueless and thinks that Paulie may not use the PoV and could send home Tiffany. He has no idea there’s a backdoor plan targeting him.

Paulie calls everyone in for the Veto Meeting. Paulie asks the three noms – Tiffany, Bronte and Paul – to make a statement of why they should use the PoV on them. Tiffany and Bronte make meh statements.

Paul congratulates Paulie then flatters him and talks about the power of friendship in the BB18 house. Paulie then announces he’s using the PoV and will pull down Paul who is thrilled and acts surpised.

Paul says #PowerOfFriendship as Paulie places the PoV neckace on him. Paulie then talks about forgiveness and growth. He tells Victor he can’t forget that he almost sent him out of the house next week and nominates him.

Da’Vonne smiles as Paulie adjourns the Veto Meeting. Victor says in the Diary Room that he’s going to fight until the end and hopes he can sway votes his way and if he can stay in the house, Paulie better watch out.

Paul thinks that Victor dug his own grave and says he might be going home if he can’t dig himself out. Tiffany is still paranoid as always. Da’Vonne is happy about Victor being up there but also has an eye on Tiffany.

We’ll find out at the LIVE eviction tomorrow night whether Victor, Tiffany or Bronte goes home and will also see the new HoH comp. Come back to CDL tomorrow night for a LIVE recap of the eviction results.