Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) Recap – Amber Rose Eliminated: Season 23 Episode 6 “Latin Night”

Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) Recap - Amber Rose Eliminated: Season 23 Episode 6 "Latin Night"

Tonight on ABC  the glitz and the glitter is back in the ballroom as Dancing With The Stars returns with an all-new Monday, October 17, 2016, season 23 episode 6 and we have your Dancing With The Stars recap below!  On tonight’s DWTS Season 23 episode 6 the nine remaining celebrities ready themselves for one of the hottest nights in the ballroom – Latin Night.

Did you watch last week’s DWTS season 23 episode 5 episode where the 9 celebs set out to leave a lasting impression with their dances as they commemorate their most memorable year? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed Dancing With The Stars recap of last week, right here!

On tonight’s DWTS episode as per the ABC synopsis, “The nine remaining celebrities ready themselves for one of the hottest nights in the ballroom – Latin Night – with each celebrity performing either a rumba, salsa, samba, paso doblé, cha cha or Argentine tango. Pitbull will also join Bruno Tonioli, Carrie Ann Inaba and Julianne Hough at the judges’ table as a guest judge.

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It’s Latin night tonight on Dancing With The Stars, and a DOUBLE elimination night. After an exciting opening number starring Pitbull, Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews take the stage and announce the remaining celeb dancers and their pro partners. Tom announces that tonight, Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke are SAFE and won’t be eliminated. And, they will be dancing first. Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke take the stage and dance the Salsa,

Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke take the stage and dance the Salsa, afterward they wait to hear what the judges have to say. [VIDEO HERE]

Pitbull: Let me tell you something firsts of all, you guys performed to Celia Cruz, the Queen of Cuba. My favorite part was with the neon paint and for that I am going with an 8. Wait, am I not supposed to say that? I’ll say it again, 8!

Julianne: I won’t tell you what score I am giving you, but you came out with so much commitment, the spray tan and neon lights. I was expecting a speedo. I’m so impressed with you, you really came out here and you nailed it.

Bruno: Dressed to impress, always work! That was a vibrant Salsa, it really worked! 27 tequilas later, but you enter in to the spirit of it, FUN! And, that was what it is all about.

Carrie Ann: It was a great way to start off latin night, but I have to say the musicality was not that great tonight. I am telling it like it is, I’m sorry!

Scores:  Carrie Ann: 7 Pitbull: 8 Julianne: 8 Bruno: 7 Total: 30/40

Now, it’s time to hear some more results before we move on to the next dance. According to America’s votes James Hinchcliffe and Sharna, Marilu Henner and Derek, and Tera Jole and Sasha are safe. Amber Rose and Maks are in danger of elimination tonight. Now, it’s time for the next dance. Terra

Terra Jole and Sasha take the floor and perform the Paso Doble for the Dancing With The Stars judges. [VIDEO HERE]

Julianne: I am going to say that every other dance you have done, I thought you owned it completely, this might not have been your best dance. But, I still feel like you were giving it everything you had. There is always next week, it was still executed with your fire and I appreciate it.

Bruno: You always go for it like a fierce little tiger. This song was so difficult because the phrasing is so intricate. It gave you so much content that at times it was a bit fuzzy. It was not as sharp as it could have been, I’m being honest!

Carrie Ann: I said it last week, you are a performer! This was a dance that was difficult for the person that you are. Your anger and you intensity was one dimensional and I feel like that was what hurt you on this. But, there’s another week and another dance and I know you will come back for this.

Pitbull: I felt the intensity and I felt the fire. I’ve seen it when you guys were practicing, maybe you overthought it a little bit. But, I just want to say, great job!

Scores: Carrie Ann: 7 Pitbull: 8 Julianne: 8 Bruno: 7 Total: 30/40

The next couple to take the stage is Amber Rose and Maks Chmerkovskiy, and they are currently in danger of being eliminated. [VIDEO HERE] Amber and Maks dance the Cha-Cha for the DWTS judges, and then they wait to hear what they have to say about the performance.

Bruno: Oh Amber you tease me! Will she deliver? Will she not? Wait until next week and she will let you know! Now, the Cha-Cha has to translate through the body as well, it is all about foot placement. If you place your foot correctly, it gives you the correct foot placement. So, I am saying listen to what Maks is saying because he is right.

Carrie Ann: When you smile, you light up the room and you are stunning. But, I feel like there is a glass ceiling and once you break through it, it’s going to be incredible. I love watching you, I just want more.Pitbull: First of all I love the outfit, you are gorgeous. Maks, you are a

Pitbull: First of all I love the outfit, you are gorgeous. Maks, you are a good-looking guy too! But, I know we come from the same world, you are 150% in that world and in this world you know you say you can’t do it. But, I commend you for it.

Julianne: When you grab your legs, I want you to come up like this [stands up and dances]. If you are going to smack him in the chest, then smack him! Or smack him in the face! Just Smack it and give it!Scores

Scores: Carrie Ann: 7 Pitbull: 7 Julianne: 7 Bruno: 7 Total: 28/40

James Henchcliffe and his pro partner Sharna Burgess are the next couple to hit the dance floor. [VIDEO HERE] For Latin night, the dance the Rumba for the DWTS judges. After their performance, James and Sharna wait to hear what the judges think.

Carrie Ann: No offense, but I think everyone else was just chips and salsa, and you brought the entrée, the enchiladas! That was incredible, the nuances and extensions of the arms, my goodness James, Whooo!

Pitbull: When they first came out, I thought they might have mixed up their wardrobes. No, seriously when you guys were practicing it was just the rumba, but when you came out here, it was LA RUMBA! Great job guys!

Julianne: The thing that I love so much about you is that people might not appreciate the subtleties you have. I think you are hands down the best male dancer that we have ever had on this show. The one thing that I am going to say this week is I feel like you should have had more chemistry between you two.

Bruno: I felt they should have gotten the Nobel Prize for chemistry! The way you stretch the lines, the continuity, it was peach perfect, you had all of that!

Scores: Carrie Ann: 10 Pitbull: 9 Julianne: 9 Bruno: 10 Total: 38/40

 The next Dancing With The Stars couple to perform tonight is Marilu Henner and Derek Hough.  [VIDEO HERE] They head out on the stage and dance the Cha-Cha for the judges and Pitbull, they line up and wait for their critiques and scores.

Pitbull: all I got to say is very good, that was very sexy. I was very impressed.

Julianne: Last week’s breakthrough did something. Legs were stunning, the music was fantastic. That Is what Latin night is all about. It was very beautiful.

Bruno: you managed to be graceful and sexy. I loved the changes of tempo, you didn’t go whacky and wild, way to go my darling.

Carrie Ann: I actually thought this was your dance. You looked so refreshed and fine, I loved that. There was one little moment, sometimes when you bend your leg, you look good – but I want you to feel good.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 8 Pitbull: 9 Julianne: 9 Bruno: 8 TOTAL: 34/40

Before we get to see another dance, it is time to hear some results. Out of the remaining couples, Laurie Hernandez and Val are safe, Calvin Johnson and Lindsay are in jeopardy, Maureen McCormick and Derek Hough are safe, Jana Kramer and Gleb are in jeopardy. And, Jana Kramer and Gleb are up next. They dance the Argentine Tango for the DWTS judges, then they wait to hear their critiques and scores.

Jana and Gleb get a standing ovation from the judges, of course it’s not too often they get to see a hot shower scene on DWTS. [VIDEO HERE]

Julianne: Now that is chemistry! You set the record for the hottest Argentine Tango for sure. Thank you for taking everything we have said to heart. Tonight, you owned that dance, thank you!

Bruno: Pulsating with lust! Driven by insatiable desire! As down and dirty as you can possibly go, and I loved every minute of it. Sensational!

Carrie Ann: for you guys, I have to say, sexy is kind of the easy route. What I love was tonight I saw you dancing like you were going to take the Mirror Ball Trophy. And if you keep dancing like that, that is exactly what you are going to do.

Pitbull: I got to stand up and do the Bruno. I can’t keep my hands to myself. You can toss that dress over, he tossed his shirt over so.

Scores: Julianne: 10 Bruno: 10 Carrie Ann: 10 Pitbull: 10 Total: 40/40

The next couple to hit the dance floor tonight is Maureen McCormick and Artem.  [VIDEO HERE] Maureen and Artem perform the Samba for the judges, and then wait to hear what they have to say.

Bruno: this was really a classic Samba with all of the trimmings. It really outs you in a party mood. One tiny thing, don’t force the balance when you force it, it just looks a little bit tight.

Carrie Ann: what I love about you is your positivity and your enthusiasm is contagious. It’s your spirit that brings that dance to life. Last week you have a great week for you. You are playing your own game and that leads to success.

Pitbull: I have to say the same thing, I love the positivity. On the dance floor, I am far from a dancer, but I did feel a little bit overthinking. With that said, I think you did a good job!

Julianne: You are one slamming hot flamingo! I loved it, you know what I love so much is you are so game for everything. You came out here and you captured what Latin night is all about, I loved it!

Scores: Carrie Ann: 8 Pitbull: 7 Julianne: 8 Bruno: 8 Total: 31/40

Calvin Johnson and Lindsay Arnold are up next, [VIDEO HERE] they dance the Argentine Tango to the classic song “Hotel California.” Afterward, the DWTS judges share their thoughts and scores.

Carrie Ann: Wow, 23 seasons and I have never seen lifts like that, ever. You owned tht dance and Lindsay was dancing her heart out. There was this like magnetic intensity and it was so sexy. You don’t have to give us selfie face, just give us Calvin.

Pitbull: It’s a shame that you aren’t playing football anymore because you could have used some of those moods out there on the field. Everyone would have broke a bunch of ankles, good job!

Julianne: I am so happy because since day one I have said that there is something about you since day one. I don’t know what it is about guys, but when they hear a critique they want it so much more. That was amazing, oh and point your tones!

Bruno: Calvin, you were smoldering tonight, you were in the zone. I would like to point out, that you were leading every moment of the dance like the man. And those lifts, you were spinning her like a wheel, the girl is going to wind up at the chiropractor!

Scores: Carrie Ann: 9 Pitbull: 10 Bruno: 9 Julianne: 9 Total: 37/40

The final couple to dance tonight on DWTS is Laurie Hernandez and Val Chmerkovskiy.  [VIDEO HERE] They dance the Salsa for the judges. We are crunched for time, the judges rush through their critiques.

Pitbull: All I can say is when I watched you practicing you said the age was an advantage, and that’s all I can think of. That means that what you brought was amazing. I thought it was amazing.

Julianne: You are just phenomenal, your sass and fire, but I am going to picky because I want you to be a great ballroom dancer. Gymnastics are upright and very strong, but you got to go deep and get in to the ground with your hips. I want to see you be a great dancer, and a great ballroom and Latin dancer.

Bruno: For me you looked like a little chicky salsa devil. It was unleashed with precision and accuracy, you killed it!

Carrie Ann: You are by far the most powerful dancer when you dance, you’re like a B12 shot! But tonight you had a few missteps on your spot. It’s tiny ,though, she is incredible!

Scores: Carrie Ann: 9 Pitbull: 9 Julianne: 9 Bruno: 10 Total: 37/40

Before the show comes to an end, it’s time to learn who will be going home. Jana Kramer and Gleb, Amber Rose and Maks, and Calvin Johnson and Lindsay are in jeopardy. Jana and Calvin are safe. The next couple officially eliminated from DWTS is Amber Rose and Maks Chmerkovskiy.

Amber and Maks were eliminated!