Justin Theroux Warns Brad Pitt To Stay Away From Jennifer Aniston With New Explosive Graffiti Message?

Justin Theroux Warns Brad Pitt To Stay Away From Jennifer Aniston With New Explosive Graffiti Message?

Justin Theroux is warning Brad Pitt to stay away from Jennifer Aniston with a new explosive message. The Hollywood actor posted a Berlin graffiti wall that explicitly said ‘F*ck Brad Pitt’ on his Instagram account this week. Both critics and fans can’t help but wonder if this is Justin’s way of telling Brad to back off from his wife.

For someone like Justin Theroux, who often repeats how much he hates the tabloid media, the actor hasn’t taken down the post from his Instagram account. In fact, he even added a hashtag that said, “And no this post is not shading anyone because I’m not eleven years old I mean seriously!” While Justin is clearly trying to be sarcastic while also mocking his critics, he’s also getting the kind of attention that he apparently loathes on a regular basis.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston got into a nasty fight over her possibly communicating with Brad Pitt again, especially now that he needs someone like her the most. Both have claimed that they’ve always remained friends after their divorce and if there’s someone who understands what Brad is going through right now with jealous, vindictive and vile Angelina Jolie, it would be his ex-wife.

Jennifer knows all too well how Angelina likes to manipulate the media by trying to make herself look like the saint in each and every situation she’s in. Jennifer knows this because, for years, she was mocked, bullied, and ridiculed by Angelina’s fans online for being the ex-wife and third wheel in their nearly decade-long love triangle.

Sure, Justin might be feeling infuriated with knowing that his wife might possibly be in love with her ex-husband, but then again, it’s been long speculated that he only married Jennifer for his own selfish interests, which included a much-needed career boost. Justin Theroux didn’t even become a household name until he married Jennifer Aniston. Before that, he was in a 14-year relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Heidi Bivens, who was left devastated after he dumped her to be with and eventually marry Jennifer.

Justin Theroux Warns Brad Pitt To Stay Away From Wife Jennifer Aniston With New Explosive Graffiti Message

Do you think Jennifer Aniston still loves Brad Pitt? Is Justin Theroux worried that Brad might not only destroy his marriage but his career too? Surely, if Jennifer and Justin were to divorce, the actor would end up in celebrity obscurity and long forgotten by the press. Let us know what you think in our comments section.

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