Kim Kardashian and North West Snubbed: No Invite to Beyonce Birthday Party for Blue Ivy

Kim Kardashian and North West Snubbed: No Invite to Beyonce Birthday Party for Blue Ivy

Beyonce and Jay Z chose to leave Kim Kardsahian and North West off the invite list for their daughter Blue Ivy’s birthday party. Does this spell the beginning of a war between the divas? You know that Kim Kardashian is all butt hurt that she didn’t get an invite to attend the 4th birthday party, which happened to be fairy themed (how cute) of Jay Z and Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy.

The little lady turned 4 on Thursday, January 7 and her parents wanted to make sure she felt as loved and celebrated as possible, so they threw her not one, but two parties. And yeah, Kim Kardashian nor North West were invited to either of them. The first party was held at a private residence, but the second party was at the West Hollywood hot spot for kiddo parties, Cake Mix where Grey’s Anatomy star, Ellen Pompeo and her husband Chris Ivery attended with their little girl, Stella Luna on Sunday, January 10.

So who was at the private party? We know that Kelly Rowland from the original Destiny’s Child was in attendance as well as Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin. I wonder why Kim Kardashian who is a fellow Hollywood mom wasn’t on the list? Maybe Beyonce and Jay Z didn’t want to have the entire Kardashian Klan showing up and stealing little Ivy Blue’s thunder? Just a thought!

Do you think that Kim will purposely exclude Beyonce and Jay Z from any future birthday bashes she throws for her and Kanye West’s kids? Or will she just blow this off like it was nothing and keep the peace and “connections” in tact with the famous couple? Do you think that Kanye West had to spend hours calming Kim down and her hormonal emotions?

What else are Jay Z and Beyonce up to these days beyond throwing adorable birthday bashes for their little girl? They have of course moved to California where they live in a rental that costs $150,00 a month… oh. my. word. Yes, I just choked. Yikes.

But now they are keeping their east coast ties in tact with the purchase of a condo in the Brooklyn Bridge Park development, Pierhouse. Of course, Jay Z is from Brooklyn, so this makes sense. And why not have a place to call home wherever you go? I’d do it too!

Up next for Beyonce will be the Super Bowl 50 halftime show where she will join Coldplay and party goer, Chris Martin for the spectacular and highly anticipated show in Santa Clara, CA at Levi Stadium, home of the oh-so-unsuccessful 49ers.

  • SharmagneW

    I’m sure Beyonce is hoping that Kim leaves her off all her invites for future events. Beyonce is probably tired of coming up with excuses.

  • Dimitri

    Why is everybody think cause Beyonce doing something that she should invite Kim Kardashian, it’s not like they grew up together and they should be in each other lives 24/7, Beyonce doesn’t have to deal with her if she doesn’t want to.

  • tahoegeminii

    Bey has no desire to go to any Kartrashian parties-thats obvious and to her credit-in fact the best thing about Jay and Bey these days is their complete avoidance of the Klown Skankk Horde-and obviosly IF they brought IgNori she would have had a hysterical hissy fit that the presents weren’t for her

  • tahoegeminii

    probably Vylie Jenner

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  • CelebFan

    If this was true- which I doubt that Beyonce is a self centered, egotistical individual- I don’t think she didn’t invite Kim & North because of the “Kardashian Klan” stealing Blue’s thunder & all the paps that will be around… I guess Beyonce did it because actually, NORTH is the one that WILL steal the show!!! Nobody cares. Beyonce hasn’t build up the hype w/Blue & for me she’s just jealous that her daughter will never get the attention North & Saint have had always, whether it’s good or bad attention. If I was Kim, I wouldn’t worry too much about my gorgeous daughter not being invited…

  • jannell Brown

    I would keep her out to. Get that baby u seem to be a shame of together.????

  • Jeannette Martin

    Jealousy will get you no were.

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