Major Crimes LIVE Recap 8/22/16: Season 5 Episode 9 “Family Law”

Major Crimes LIVE Recap 8/22/16: Season 5 Episode 9 "Family Law"

Tonight on TNT Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday,August 22, season 5 Episode 9 called “Family Law,” and we’ve got your Major Crimes recap down below! On tonight’s episode, a jogger takes a fall down the steps of the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, leading the team to zero in on a divorce attorney with plenty of irate clients.

On the last episode, the mysterious overdose of a young Hollywood star was investigated. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Major Crimes recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis, “a jogger takes a fall down the steps of the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, leading the team to zero in on a divorce attorney with plenty of irate clients. Also, Tao infiltrates the world of college-age prostitutes, and Buzz discovers a suspect’s identity.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live Major Crimes recap of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for the season 5 episode 9.


Major Crimes Recap

There was a murder at a very popular amphitheater on tonight’s episode of “Major Crimes” and initially the motive surrounding the murder appeared to be a mystery. A victim was apparently jogging down the steps of theater when he must have come across an assailant that evidence showed repeatedly beat him to death. Yet, the victim still had his wallet and watch.

So the only thing that was missing was the victim’s cell phone and it simply didn’t make any sense why a thief would go through the trouble of just stealing a cell phone when he or she could have robbed the victim of everything.

But later the victim’s identity did help clear some things up. The victim was Robert Cushing and Robert was a renowned divorce attorney that was particularly famous for bleeding certain spouses dry in order to provide for his client.

So Robert was good at what he did and unfortunately the job had come with plenty of enemies. Including one that he had to take out a restraining order out against. Bowie was proven to be a violent man and he had seemingly been violent towards his ex-wife while they were still married.

So Robert had represented the wife in her divorce and he had made sure that she had walked away with plenty of compensation. The ex-wife had gotten half of the assets as well as full custody of the couple’s children.

However, that had riled Bowie who didn’t believe that his ex should have gotten so much or that he now had to pay his for the mediator that supervised him when he was with kids. And so he had ended up threatening Robert because he believed Robert had been responsible for destroying his life.

Bowie though had sworn he hadn’t gone after Robert. He admitted to hating the other man and for breaking the restraining the order because he had often followed Robert. Yet, he believed that it was Robert’s other life that had finally caught up to him and had been responsible for his death.

Bowie had explained that he had seen Robert meet up with young prostitutes and that Robert had a favorite. So Major Crimes had looked into the prostitute angle and eventually they found out about Brie Miller.

Brie was the call girl’s real name and she had kept in contact with her clients by texting. So the detectives were wondering if that might explain the missing cell phone when they decided to send in Tao as a possible new client for Brie. Tao had contacted Brie on her college call girl site and he had pretended to be just another john.

Though, before she could show off her many talents, the detectives had gotten word that Tao’s credit card had been charged for her services and so they quickly moved in to arrest the prostitute seeing as she was caught trying to sell herself.

But in the middle of the investigation, Sanchez had gotten the opportunity that he had been waiting for. Sanchez has been trying to adopt and so his case worker had told him about a foster child that needed a placement.

So Sanchez had gotten all excited about finally becoming a father when sadly for him he had gotten a child that hates him. The little boy that was named Mark had told him that he doesn’t like Mexicans and has actually tried to call immigration on Sanchez when the older man had told him to go to sleep that night. And so Sanchez found himself stuck with a difficult racist that didn’t allow him a moment to sleep or rest.

Sanchez though tried to work through the mess that suddenly became his wife life and, while he continued to struggle with Mark, the detectives found out some pretty interesting details from Brie. Brie had sworn at first that she wasn’t a hooker and that “Bobby” was a client.

So she told the detectives that nothing happened. Although, she surprisingly knew a lot of details about “Bobby’s” life that the police weren’t aware of. Brie said that Bobby and his wife fought all the time and that his wife could even be violent towards so that had made the detectives look at the wife.

Though the wife had some interesting things to say as well. It seems Mrs. Cushing had known about the hookers and that she didn’t mind them as long as her daughter never found out. So Mrs. Cushing’s prime concern was her daughter Megan and it hadn’t looked as if she cared that much about Robert.

Mrs. Cushing had apparently been stashing some money away for the day she finally ended things with her husband so she hadn’t been making plans to kill her husband if she already had an exit plan. And yet it was odd when Mrs. Cushing and her daughter had recognized Brie.

Mrs. Cushing later explained that Brie and her daughter had grown up together and that Robert had especially close to Brie’s father who represented in a divorce. So the detectives had looked ta Mr. Miller and they had found on the security footage of the night Brie met up with Robert.

However, the detectives didn’t have to go to him because he came to them when he found his daughter was under arrest. Mr. Miller had brought along an attorney for his daughter because he thought she was being held on bogus charges yet when he found out that she was an escort and that Robert had been a client – he broke down.

The older man had apparently thought he was protecting his daughter from his gold buddy that had taken advantage of her. So he had no idea that his daughter was selling herself and that Robert hadn’t manipulated her into an affair, but instead hadn’t known that he was meeting up with his friend’s daughter until the girl he ordered turned out to be Brie.

Yet, after they had wrapped up the case with Mr. Miller’s arrest, Sanchez had heard back from his case worker. The case worker had finally found Mark’s mother and unfortunately she had been killed several days ago so Sharon had told everyone that they were going to be working that case.

She wanted to find out what happened to Mark’s mother for Mark and Sanchez’s sake. So her unit was going to be investigating that while Buzz and Rusty for that matter got closer to solving his father’s murder.