Meghan Markle Banned From Prince Harry’s Christmas, Queen Elizabeth Won’t Break Royal Tradition: Kate Middleton Overjoyed?

Meghan Markle Banned From Prince Harry's Christmas, Queen Elizabeth Won't Break Royal Tradition: Kate Middleton Overjoyed?

Meghan Markle desperately wants to join Prince Harry and the royal family at Sandringham Estate on Christmas day this year. In fact, she’s hoping that the Queen will break her rules by allowing her to spend the holiday with the royals, even though she’s not a family member. That’s why Kate Middleton is hoping Queen Elizabeth will stick to royal protocol. She doesn’t want to be pushed by the side by Meghan.

It’s without a doubt that Meghan Markle wants to leave a good impression with Queen Elizabeth. After all, if Prince Harry proposes to her, she’ll be a member of the royal family. Sources say that Harry is planning on popping the question to Meghan on Christmas Day. That’s why she’s willing to do whatever it takes to win the Queen over. She doesn’t want to start their relationship on the wrong foot. And she’s been telling friends that she certainly doesn’t want to have the same icy and cold relationship that Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton have had over the years.

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And while Meghan is doing whatever it takes to spend Christmas day with the royal family, sources say it’s simply not going to happen. One royal source even told People Magazine, “I very much doubt she will be there. It would be a tall order for her, and possibly put her off for good.”

Queen Elizabeth doesn’t make any exceptions. Harry might want Meghan to spend Christmas with the royals, but there’s no way the Queen will give her approval. Kate Middleton wasn’t invited to Sandringham Estate while dating Prince William. In fact, her first Christmas at Sandringham Estate was in 2011 and after her royal wedding. Still, the Duchess is worried that if and when Meghan does make her debut at Sandringham, she’ll be pushed to the side. And considering how fast Harry and Meghan are moving in their relationship, she knows it will happen sooner rather than later.

Meghan Markle Makes Whirlwind Trip To London For Prince Harry Visit: Kate Middleton Concerned, Thinks Couple Moving Too Fast?

Sources say that if Meghan doesn’t make it to Sandringham Palace, she might end up in London one way or another. Reports indicate that Meghan might end up staying in one of the other royal homes, including Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Anmer Hall. That is, of course, if Kate agrees to having Meghan as her guest.

What do you think? Will Meghan Markle spend the holidays with the royal family? Let us know by dropping us a line in our comments section below. Also, check back with CDL for all the latest news and updates on the royal family.

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Tonight the Duchess of Cambridge visited a special Cub Scout Pack Meeting to celebrate the 100th birthday of The Cubs! HRH was met by Pack Leader Hazel and joined the 24 Cubs as they played games and focused on looking after yourself and others, as well as celebrating 100years of The Cubs. The Duchess joined in with parachute games, cup or ‘cub’ cake-icing, a well-being session and an important lesson in first aid. The special Pack Meeting ended with everyone joining together to sing Happy Birthday and renewing their Cub Promise, which 160,000 Cubs across the UK will do this week on the 16th December which marks the exact day 100 years before that the Cubs began. What a great Pack Meeting and a great celebration for all the Cubs involved! 📷 PA

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14 responses to “Meghan Markle Banned From Prince Harry’s Christmas, Queen Elizabeth Won’t Break Royal Tradition: Kate Middleton Overjoyed?”

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  2. Elizabeth Connell says:

    The only reason why Meghan is getting hitched with Harry is because she is supposedly with child

  3. Zardi123 says:

    Why should our Queen break royal protocol for a hollywood actress… PH should know better
    this relationship is just ridiculous he should have better judgement … this lady is after a title money as her parents are bankrupts and this should not be allowed in the BRF

    • Bubbly says:

      I am starting to smell a real dead rat here.

      Since everyone seam to see that this relationship is “just ridiculous” (Markle being an actress AND some other things which she herself brought up lately in essay she ‘penned herself'(???)) perhaps it’s a card up a sleeve of his wimpo of a brother to reduce Harry’s popularity. William is all smiles and supportive about it, yet behind closed door he may be rubbing his lazy paws and hoping his image will improve a bit if Harry’s popularity rating will fall.

      One thing for sure, Harry’s popularity rating is falling.
      If Harry thinks his “I will do what I want” attitude is cute, he is very wrong. Since he is queen’s grandson and he benefits from it financially he is expected to follow a certain royal protocol which definitely excludes people like Marple from being admitted to the family.

      • royalwatcher says:

        The Queen lowered the bar by letting Camilla in. She could hardly refuse Meghan. I am not so sure Harry has lost popularity. IF it goes that far, the Queen I doubt the Queen would refuse. In the miniseries The Crown, Elizabeth is not presented in a good light when she refused Margaret permission to marry Townsend AND keep her title as Princess.

        • Ladyhawke says:

          One stumbling block for Markle may be her mixed race background. The royals (esp. Philip) have always been pretty clear about the issue of race e.g. the perceived ridiculous notion of the superiority of Anglo Celtic/Saxon heritage.

  4. MrSparkle says:

    CDL follows the Breitbart model…make crap up and stir the pot like petulant 13 year old girls.

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  6. Zardi123 says:

    Its really disgraceful once again the Lamebridges get out of Royal Protocol going to Mummy and Daddy costing us taxpayers the security detail that goes with it…. horrendous expense to us taxpayers.
    Really enough is really enough they want to be normal and be alone then Just go away Permanently. …..and us taxpayers will save a huge amount of money… They both dont deserve this lavish lifestyle on the British public

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