Nina Dobrev Parties With Julianne Hough In The Nude: Celebrating Elena’s Return To The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder Fumes?

Nina Dobrev Parties With Julianne Hough In The Nude: Celebrating Elena's Return To The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder Fumes?

Nina Dobrev partying with Julianne Hough is quite the sight to see! Was Nina celebrating the fact that a deal has been reached to officially bring Elena back for The Vampire Diaries’ final season? The partying pics showed up on Nina’s Instagram and one is a little risqué. Nina, Julianne, and another female friend decided to remove their bikini bottoms and show off their derrieres’ for the camera.

Nina captioned the photo, “Four Full moons in Ida-hoe.” The ladies were apparently celebrating the full moon on Thursday, August 18!

While Nina’s having fun in the sun, we know one person who probably wasn’t celebrating – Ian Somerhalder. The actor must be devastated because it appears showrunner Julie Plec won the battle of wills over whether or not Nina would return for the series finale of TVD. What’s Ian going to do? Refuse to work with his former co-star/girlfriend?

As previously reported, CW President Mike Pedowitz confirmed that the network has been negotiating with Nina regarding the actress’s return for season 8 of TVD. Pedowitz and Plec have gone on record saying they think the negotiations will be successful – Elena and Damon will be reunited in The Vampire Diaries series finale.

Ian has made no secret of the fact that he has no desire to work with Nina again. Ian has been at war with Plec since Comic Con 2016 in San Diego. Ian became flustered and downright angry when questioned about familiar faces returning for the TVD series finale. Not going to happen, according to Ian.

At the show’s panel discussion, the executive producer wasn’t too proud to beg Nina Dobrev to return for season 8 of The Vampire Diaries. Julie Plec reminded Nina that emotional promises had been made. An already irate Ian Somerhalder snapped at the showrunner saying, “I thought we had this conversation about THAT, apparently not.”

THAT conversation with Julie Plec must have been about Nina’s return for The Vampire Diaries series finale. But who cares? Ian doesn’t run the show – that job belongs to the executive producer.

If Nina Dobrev has signed on to return for TVD season 8 and Ian walks out, what could happen? You know the actor’s going to come back eventually, no matter how unhappy he is about doing love scenes with Nina.

Not only is Ian contractually obligated to the show, Ian is pushing 40 and only marginally talented. TVD may be Ian Somerhalder’s last hurrah.

Image via Instagram