Scott Disick’s New Girlfriend, Lina Sandberg: Revenge on Kourtney Kardashian for Justin Bieber Hookups?

Scott Disick's New Girlfriend, Lina Sandberg: Revenge on Kourtney Kardashian for Justin Bieber Hookups?

Is Scott Disick dating model Lina Sandberg to exact revenge on Kourtney Kardasian for hooking up with Justin Bieber – and making sure the entire world knew about it? The vainglory of Scott Disick is known by all. Carly Simon’s seminal song is the very epitome of Disick: “You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you.”

The 32-year-old ex-boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian is bringing all hell to the Ya-Ya Sisterhood of The Kardashian Pants.

It comes in the form of Lina Sandberg – a model/ingenue/wannabe. The Disick has allegedly been parading around with the female model over the past couple of weeks. Which is all fine and dandy – if you live in the real world, not Valhalla or wherever the freak Scott Disick lives nowadays.

And we all know what happens when you try to make a Kardashian jealous; it’s akin to watching Gary Busey destroy Ronald McDonald’s plastic face at a McD’s in Ohio.

Long story short: Scott and his new babe have enraged his ex, Kourtney Kardashian. If you piss off one Kardashian, you basically need a colonoscopy to get rid of the rest. They’re like those dueling banjo creep-kids in Deliverance.

Needless to say, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney and Khloe are playing those banjos until they break like Oprah Winfrey’s tear ducts.

According to an exclusive CDL insider with close knowledge of the situation, “The sisters are so mad at him for doing this [dating Linda]. Is he trying to screw up the last vestige of his humanity?”

Scott is a playa and a bad boy; the deadliest combination known to relationship-kind. Perhaps Scott figured that if Kourtney can poach Justin Bieber and make sure the world knows then he is entitled to continue being his lascivious self?

The question we have to ask: Did Scott run away from Kourtney? Or was it the other way around? I’m leaning towards the former, but what do I know? My best friend is a Dodo.

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