Shameless Recap 1/31/16: Season 6 Episode 4 “Going Once, Going Twice”

Shameless Recap 1/31/16: Season 6 Episode 4 "Going Once, Going Twice"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all new Sunday January 31, season 6 episode 4 called “Going Once, Going Twice” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Fiona (Emmy Rossum) confronts Patrick about the eviction notice, but her only choice is to get a mortgage from the bank and bid on the house at auction.

On the last episode Frank taught Debbie how to work the welfare system to her advantage. Meanwhile, Kevin and Veronica visited a paralyzed Yanis in the hospital and tried to make amends, but Yanis arrived home and tried to kill the two Lisas with Kev’s van. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Showtime synopsis, “Fiona confronts Patrick about the eviction notice, but her only choice is to get a mortgage from the bank and bid on the house at auction. Meanwhile, Ian bakes cookies for the firehouse and discovers he was saved by the shift of gay firemen.”

Tonight’s Shameless season 6 episode 4 is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Shameless — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Shameless?

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#Shameless starts with Fiona calling about the eviction notice since their rent has been paid on time. Patrick is avoiding her calls. Ian is making cookies for the firemen. Lip asks if he can help take care of the Patrick situation.

Sean offers to drive Fiona to see Cousin Patrick. Lip is going to a conference with Helene. Fiona thinks it’s a good opportunity. Ian comes back looking for more cookie ingredients. Frank and Debbie talk about the eviction.

They’re at a prenatal appointment. Frank rants about the cost of babies. He says she needs an older man like a father figure with money. Frank says there are lots of lonely men and they know she’ll put out since she’s pregnant.

They get the ultrasound and Debbie is thrilled – Frank calls it a little Gallagher. Carl has a gift for Dominique. It’s a pink mink and she says she doesn’t need it. She says her friend’s mom is getting her and walks off.

Fiona and Sean go to Patrick’s job about the eviction notice. He says it’s not about her – he says he took out a $60k loan against the house and didn’t pay it back. He says she pays late rent and wanted to frame him as a child molester.

He says he bought season tickets and a Jet Ski. Fiona says it means a lot to them and he says d-k her deadbeat family. Sean gets in his face then they leave. Kevin isn’t happy to see the bar is empty. Kevin says hipsters are like exotic animals.

They wonder if the hipsters will come back. Ian goes to the firehouse with a plate of cookies. He says he’s looking for the firefighter who saved his life. The guy says they’re hose pullers and are all one shift and says they’re all gay.

Ian asks when they’re on and he says 7 am. Ian hands over the cookies and takes off. Frank brings in an old guy to meet Debbie. He’s got an oxygen tank and looks at death’s door. He can’t talk and has a tracheotomy with the little device that helps him talk.

Frank says he met him in the cancer ward and says they can chat. Debbie goes after Frank and says he can’t set her up with someone that old. She calls him insane but Frank says the guy has a two bedroom rent control apartment and he’s dying of cancer.

Frank says he’ll be dead in a year tops. Debbie says she can take care of her baby all alone and doesn’t need an old dying guy. At work, Fiona complains about her morning sickness and says she has two days until her abortion.

She asks if he wants to punch her in the stomach to get rid of it. He says Fiona should take over the mortgage. He says they need to swing by and talk to the banker. She thanks him. Helene and Lip are at the hotel on their trip.

Carl is bike shopping with Nick. Liam is with them. A car pulls up blasting rap music and the guy picks up a hot chick. Carl sees himself buying a car like that and Dominique getting in with him wearing the pink mink.

Carl says let’s get the bike then a car. Helene tips the bag boy and tells him to take a shower since they’re meeting someone in an hour. She says she’s excited to show off her work from the last three years.

Lip throws her on the bed and starts kissing her. Sean and Fiona find out the house will go up for auction in two days. Sean asks if it’s a public auction then tells Fiona she can buy it there. The guy says highest bidder wins.

He suggests she put in an offer on the house and apply for a mortgage. He says she’s an assistant manager with a stable income. The guy says she has a credit score of zero since she’s never had any credit. He says she can open a credit card account and take a small loan then pay it back.

He says then in one day she can have a good credit score. Fiona is stunned. Kevin watches TV and eats cereal. Yanis calls for him from the sidewalk. He tells Kevin to come out. He finally does. Yanis says he needs a favor.

He says it’s personal and Kevin steps outside to talk to him. He tells Kevin he used to press 900 pounds and the yuppy lawyer who did this lives around the block. He asks Kevin to help set his house on fire.

Yanis says he will feel better when the house is on fire and the family is on fire and screaming. He says it will be worth it. Kevin says don’t burn anyone and tells him to go home and take his pain meds. Yanis invites him over to watch The Voice later.

Kevin goes back inside the house and Yanis wheels away. The Mexicans are still camping in the Gallagher yard and Frank hangs out with them. He tells them about Debbie refusing to marry the old guy he found for her that’s dying.

Fiona tells Ian that they might be able to buy the house. Ian asks how. Fiona tells Ian and Carl about it. She says they need a $3,500 down payment. Carl says he’s got it and pulls out a stack of cash. Fiona is disturbed at the fat stack of cash.

Fiona says no and then says she doesn’t want their house seized for buying it with drug money. Frank comes in and says if Carl wants to step up, it’s fine. Carl says he’ll spend it on his ride instead and he and Nick go upstairs.

Frank follows now that he knows Carl has money. Ian asks why call a family meeting if she makes all the decisions. Frank tells Carl he’s a real success and asks for $60. He hands him a hundie and Frank says at least one Gallagher is living up to his potential.

Fiona talks to Sean and says she can’t endorse Carl being a criminal and he says he gets it. He asks if her boobs are bigger and she says enjoy it while he can and says she has to reschedule the abortion after the auction.

He offers to kick in some money towards the down payment and she says she has an idea and will let him know once she decides. She asks how much money he has and he says hundreds of dollars then calls her a gold digger.

Lip tries out the bidet at their posh hotel. He says that’s a new sensation. Helena laughs and he says he’s not sure if he likes it. Fiona calls for Lip and she says she’s working on a pre-certified loan application.

He says he can lend her $280 towards the down payment. He tells her the hotel is swanky and she promises to text with any updates. Fiona looks at the wedding ring Gus gave her and ponders. Ian brings Fiona downstairs.

Chuckie is downstairs with a social worker who says since his mom is incarcerated, they are the family. The woman says they are looking for a foster home. Fiona says any relative will do. Fiona grabs a sharpie and makes the swastika into a square.

She tells Ian to get his Nazi nephew some breakfast. Fiona tells Carl no race wars in the house. Frank is back at oncology looking for likely prospects for Debbie. He chats up a younger guy he sees there and says no one should face death alone.

The guy says he’s there with his wife and he asks what kind of cancer. He says stage three breast cancer. Then Frank asks if he has kids and he says they can’t afford help but they’re managing. Frank says you need to think of the kids. He offers him his card and shady services.

Ian goes to the firehouse the next day and sees all the hot gay firefighters working out. Kevin asks Veronica if Yanis would really burn down the lawyer’s house. He says he told Ryland he was going to cut off his balls and hang them from the rearview.

V says that’s enough and he apologizes. She says everyone talks shit but most people don’t follow through. Svetlana says she’s going to another job and calls it a speakeasy. She says they should go meet Georgia to see how to make the bar better.

Kevin says it’s fine and Svetlana says no one is there. Svetlana tells them both to come tonight to the new place. Kermit comes in and asks who’s getting topless. Svetlana says tapas. He says flash him and V says no but Svetlana shows her tits and he sits down for a beer.

Ian comes over to the fireman who saved him and hands him a plate of cookies. His name is Jason. He asks if he wants a smoothie and introduces Ian to the other guys. He sees a photo of Jason with his husband and kids.

Caleb comes over with a smoothie and he says he’s a sculptor. Ian says he’s a janitor and Caleb says he did that before. Ian asks about seeing his studio and he tells him where it is. Then they get a call and they all suit up and ride out.

Ian waves goodbye. The doors shut after the truck leaves. Helene and Lip go down to the main conference for her presentation. A guy interrupts her and asks if she’s read the letters. She says there is no surviving correspondence.

He says they were found a week ago and says they have them at Loyola. He says it disproves her thesis. She presses on. The guy interrupts again and says that she has the influence completely wrong and provides a counter argument.

Helene is put off then asks if there’s anything else. The guy sits down. Helene fumbles. V is with Fiona and tells her about the speakeasy called Public Restroom. Fiona is on the phone with the banker and says she is pre-certified for up to $100k.

Fiona raves about Sean who says he’s like a junkie Superman. V asks if she knows she’s planning on pawning Gus’ ring. V looks at the ring and Fiona says it may have come through the Holocaust in her cooch. She says it’s worth $7k.

V says go on and buy your house and f-k his grandma. Chuckie helps Nick work on his bike and Carl chases his cousin off then tells him he can get a license. Carl asks what’s with the bike obsession. Nick says when he was nine, he told his dad he wanted a bike and he beat him.

He says he saved money for a year and had it one day and then his dad traded it for a rock. He says they locked me up for what I did to him. Nick says they asked him if he was homesick when he was in juvie and he says no, I just wanted my bike.

V and Fiona take Gus’ ring to a Jewish jeweler who offers her $1900. She counters with $6k and he says $1900 again. Fiona takes it to walk away then stops and says $4k. He offers $1900 again. She curses and takes it.

Frank comes to Debbie and says he has a lead on a job. She is making a dog walker flyer. He says it will be winter and she can’t be eight months pregnant dragging dogs around putting her baby at risk. He says she can work as a nanny.

He says it’s good practice for when she has her baby. Debs asks what’s the catch and he says there’s not one. Lip pushes a drunk Helene onto the elevator. She giggles and asks why they put mirrors in there.

She unzips him and hits the stop button on the elevator. He moves it back and says stop. He says wait for the room and then an older couple gets on with them. She drunkenly introduces herself and falls giggling to the floor.

Svetlana takes them to the bar. You have to flush to get the door to open – there’s no obvious door. It’s really weird. V and Svetlana head inside. It’s $15 bucks a drink and it’s number one and two. Svetlana calls Georgia over.

She tells V that she’s rude and hard to understand so she’s perfect. She says you need to make it hard to find and no marketing. She tells her the Alibi was great until they hung the banner then says there’s no coming back from it.

Fiona tells Sean her update on the down payment and tells him about pawning the ring then she says she’s $950 short. He says he has that exact amount burning a hole in his pocket. She asks if he’s sure and they kiss. She thanks him and promises to pay it back.

She worries what if they don’t get the house and he says she will. She says they’ve been in foreclosure before and says she was 10 the first time they were on the street with all the kids. She says she’d have to split them up.

She says she can just move in with him. He stares and she says she was just kidding. He says he was just thinking what that would look like. She says she’s hungry and fixes some food. Helena is barfing while Lip holds her hair.

She asks if he thinks it’s sexy. She says sorry and says her book is toast and she was humiliated in front of her peers by a gay Jesuit spouting feminism. He says wait til you’re sober before assessing your life.

She asks if she’s a cliché like Mrs Robinson chasing a young guy. He says Mrs R was hot so it’s not a bad thing. She says someday he’ll be with a girl his age and will tell her about the older woman who taught you things.

He smiles. Helene says the bellhop thought they were married and asks if that’s crazy. He shakes his head no. Helene says she was looking for a fling but it’s different now and so much more. He agrees. She vomits again.

Carl stares at pics of Dominique on social media. Next day, Frank takes Debbie to the house to meet Erica, the cancer wife. She says Tyler told him about her. She invites Debbie inside and is stunned to realize she’s sick.

Lip wakes alone in bed and looks around. She left a note to meet her in the lobby. He comes down and asks how she feels. She’s sipping coffee and says last night was a new low. He says no medics were called so it’s better than his house growing up.

Helene tells him she was drunk and talking nonsense last night and says forget it happened. She goes to check them out. He sits stunned. The bellhop asks if he and his mother need a taxi. Carl brings Dominique a bicycle and she asks if he has the receipt.

He say he does and tells her to ride it home and think about it. She says don’t ride too close. He hopes on the back of Nick’s bike and they follow her.

Erica tells Debbie since she’s been sick, she’s been of no use. Frank says Debbie loves working with kids and they lie and tell her she’s 18. Erica says she has to lie down but Tyler will be back soon. She leaves the room.

Frank pokes around and says it’s an ideal place for them to raise the kid. Debbie is stunned that he’s setting her up to marry the dying woman’s husband. Frank says Tyler will be sick with grief and turn to her.

Debbie is disgusted but Frank says check out the backyard. Tyler comes in and Debbie stares at him – she thinks he’s cute. Frank gives her a nod and she goes to help Tyler with the groceries. Sean and Fiona prepare to go to the auction.

He says if she doesn’t get the house, she can crash with him. She says he has doubts and will find a place to crash if it doesn’t work out. He says she misunderstood him. Sean says when his ex moved in, there were problems because of things she didn’t know about him.

Fiona asks what she doesn’t know and he says they don’t need to do this now but she insists. Sean says he went to prison in his 20s and she says she figured that. He says he killed a guy and she scoffs. He says he’s not joking.

He says he was drunk, high and sleeping in a van then got into a fight with another junkie and says he beat him severely and says he died at the hospital. He says he lives with it and he should have told her before.

Fiona looks upset then asks if there’s anything else. He says heroin and killing a guy are all that comes to mind. She says okay. Then she says let’s go. Kevin catches up to Yanis who is wheeling his way to the lawyer’s house to burn it down.

Kevin begs him to stop. He made Molotov cocktails and starts screaming at their house. Kevin tells him he didn’t cut the cable then says he did. Yanis turns and he says he meant to cut the throttle to keep the peace in the neighborhood.

He says he feels awful and is so sorry. He says please forgive me and we can be stronger friends because of this. Kevin says he’s glad to get it off his chest. Yanis lights the Molotov cocktail and Kevin says stop.

He throws one at Kevin but then accidentally catches himself on fire. His wheelchair spins as he screams and goes up in flames. Kevin curses and calls for help. Fiona and Sean meet Lip and Fiona at the auction.

Ian says there are squatters and rats. Nick goes to stop a guy from bidding. It goes to $130k and then sells to someone else. The Gallaghers are all stunned. Fiona looks like she’s in shock. Yanis’ wheelchair finally stops but he keeps burning.