Sofia Vergara’s Bizarre Beauty Routine Scares Joe Manganiello: Actress Showers With Makeup – Insecurities Will Lead To Split?

Sofia Vergara's Bizarre Beauty Routine Scares Joe Manganiello: Actress Showers With Makeup - Insecurities Will Lead To Split?

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s marriage might not last very long if the actress keeps up with her bizarre beauty routines. Sofia Vergara has admitted that she is so self-conscious about her appearance in front of her husband that she wears makeup while showering.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Maganiello’s romance started off as a fairytale, complete with a Christmas engagement in Hawaii, along with a star-studded wedding in West Palm Beach, Florida. The ‘Magic Mike XXL’ actor is so smitten with his wife that he’s even admitted in the past that she was always his secret Hollywood crush. And now that the couple is married, it seems like Sofia Vergara is doing anything it takes to keep up her sexy image, even though she says Joe Manganiello doesn’t see her “imperfections.”

Sofia Vergara told People Magazine, “He just thinks that I have a nice figure, great skin, great hair and that’s all he needs. I always have something on, even if I’m going to shower, I put on a little bit of mascara, a little bit of blush and some lipstick. I usually wear my hair down. I don’t really like my hair up, it gives me a headache.”

And while there’s no doubt that it’s part of Sofia Vergara’s career to always look good, her bizarre beauty routines might be off-putting for her husband Joe Manganiello. Sure, Sofia Vergara’s beauty is what attracted the actor to her in the first place, but sooner or later he might grow tired of her spending hours of her day doing her hair and makeup or worse, wearing her lipstick in the shower.

Sofia Vergara added, “I want to tell you it’s when I just woke up, but it’s not true. It’s when I have my hair and makeup completely done for work, that’s when I feel more sexy.” This, of course, has fans wondering if Sofia Vergara is so scared of showing Joe Manganiello her true, natural beauty that he might leave her.

That scenario is doubtful, as the actor is head-over-heels in love with the actress, but Sofia Vergara’s admissions hint that she might be too self-conscious about her looks in front of the man she married.

Tell us CDL readers, do you think Sofia Vergara is exaggerating her makeup routine at home? Is she worried of what Joe Manganiello might say if she stopped wearing makeup around the house? Let us know what you think and of course check back with CDL for all the latest updates on Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello along with all of your favorite celebrity couples right here.

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