Supernatural Recap Finale – Amara Parting Gift is Winchester Mom: 11 Episode 23 “Alpha and Omega”

Supernatural Recap Finale - Amara Parting Gift is Winchester Mom: 11 Episode 23 "Alpha and Omega"

Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with an all new Wednesday, May 25, season 11 finale called “Alpha and Omega,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, season 11 ends with God coming to a decision about Amara that has direct repercussions for Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean. (Jensen Ackles)

On the last episode, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) faced their biggest challenge yet. Rowena (Ruth Connell) made her move. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “God (guest star Rob Benedict) comes to a decision about Amara (guest star Emily Swallows) that has direct repercussions for Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles).”

Tonight’s season 11 finale looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST!

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#Supernatural starts with Castiel and God down for the count and Sam and Dean just coming to. Dean check son Castiel who is alive and back to himself. Cass says Lucifer is gone because Amara ripped him out but he doesn’t know where he’s gone to.

Sam checks on Chuck aka God. Chuck says he feels like a bug that hit a windshield. He says whatever Amara did to him, his life spark is fading. Chuck says they can’t fix him but maybe Amara can. Rowena comes in and then Crowley shows up.

He says that was dog’s breakfast. Rowena tells them to look outside and they all go. They see a giant roiling light in the sky. Castiel says the sun looks like it’s dying. Cass says without the sun, everything on earth would die.

Chuck blinks them all back to the bunker but he’s failing fast. Dean goes to grab beer. He chugs one and Sam and Cass come in and ask what the hell he’s doing. He says they hit Amara with everything and she walked it off.

Dean says he will punch, shoot or kill anything they want, but says they can’t fix the freaking sun. In London, a woman looks up at the sun as her chauffeur helps her out of the car. It’s Lady Antonia Bevell (Elizabeth Blackmore), a new character.

She was heretic Valerie on Vampire Diaries. Toni gets a call telling her the bloody sun has cracked. She goes into a secret room where we see wanted posters for Sam and Dean and files on the men of letters. She says she’s on her way and ends the call.

Rowena offers to make tea for God and Crowley tells him his mother is using him because that’s how she operates. Chuck says he can’t help anyone so there’s nothing to take from him. He says Rowena is nice. Crowley says he won’t call him dad.

Back in England, Toni kisses a young boy that’s asleep in his bed and goes downstairs. She tells the caretaker to tell him she’ll be back. Toni tells the woman it’s really bad and the woman shows her a bag of weapons she packed for her.

Rowena tells Chuck that Crowley liked to run around naked as a child. Sam comes in and says they need to do something. Crowley asks what his plan is and Sam says anything but this. Chuck says locking Amara away wouldn’t help.

Chuck says when he dies, the cosmic balance is over and so is everything. Sam says if they can’t cage her, they have to kill her. Crowley says bingo. Dean and Cass are in the car on a beer run. Dean asks if he’s okay after the Lucifer thing.

Dean says he was right to let Lucifer ride shotgun and says it was their best shot. Cass says he just wanted to help. Dean says he does help them. Dean takes a call and says they’re on the way. He tells Cass has something and they pop a u-turn.

Sam says Chuck is dying so they have no choice. He says if Amara dies too, there is balance since both sides of the light-dark scale are empty. Dean says he’s game, but how can they do it. Cass says she seems impossible to destroy.

They ask Chuck if she is and he stammers then says light can hurt her. He says 10,000 suns or a supernova might do it. Dean says just God them up but Chuck says he’s too weak. Sam asks Rowena about the book of the damned. She has no clue and neither does Crowley.

Cass says human souls would do it. Rowena says she can build a bomb with enough souls. Chuck says that might do it. Sam says plan B. Rowena says the more souls the better. Crowley asks if it will work and Cass says he’ll go borrow some from heaven.

Dean says they can take souls from ghosts. Waverly Hills Sanitarium has thousands of souls there trapped. Crowley says he’ll raid hell and see what’s left. Sam says let’s get to work. Chuck looks sad about them plotting to kill his sister.

Amara is in a garden and looks up at the dying sun. A plant nearby is brittle and dead. She looks at her hand and realizes she’s done this. Amara looks sadly up at the sun. Dean and Sam go to the sanitarium with a soul trapping crystal that Rowena gave them.

They head inside and it’s super creepy. Dean says let’s bust some ghosts. They draw a large salt outline and Dean wonders where the ghosts are. Dean says get your Casper asses out here. He hands Dean the salt and Sam say she’ll go piss them off.

Dean is attacked and takes out one and Sam starts shooting at apparitions. More and more come and Sam says it worked. He comes back to Dean and they take them out. Dean goes to grab the crystal but it’s knocked out of his hand.

A huge one gets hold of Sam and he tells Dean to say the magic word. He says “haggis” and the souls all are sucked into the now-glowing crystal. Sam and Dean are impressed and walk out with a big bag of souls. As they walk out, we see Billie the reaper watching them.

Cass reports back that heaven refused to share any souls. Dean asks if they know it’s the end. Cass says they know God is dying and don’t think they can win. He says they’re sealing heaven and preparing to die. Crowley says he has none left in hell.

Someone comes into the bunker and they pull their guns. It’s Billie. Dean tells Rowena that she’s a Reaper and tons of fun. Billie says a flirty hey to Crowley then asks why they’re ghostbusting. Sam says they’re collecting souls to build a bomb to blow up the darkness.

Billie says okay then says she’s about an hour away from reaping God so she can help. Billie says if you want souls, call a reaper. A woman approaches Amara and says she likes her dress then offers her bird seed to give to the pigeons. Amara says she shouldn’t.

The woman says she’s been feeding the pigeons for 20 years and thinks of them as family. She talks on and on and Amara looks sad. The woman says even when you hate family, you still love them. Billie conjures up souls – a lot of them.

They flow in and into her outstretched hand. She says that’s a couple hundred thousand since she raided the veil. Rowena gently takes the crystal. Billie takes another flirty look at Crowley. Sam says now we need Amara and Chuck says he can track her.

He says she’s not warded since she won. Cass says someone has to be able to get close to her. Rowena looks at Dean. He says how does he smuggle in the bomb. Crowley suggest shoving it up his butt. Rowena says he won’t carry it, he’ll be the bomb.

She says she’s going to put it in him and then he gets close to Amara and presses his fingers together then boom. Dean says okay. Chuck sighs. Rowena chants and forces the souls into Dean’s chest. He looks like he’s in agony and groans once it’s done.

Dean says it feels like his insides are flame broiled. He asks if it’s normal and Rowena says far past it and he’s a walking ticking time bomb. Toni lands and tells the driver they need to go to Lebanon, Kansas. Sam tells Dean he doesn’t have to do it.

They’re standing at Mary Winchester’s grave – it’s their mom. Dean says he can do it. Sam plants a kiss on his mother’s headstone. Dean asks Chuck if he’s cool with this and Chuck says no, she’s still his sister and he doesn’t want her dead but he understands.

Cass hugs Dean and he hugs him back. Cass is torn up and offers to come with him. Dean says he has to do it alone. He tells Cass when this works, watch out for Sam. Cass agrees readily. Dean thanks him for everything.

Dean says he wants a big epic funeral with a Sabbath cover band, Gary Busey reading the eulogy and an open bar. He says scatter his ashes near their mother. Sam says yeah. Dean tells Sam you know the drill and says no chick flick moments.

Sam says Dean loves chick flicks and he agrees he does then hugs his brother tight. Sam is distraught and near tears. Dean says let’s do this. Chuck snaps and Dean is gone. He’s in the garden now and looks around. He looks up at the sun that’s fading.

Crowley and the others drive in Baby to a bar called The Lazy Shag and there’s a closed sign. Crowley magics the doors open. Crowley tells Moose it’s his turn to be the round. Amara asks Dean how he found her and he says he’s there to give her what she wants – him.

Amara says it’s a change. Dean says he can’t watch everyone die. He says if becoming part of you takes me away from that, I agree. Amara says she knows the bomb is in his chest but says he can’t hurt her and never has been able to.

He says this time he has no choice. She says she didn’t hurt the sun – she says that’s because Chuck is dying. She says when God is gone, the universe and everything will cease to exist, including her. The gang at the bar watches the news. Crowley clicks it off and says boring.

Cass says God looks horrible. Amara says her brother locked her away for billions of years. Dean says Chuck doesn’t want her dead and doesn’t want any of this. Rowena sits drinking by her son. Sam comes to sit by Chuck who is looking bad.

Amara says this is not what she wanted – she just wanted to make Chuck pay and hurt him. Dean says revenge will get you out of bed in the morning but then after about five minutes, it’s not so great. He says he and Sam fought, but always made it right because they’re family.

Dean says they need each other because they’re brothers. Dean says he thinks Amara is human where it counts and needs her brother. He says she doesn’t want to be alone and maybe that’s why she thought she wanted Dean.

Dean says maybe he can kill her, maybe he can’t, maybe it doesn’t matter. He says maybe there’s another way. He asks her to put aside the rage and hate and tell him what she wants. Amara thinks. Sam tells Chuck they need him to try and hang in as long as he can.

Chuck says he’s trying. Sam goes to get him water but then Chuck is gone. Amara brought her brother to her. She tells him she loved him and thought he loved her then he made all these other things. She says she hated him for making other things and loving them and then he locked her away.

Amara says she thought revenge would make her happy but she’s wrong. She says what he’s made is beautiful. She says it took her a long time to see it. Amara says she wishes they could be family again. Chuck says he does too.

They take hands and light glows between them. She heals him and the sun begins to glow brightly. The gang at the bar are stunned. They go outside to see for themselves that the sun has healed. They think Dean did it. Sam is suddenly sad.

Amara fully heals Chuck and then Chuck tells Dean they’re just going to go away for a while. Dean says a family meeting is a good idea. Chuck goes to him and puts a hand over his chest and sucks out all the souls. Dean gasps at the sensation.

Dean says what about us and Earth. Chuck says it will be fine since Earth has Dean and Sam. He and Amara grasp hands. Amara says Dean gave her what she needed most and says she wants to do the same for him. She and Chuck fade away in a cloud of light and dark smoke.

Sam and Cass go back to the bunker and a woman is there with a blood dripping hand and she slaps a rune. It’s Toni. Cass is gone. She tells him she’s from the Men of Letters London chapter and says they’re traditional and mostly study.

She says she was sent to take him in assuming the world didn’t end. She says they’ve been watching him and all the damage he caused. She says the old men decided enough is enough and says he’s just a jumped up hunter doing more harm than good.

She asks where’s Dean and he says dead. Sam says he doesn’t know who the hell she is and she pulls a gun on him. He says she won’t shoot him. He steps closer and she shoots. A shell casing hits the floor. Dean is in some trees clueless where he is.

He hears someone calling out for help and goes to see who it is. It’s Mary, his mother. She’s alive! And Sam was just shot and thinks he’s dead. WOW.