The Bachelor 2016 Recap 1/4/16: Season 20 Episode 1 Premiere

The Bachelor 2016 Recap 1/4/16: Season 20 Episode 1 Premiere

The Bachelor 2016 airs on ABC this evening with an all new Monday January 4, season 20 premiere and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, season 20 begins with 26-year-old Ben Higgins meeting 28 beautiful bachelorettes vying for his attention and for the first impression rose.

On the last season’s finale, the compelling live three-hour television event began as America will watch along with the studio audience as Chris Soules’ journey to find love came to its astonishing conclusion. The Bachelor prepared to make one of the most difficult choices of this life, having narrowed down the field to two women – Becca and Whitney – both of whom he was falling in love with. Did you watch the last season’s finale? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s show as per the ABC synopsis, “season 20 begins with 26-year-old Ben Higgins meeting 28 beautiful bachelorettes vying for his attention and for the first impression rose. Among the ladies are identical twin sisters, a cowgirl and a dentist. But everyone is stunned when two late arrivals—Becca, runner-up on Chris Soules’ season, and Amber, another alumna from Chris’ season—join the party. Also appearing to give advice to Ben are former Bachelors Sean Lowe, Chris Soules and Jason Mesnick.”

We will be live blogging tonight’s premiere episodee of the The Bachelor 2016 and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, cat fights and tears. So come back tonight at 8PM for our live recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelor?

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor kicks off with Kaitlyn Bristowe’s ex Ben Higgins introducing himself as a “normal guy from a small town in Indiana.” Ben thinks that his small town values will help him on his journey as The Bachelor. Apparently, the people of Warsaw, Indiana had a parade in his honor before he left to meet his future wife. Ben has had a tough time finding love, he has gotten his heart broen in the past, and he is afraid that he is unlovable. Surely after having 28 women fighting over him for an entire season – his confidence will get a much-needed boost.

Right before it was time for Ben Higgins to meet his 28 new women, he had a sit down with former Bahelors Sean Lowe, Chris Soules, and Jason Mesnick – they gave him some advice on being a Bachelor. Chris Soules tells Ben that you only get one opportunity to meet your wife, “so he should just kiss them all.” Ben doesn’t get how he can kiss more than one girl in one night, he isn’t impressed with Chris’s advice. Sean Lowe says that he should just be upfront with all of them, he admits that he din’t even like Catherine until halfway through the season.

Next Chris Harrison shares a clip of some of the women that will be competing for Ben Higgins. First up is Lauren Bushnell, a 25 year old flight attendant that considers herself a beach bum, she relocated to California from Portlan Oregon. Up next is Caila Quinn, a software rep from Boston, she broke up with her boyfriend when she saw Ben Higgins on The Bachelorette – and she got butterflies. Jubilee is an Afghanistan war veteran, she jokes that she is “on a mission to win Ben’s heart and there might be some casualties.” Mandi is a self-proclaimed wierdo an dentist from Portland. She thinks Ben loos like he flosses, so he is definitely husband material. Amanda is a 25 year old divorcee – and mother of two children, she hasn’t dated any one since her divorce 2 years ago.

Tara is a “chicken enthusiast” – she is concerned about leaving behind her pet chickens, but she has decided it is time for her to take a chance on love and go meet Ben. She thinks he may be her future husband. Up next is Samantha – a law school graduate from Florida. She shares a touching story about her father passing away from ALS when she was a kid, and how important family is to her.

It’s finally time for the moment we have all been waiting for – the awkward and cliché limo arrivals. Ben Higgins stands outside the Bachelor mansion as the first limo full of women arrive, they all squeal aout how cute he is.

Lauren Bushnell – a 25 year old flight attendant – introduces herself to Bnen. She has brought him a pair of wings, and says that she “hopes he is ready to take off on this journey together.”

Caila Quinn – a 24 year old software rep – jumps in to Ben’s arms and thanks him for catching her, she says that she will catch up with him inside.

Jennifer – a 25 year old small business owner – arrives next in a long black gown. She raves that Ben is handsome, and she thinks that “Ben and Jen is too cute.”

Jami – a 23 year old bartender from Canada – she reveals that she knows Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Kaitlyn told her that Ben has a “really, really big heart.”

Sam – a law student from Florida – is up next, she squeals that this is the best week ever, she says that she just passed the bar exam and then got to meet Ben. She makes a corny joke about legal briefs and heads inside.

Julbilee – a 24 year old war veteran – climbs out of the limo next in a gorgeous white dress. She hugs Ben and says that she is nervous, and she forgot all of her pick-up lines. She makes a sad attempt at a joke and says her dress is too tight and she can’t breathe, but it might be because he just smiled at her.

Amanda – a mom of two – arrives next. She has the most normal introduction so far. She keeps it simple, hugs Ben, and says she is glad that he is the Bachelor before she goes inside the mansion.

Lace – a 25 year old real estate agent – makes a bold first impression. She tells Ben to close his eyes and kisses him, then giggles that she wanted to make sure she got the first kiss of the season.

Lauren R. – a 26 year old math teacher – introduces herself next, she confesses that she has been stalking him on social media. She tells him that she has something special to show him later tonight.

Shushanna – a 27 year old mathematician – arrives next. Her introduction is a it awkward seeing as how she doesn’t speak English, only Russian.

Leah – a 25 year old even planner – hops out of the limo and pulls her dress up and says that she wants to play football. She bends over and hikes the football to Ben between her legs. She gushes that she is a huge football fan, and Ben is too.

Jojo – a 24 year old real estate agent – arrives and climbs out of the limo with a unicorn costume on. She jokes that she is “one of a kind” just like a unicorn.

Lauren H – a 25 year old teacher – hops out of the limo with a wilting bouquet that she caught at a wedding last week. They both agree that it is some kind of sign, and she tells Ben that the dead flowers are for him.

Laura – a 24 year old account exec from Kentucky – says that she is “freaking out.” Laura says that her friends all her “red Velvet,” because of her red hair. She tells Ben that he can call her that too.

Mandi – a dentist from Portland – arrives with a huge red rose on her head. She says that if things go well, Ben “can pollinate her later.” Mandi heads inside, and the other girls think she is a bit bizarre.

Haley And Emily Ferguson – identical twin sisters – hop out of the limo together and Ben is obviously thrown for a loop by them. Ben awkwardly pulls them in for a group hug and they joke that they have never dated the same guy before.

Maegan – a 30 year old cowgirl – walks up the driveway, she is walking a mini pony named Huey. She reveals that she is from Texas and her life is nothing but trail rides and barbecues. Maegan heads inside with her pony, and all of the girls start squealing about how cute he is.

Breanne – a 30 year old nutritionist therapist – arrives next, with a picnic basket full of bread. She doesn’t eat gluten but she wants to “break bread” with Ben.

Izzy – a graphic designer – arrives in footy pajamas. She jokes that Ben is the “onesie for him.” Of course the other girls tease her mercifully, especially Lace.
Rachel arrives on a hover board and says that she is on “cloud nine.” She hops down and introduces herself to Ben before she heads inside.

Jessica – a 23 year old accountant – arrives next. She introduces herself to Ben and he calls her a sweetheart when she gushes that she feels like the “luckiest woman in the world” to meet him.

Lauren – a 23 year old fashion buyer – introduces herself to Ben next. She raves about how excited she is to meet him. She’s only about the 4th woman named Lauren to meet Ben, luckily she calls herself AB.

Jackie – an oncologist – is up next. She has brought a save the date card for their future wedding. It actually says “#ToHigginsAndToHold.”

Olivia – a 23 year old news anchor – arrives. She confesses that she is super nervous, and she can’t get over how tall he is. They compare each other’s dimples and then she heads inside. She promises that later she will have more to say.

It looks like the limo introductions are finally over – Ben heads inside to talk to all of the girls, he makes a toast and says that he is sure that his future wife might be in the room. In the midst of his speech, Mandi announces that she is going to steal Ben and drags him outside. She is a dentist so she gives him an oral exam – after checking out his teeth, she says that he needs to floss more. Ben gets some alone time with Oliia next, she reveals that she quit an amazing job as a news anchor so that she could come meet him, because she thought that he was totally worth joining the unemployment line.

While Ben is inside getting to know the girls – Chris Harrison meets another limo outside. Bachelor alums BeccaTilley and Amber James get out of the car – Chris reveals that Ben has no idea that they are coming. Chris is shocked that they actually volunteered to join another season of the show. But, it’s up to Ben whether or not he keeps them or sends them home. Becca and Amber head inside, and all of the women are shocked to see them. They are not happy to see that they are here for Ben too.

Becca finds Ben Higgins outside talking to one of the women and she crashes their 1-on-1 time and introduces herself to a very shocked Ben. Inside, Lace is drunk and can’t stop ranting about how much she hates Ben, she goes searching for him and Becca and listens in on their conversation. She spots Ben and Becca holding hands while they are talking and she is a jealous mess. Meanwhile, Amber shows up and introduces herself to Ben too.

Lace tries to make a move on Ben and kiss him again and he shuts her down. She is on the verge of a meltdown, but Ben finds her again later in the night and reassures her that he didn’t want to shut her down, he just wants to get to know everyone better before he starts kissing everybody.

After chatting with a few more of the girls – Ben heads inside and says that he needs to talk to Olivia in private. He takes her outside and gives her the first impression rose, it means a lot to him that she actually walked away from her job, just to take a chance on meeting him. Inside, the mood has changed, the other girls are obviously jealous that Olivia got the first rose.

It’s time for Ben’s first rose ceremony. The woman line up and Ben begins handing out roses to: Lauren B, LB, Caila, Amber, Jami, Jennifer, Jubilee, Amanda, Jojo, Leah, Samantha, Rachel, Jackie, Haley, Emily, Lauren H., Becca, Mandi, and the final rose goes to Lace.

The women who didn’t receive their roses say their goodbyes, and then Ben gives a speech. Lace interrupts him and says that she needs to talk to them in private. She begins arguing with Ben, she is upset because he gave her a rose last and wouldn’t make eye contact during the entire rose ceremony. Ben tries to rationalize with Crazy Lace that he wants her to stay – Ben can tell that the drama is just getting started.


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