The Real Housewives Of Toronto To Appear On Slice Network: Six New Wives Take On Canada With Glitz, Glam, And Drama!

The Real Housewives Of Toronto To Appear On Slice Network: Six New Wives Take On Canada With Glitz, Glam, And Drama!

The Real Housewives of Toronto is coming to a TV near you quite soon and will air on the Slice network in Canada. I just heard your scream of delight through cyberspace. Yes, you can soon get an intimate peek into the lives of six new, wealthy, privileged housewives living it up in The Real Housewives of Toronto. Bubbly and designer accessories complimentary. Nasty fights and loud arguments guaranteed.

The promotional press release on the Chorus Entertainment site reads, in part: “The Real Housewives franchise is back with a facelift!” The Real Housewives of Toronto will premier on the Slice network next winter. Of its cast, the press release says the show will feature “six glamorous, larger-than-life housewives.” It continues with: “An intimate look at the luxurious lives of the city’s wealthiest women from their extravagant day-to-day escapades in Toronto to grandiose getaways to their exclusive colossal cottages in Muskoka – Canada’s playground for the rich and famous.”

The Real Housewives of Toronto will undoubtedly be no different from all the other housewives shows. We’ll just be getting some new characters. And we suppose that’s what will either make or break the show.

The format of this franchise is rather simple. Fans love being voyeurs. Admit it. You will tune in for the family drama, relationship troubles, the outfits, the catfights, and bitchy adolescent behavior. You’ll experience a flash of envy when they jet off to a trip to paradise. You’ll wish you were there because who wouldn’t want a vacay at an exclusive ski or beach resort? And be honest, we know while you watch a cast member break down in tears, you’ll laugh with glee inside because that’s not your life.

Really, it’s okay to admit these shows are a guilty pleasures. Who wouldn’t want to live the lives of these women when they make everything appear so effortless and easy? Oh, and fun. How dare we forget the fun. Spa dates, lunches at fancy restaurants, parties, champagne, couture clothing, designer accessories and unlimited cash flow. It’s like living the perfect life through someone else in every episode.

Never mind the lack of substance or human touch to the show. Give us the drama and the squabbles; the backbiting and fake apologies. Because as long as their problems aren’t ours, we’ll tune in every time.

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