The Walking Dead Spoilers: Glenn & Abraham Killed – Two Major Character Deaths on Season 6 Finale?

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Glenn & Abraham Killed - Two Major Character Deaths on Season 6 Finale?

“The Walking Dead” spoilers for the last four episodes of Season 6 indicate scary stuff coming and a bloody ending that will leave us broken-hearted as we wait for Season 7 to pick up the pieces. So who will live and who will die?

TWD Season 6 has been eerily close to the graphic novel with Jesus’ (Tom Payne) miraculous appearance and Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) losing his eye. If this holds true, we’ll see two major character deaths as Season 6 winds to a violent final episode end on April 3.

We likely won’t lay eyes on Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) until the finale episode of Season 6 April 3 when we also meet Lucille, Negan’s barbed wire wrapped bat, that he uses to deliver terrifying punishments and it’s none other than Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) that is slated to die.

We’ve already mourned Glenn’s death once when we thought he fell to the walker horde but instead shimmied under a dumpster. And now he’s sullied himself by killing humans plus Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) has been taken by some lady Saviors.

In the graphic novels, Negan bashes Glenn’s head in with Lucille and fans can likely expect to see the same thing happen on the AMC show. This is horrifying since Glenn is one of the core group, a good guy, and an expectant father.

But The Walking Dead tends not to pull punches so it looks like Glenn may be 86’d on the season finale. But who will the second death be? According to the graphic novels, it’s Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz). In the books, he fell prey to a crossbow bolt to the head thanks to Savior Dwight.

We have actually seen Dwight before – he was the guy in episode six who stole Daryl Dixon’s (Norman Reedus) motorcycle and crossbow. You’ll recall he was on the run with the women from the Saviors. In the novels, Negan burns Dwight’s face and scars half of it horribly.

Last we saw Dwight, he was facially whole, but since the Saviors had the motorcycle – Rick’s crew shot a guy off of it on Sunday’s show (March 6) – so that means they have Dwight too. Also, “The Walking Dead” spoilers reveal that Dwight will show up at Alexandria.

The rumor is that Dwight takes Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) captive as part of a secondary Savior group lurking outside Alexandria while Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and others face off with Negan closer to the Hilltop community.

In the books, Eugene and Abraham are outside the walls of Alexandria when Abraham is shot in the head with a bolt by Dwight while Eugene is taken hostage. Given that Dwight was the last one with Daryl’s crossbow and is slated to take Eugene hostage, his killing Abraham is plausible.

The cliffhanger we are expecting is that Abraham will die fast, Glenn will die horribly and brutally, and Negan’s forces are planning to invade Alexandria as we shut down Season 6. Spoilers for the first episode of Season 7 indicate a Savior attack on Rick’s haven.

But would TWD and AMC dare to take out two core group characters at once? The sad truth is yes they would and we might see both Michael Cudlitz and Steven Yeun as “special guests” on The Talking Dead couch after the season 6 finale – and we all know what special guest means…

What do you think? Will you be horrified if both Abraham and Glenn are killed off? Will Abraham finally get with Sasha Williams (Sonequa Martin-Green) before he kicks the bucket? Are you prepared to lose Glenn for good? How excited are you to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan?

Share your comments below and be sure to check with CDL for live recaps of every The Walking Dead episode through the bloody Season 6 finale.

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