Criminal Minds Recap 2/15/17: Season 12 Episode 13 “Spencer”

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Tonight on CBS their hit drama Criminal Minds returns with an all-new Wednesday, February 15, 2017, episode called “Spencer,” and we have your weekly Criminal Minds recap below. On tonight’s Criminal Minds episode season 12 episode 13 as per the CBS synopsis, “A BAU member gets in trouble in Mexico and the International Response Team is called in to help.”

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Reid is in jail. He had taken some more time off to get his mother settled and had even told his friends that he was going to look into a new doctor for her however that’s the last coherent thing that Reid could recall because he next came too in Mexico and had no idea how he got there. But Reid was fortunate. He was quickly identified as a FBI Agent and so his team had been therefore notified that he was in jail for drug possession with the intent to sell. So all they wanted to know was who got to Reid and why he was in Mexico?

Reid hadn’t said a thing to them about going to Mexico and they had believed the doctor he was talking about was in the United States. However, it wasn’t hard too imagine Reid using a doctor from Mexico. The others had talked about it and they knew that people had access to drugs in Mexico that the FDA wouldn’t approve of. So they assumed that Reid might have withheld a few things about the doctor because he hadn’t wanted to get them into trouble or worse force them to choose between him and the job yet what they didn’t get was the drugs.

Reid’s friends had known about his history with Tobias Hankel and how he had been forced to take drugs once. Yet, the Reid they knew would never take drugs of his own free will much less then attempt to sell it. So their next guess was Mr. Scratch. Peter Lewis had targeted members of the team since escaping prison and he could have easily gotten to Reid without them knowing though the they also would have a surer guess of things if Reid was making sense and sadly he wasn’t. Reid couldn’t remember why he was dressed the way he was, on drugs, or the doctor he was going to see.

Though having Prentiss and some of the others flying down to Mexico did help. Reid was able to piece together a few more things with their help and so he did remember the doctor’s name. He had remembered that it was on his arm and she was Rosa Medina. So Garcia tried looking up a Rosa Medina and she couldn’t find her, but if Rosa really was a holistic doctor that she might have given a fake name because over sixty holistic doctors had been killed in the US during a single year and there was still no explanation for it.

So Garcia then tried checking holistic doctors from Mexico to Houston and she found four however only one person’s name was play on words with Media and it was Nadia Ramos. Nadia had once written an article on Alzheimer’s and she specialized with patients suffering from the disease. But the agents had gone with the Mexican Officials to search Nadi’s place and all they had found was her dead body. She had apparently died not that long ago and her death matched up the time when Reid would have been there. And so the officials thought Reid was their killer.

Reid had drugs in his system and in his car. However, the death of a Mexican National meant that Reid had to be arrested and imprisoned based on Mexican Law. So they wanted to prove him to a prison and the prison they were thinking about was the worst they had to offer yet the BAU had made a bargain. Prentiss had wanted to walk Reid through a cognitive interview and so she told the Mexican police that they could have her agent once she interviewed him.

In exchange, though, Prentiss had to agree to record the interview for the police. So Prentiss got what she wanted and she had time to talk to Reid on her own. Yet, Reid’s interview had been hazy. He had remembered meeting with Rosa at the motel and he said that she had been attacked only he hadn’t sure who was attacking her. And so Prentiss knew that she couldn’t let anyone outside of the team hear the interview and she erased it. She knew that that way meant Reid’s words couldn’t be taken out of context or make him look like a killer.

Though she knew the team needed additional help and so she called in the IRT. The IRT were familiar with helping American nationals in trouble on foreign soil and so they knew how to handle Reid’s case as well as stop him from getting put away in a foreign jail. So they worked with their Mexican connections and they were looking into the case trying to buy time, but Garcia had come across something that meant Reid couldn’t be put in Mexican jail. She had found out that Nadia had been born in the US and moved to Mexico when she was a baby.

So the victim being an American herself was god save. Prentiss called in her boss at the bureau and put in an immediate extradition for Reid which thankfully translated into them all going back to the states on the plane. But there were some good and bad news. The good news was that DNA evidence from the crime scene proved that there had been a third party in that room however the bureau wasn’t going to pay for Reid’s legal service because he had been in Mexico off the books. And the fact that no one was happy with that was a given.

Reid had gone to Mexico at three times on his personal passport because he had been trying to get contraband medicine for his mother. So things didn’t look good for him and he now had just his friends to rely on.