General Hospital Spoilers: Frank Valentini and Rebecca Budig Talk GH Return – Hayden’s Exit Not Final

General Hospital Spoilers: Frank Valentini and Rebecca Budig Talk GH Return – Hayden's Exit Not Final

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Hayden (Rebecca Budig) will soon leave Finn (Michael Easton) heartbroken. She’ll make a quick getaway this week and her fans are pretty broken up about it. However, GH viewers shouldn’t give up hope! There are some positive signs about Hayden’s possible return.

The show’s executive producer, Frank Valentini, recently talked about Hayden in an interview with Michael Fairman. He admitted that letting Rebecca Budig go was a tough decision. Still, he suggested that we should never say never. “Hayden could return,” Valentini said. “You never know what the future holds.”

General Hospital Spoilers: Frank Valentini and Rebecca Budig Talk GH Return – Hayden's Exit Not Final

General Hospital fans are passionate about the cast members they love. They always speak out when a favorite actor or actress gets the boot. If enough support is there, GH might take that into account. It certainly can’t hurt to let the show know how you feel!

Budig has really poured her heart into her latest performances. Even people who aren’t big fans of the character have been praising Budig on social media. These scenes have been devastating, but maybe better days are ahead. Hayden is still pregnant with Finn’s baby, so she could always come back with his son or daughter eventually.

General Hospital Spoilers: Frank Valentini and Rebecca Budig Talk GH Return – Hayden's Exit Not Final

We at least know we’ll see one last glimpse of Hayden in the coming weeks. ABC Soaps in Depth revealed that juicy tidbit in their latest issue. Budig also discussed her desire to return in Soap Opera Digest. “If I had the chance to work with Michael Easton and Becky Herbst (Elizabeth) again, it would be an easy decision,” Budig said.

Will our final look at Hayden hint at a new path? It will likely leave the door open for Hayden’s comeback as well as a great potential storyline. General Hospital spoilers say Finn will have a tough time letting go of Hayden. She deceived him, but he’s still in love with her.

Do Finn and Hayden belong together? Do you think Rebecca Budig is too good to let slip away? What’s next for Finn now that his world is crumbling? We’ll give you updates as other GH news comes in. Stay tuned to the ABC soap and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.  Sign up for our FREE newsletter by clicking here and get the latest breaking soap news!

  • joanna

    please bring her back and soon we love hayden and finn don’t let any thing stand in there way

  • Kyndle Bryant Nance

    Least that give us a little bit of hope but I’m still gonna miss her. Damn why is it that a couple that have actual chemistry have to split and leave us with two that have none whatsoever? I’m looking at you MiNelle!

    • disqus_C5NTAcskq3

      And Friz!

      • Kyndle Bryant Nance

        Actually their not really that bad. I’m cool with them.

  • PassionQueen77

    Oh so Hayden is coming back to the show. That is good news. I didn’t like her character at first and now i like her character. It is not sad that Finn learned the truth about her. Her past came back to haunt her. What Finn doesn’t know that someone shot her though the head two years ago. That person was Nikolas. This show was on my mind today after watching Friday episode. I was thinking about Sonny as he was laying on the hospital bed and he was talking to Dante and Nathan about what happened.

  • PassionQueen77

    Friday episode was so boring.

    • Lana Budvarson

      Actually the last few episodes were boring. Can we get a break from Sonny,Carly, Sam and Jason?

      • PassionQueen77

        Yeah it seems like the writers is running out of ideas. They like showing Sonny, Carly, Sam and Jason. Lots of fans is tired of Sam weird behaviour on the show.

  • MsA..BOIEE

    Let Hayden stay and have a happy life with Finn!

  • MsA..BOIEE

    Pls let Hayden n her baby daddy weather this storm, give them some peace n light at the end of their tunnel!

  • Cheryl

    No one understands Why they would let her go. Hope you come back soon Hayden!! Love her and Finn. Its a sad day when you lose a actress like her BUT keep Valarie, Amy, etc. Etc. We love Steve Burton coming back But not at the expense of A Main character like her. Sad

  • Lana Budvarson

    Keep her and get rid of Ava and Julian and Amy.

  • Ichima Dewitt

    Well that’s a silver lining to a dark cloud. I hope it’s sincere. Hayden making a quick comeback would be a good show of faith that TPTB are, in fact, taking viewer opinions into consideration. Speaking of opinions, I would have to disagree with a previous commenter. I find that Chad Duell and Chloe Lanier have excellent chemistry together. They give so much to each other in their scenes. And while I thought Sabrina and Patrick had some serious sparks, I found Sabrina and Michael to be awkward and forced. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching Nelle’s character develop, just like Hayden’s. And these two, along with Sam, Carly, Bobbie and all the other beauties who stormed into town with chips on their shoulders, are completely worthy of redemption. Sorry to tangent off… hope you’re back sooner rather than later RB!

  • Steffennie Smith

    Bring her back before the baby is born. She could always be gone for just a few weeks or months. Maybe she can come back into town right around the time it’s time for the baby to be due. Whatever you do you need to bring her back. Losing her just a game Steve Burton not a good trade. The show survive without him for a few years now and it could keep going without him. She’s an amazing new character and should be kept. She’s also an amazing actress and is always underrated and underappreciated. Right when it seemed like the powers to be we’re realizing that they take her off. I hope this isn’t just speculation like a lot of things on this site. Please let it be legit!


    Hayden and Finn?? Way to go GH on busting up the one cool funny couple I was actually invested in.? #thanksfornothing