Prince William Hostile And Capricious Behind Closed Doors: Royal Staff Members Threatening To Quit?

Prince William and Kate Middleton are dealing with one difficult situation after another. This time around there are reports that say royal staff members are feeling stressed, overworked and under appreciated mostly because of Prince William’s hostile and capricious behavior behind closed doors.

According to royal commentator Robert Jobson, William is getting slammed for choosing his lads over his royal duties. The future King of England went on a well-documented ski trip with his friends to Verbier, Switzerland.  He was photographed on numerous occasions drinking with topless models and showing off his rather awkward dance moves at a nightclub.

Robert Jobson claims that one source close to the situation even said that William’s over-confidence even borderlines on arrogance and that he can sometimes be “petulant, capricious and even hostile.” Things are so bad that even Prince Charles has distanced himself from William.

Jobson writes, “Most of those close to William say they prefer to act as a ‘sounding board’ rather than run the risk of confrontation. It is safer that way. But the Duke can be a little unforgiving. When he gets it right everyone is patting him on the back, but who is there to criticize him and warn against getting it wrong?’

Prince William Hostile And Capricious Behind Closed Doors: Royal Staff Members Threatening To Quit?

Could this be why Prince Charles prefers to spend time with his son Prince Harry rather than William these days? Is there no one around that can stop Prince William from leaving his wife Kate Middleton behind to go on drunken ski trips with his buddies? That’s what royal fans want to know.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Prince William and Kate Middleton have been dealing with chaos behind the scenes. Royal observers believe one of the reasons why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been getting so much bad PR these last few years is because they refuse to listen to reason and good advice. In fact, many believe it’s Prince William who might be causing the most problems by being so “head strong” according to royal observers. Do you agree?

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the report. Tell us, do you think Prince William is hostile and capricious to his royal staff members? Let us know what you think by dropping us a line with your thoughts in our comments section below. Also, don’t forget to check back with CDL for all the latest news and updates on the royal family right here.

Prince William Hostile And Capricious Behind Closed Doors: Royal Staff Members Threatening To Quit?

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34 responses to “Prince William Hostile And Capricious Behind Closed Doors: Royal Staff Members Threatening To Quit?”

  1. Ladyhawke says:

    Of course he’s at the highest end of “high maintenance”, as is his father. Born into an antiquated ideology that professes the “divine right of kings”, how could the obnoxious little brat grow into anything other than an extreme narcissistic fop.

  2. Elizabeth Connell says:

    Maybe the enchantress from Beauty and the Beast should pay Wills a visit and curse him turning him into a hideous beast for thinking about himself being high and mighty

  3. Gianmarco Sabato says:

    Obviously its the influence of the flasher stalker MIDDLESLUT and her low class, entitled trashy ways

  4. Gianmarco Sabato says:


  5. Gianmarco Sabato says:


  6. Bubbly says:

    “Hostile”? What do you mean by “hostile”, CDL?
    I believe capricious and epically arrogant is a possibility, or rather fact, but “hostile”? Is he wielding a machete at them or pointing a gun at them, or perhaps threatening them with cutting their head off if they don’t wipe his ass adequately? Is he? How would you know anyway, CDL?

  7. Sigi says:

    Oh what’s NEW ? Not this. Everyone already knows Billy is a Bitch.
    “Petulant William” is on the rag again. I’ve heard they BOTH bitch at their staff.

    • Ladyhawke says:

      Hey, I hope this goes through. My father passed away on Sunday evening. He was the male you had picked up on in my chart. He was 88 and had been quite unwell for some time. I’m slightly overwhelmed by it all at the moment – possibly the reason I reacted so strongly to the dipsh*t on the previous post. I’ll be off the boards till, at least, after the funeral on Monday. Biffing trolls isn’t terribly therapeutic at the moment. I’ll catch you in a while. :)
      (I’ll delete this when it goes through)
      Ciao, LH

      • Sigi says:

        I’m sorry about that – hope you’ll be OK.

        • Ladyhawke says:

          Very difficult time, however, I realise everything is transient, and had been expecting it for some time. Do appreciate your thoughts.

          • Sigi says:

            But you know how it is. Even if it’s expected it’s still a life shattering thing.

          • Ladyhawke says:

            Yes, you’re absolutely right, but if I don’t stick with the above line of thought, I’m concerned I will lose it completely before Monday. The truth is I’m absolutely gutted and have been on the edge several times during the past two days. I’m trying to keep it together by telling myself I can fall to pieces after Monday. We were close and the pain is both emotional and physical – (and now I’ve started myself off again). Usually know how to deal with people going through this, but completely hopeless when going through these things myself. Friends and people he knew attempt to offer comfort, but inevitably they break down and I’m left trying to comfort them.
            Still, it puts the woes and dramas of Witless and Clueless into perspective.

          • Sigi says:

            I’m really sorry. You were lucky to have a good,close relationship. Not everyone has that with their father.
            I’m sure you know that though.

            Right, but I think you already knew Billy and Kathy are morons and it’s OK to state your opinions on them.
            I’m sure they aren’t monumental to you and never were !
            Hang in there. It’s OK to be upset and instead of carrying everyone else, ask a few of them over to your place so they comfort you as well.

          • Ladyhawke says:

            Wise words, thanks – I’ll take your advice. J

          • Sigi says:

            Alright, see you in later. Best wishes.

          • Ladyhawke says:


  8. Ladyhawke says:

    And you apparently loathe me so much, you obsessively read every word I type and have an uncontrollable urge to comment. Get the irony? Still typing away in your parents’ basement and living vicariously through the lives of others? A comment from one of your many usernames indicates you’ve recently journeyed to Paris. What fun! And without leaving the basement! Yes, do hope your therapy eventually kicks in, but I don’t think anyone’s holding their breath.

  9. Sigi says:

    Wow, now that’s interesting. Shrill Will, AKA “Shrilly Shirley” when he’s in his cross dressing garb !!!!!!

  10. Sigi says:

    LOL, Waity = Bush Flasher. Totally.