General Hospital Spoilers: Tuesday, April 10 Update – Drew’s Heroic Rescue – Carly Blasts Sonny – Lulu’s Shocker

General Hospital Spoilers: Tuesday, April 10 Update – Drew’s Heroic Rescue – Carly Blasts Sonny – Lulu’s ShockerGeneral Hospital (GH) spoilers for Tuesday, April 10, tease that Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) will hope to pry more info out of Liz (Rebecca Herbst). She’ll insist that if there’s anything else she should know, Liz had better blab. Jordan will warn that things could go south quickly for Franco if Liz doesn’t pipe up.

Liz may be tempted to divulge the truth about which direction Franco was headed in with Jim (Greg Evigan). Scott (Kin Shriner) ran off to seek help from Mac (John J. York) and Drew’s (Billy Miller) taking care of business on his end, too. However, Liz may fear that their efforts won’t be enough. At the same time, she’ll worry about consequences for Franco if she spills too much.

Meanwhile, Drew will do everything he can to get Franco breathing again. He just shot Jim, so at least that issue’s been dealt with. Now Drew can work on reviving Franco after that strangling attempt. He may think Franco’s dead at first, his former enemy will live to tell the tale.

Franco is never going to be Drew’s favorite person, but they’ve moved beyond the raging adversaries phase of their relationship. The revelations about their past will only strengthen their connection. Friendship is probably too strong of a word, but tolerable allies might work!

Other General Hospital spoilers say Maxie (Kirsten Storms) will confront Peter (Wes Ramsey) about a secret he’s been keeping. It looks like she’ll discover his baby trust donation plan. Maxie won’t be happy that Peter was hiding something from her, but he’ll try to spin this mess in his favor.

Elsewhere, Lulu (Emme Rylan) will catch Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) off guard. She’ll stop by and insist that she’s there to collect on his offer. Valentin suggested that he could use his resources to track down Heinrik, but he was just blowing smoke. GH fans know he wants to keep Heinrik’s new alias under wraps. Valentin certainly has no desire to expose his partnership with Peter.

Nevertheless, Valentin will likely pretend he’s going to do everything he can. It’ll be the easiest way to avoid suspicion. Over with Anna (Finola Hughes), she’ll land in a tight spot. Finn (Michael Easton) will drop a hint about Faison’s (Anders Hove) lighter and Anna will hardly be able to contain her excitement. She’ll spark some questions thanks to this sudden enthusiasm.

Across town, Carly (Laura Wright) will have a major outburst. After she explains all the Morgan (Bryan Craig) drama again, Sonny will think maybe it’s all in Carly’s head. Since nobody else saw the scarf, there will definitely be doubts about whether this story is even true.

Carly will be outraged by her husband’s disbelief. Jason and Sonny will do their best to settle Carly down, but they’ll realize she’s in bad shape. General Hospital spoilers say Sonny will want to turn to a professional ASAP. He’ll probably feel like Carly’s suffering from severe hallucinations and paranoia.

GH viewers won’t want to miss all the action in Tuesday’s episode. We’ll give you updates as other news comes in. Stay tuned to the ABC soap and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.