Days of Our Lives Spoilers: What Happened to Victoria Konefal – Where Is Ciara?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: What Happened to Victoria Konefal – Where Is Ciara?

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers tease that Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) will soon suspect that car explosion wasn’t what it looked like. There’s no real evidence that Ciara was inside at the time of the blast, so Hope needs to investigate. Of course, this storyline has left DOOL fans with plenty of questions. What happened to Victoria Konefal? Where is Ciara? Let’s dive in and discuss where things are headed.

For starters, we should address Konefal’s status with the show. According to Days Executive Producer Ken Corday’s interview with Soap Opera Digest, Konefal will return and then leave again. Corday added that Konefal would be “coming and going,” so it sounds like they’ll try to bring Konefal back for visits when they can.

In other words, one return is locked in according to Corday and more could follow. In an interview with TV Guide, Corday also assured DOOL viewers that “no one ever really dies on Days of Our Lives.” Taking all this info into account, it’s easy to see Ciara survived and is still out there somewhere.

Now it’s just a matter of someone finding Ciara and presumably saving her from Vincent Belman’s (Michael Teh) evil clutches. Before Alfonso decided not to make a Days comeback, she was supposed to be off canvas for a few months. Alfonso nixed that plan and quit instead, but DOOL’s plans suggest that Hope was set to go look for Vincent and Ciara.

That’ll probably still be what Hope does, but the difference is she won’t be back like Days planned. The show will have to come up with some excuse to keep Hope away, so she may simply go missing.

Regardless, if Hope’s mission was supposed to end a few months down the line, maybe that’s when Ciara will be found. DOOL writers may have to rewrite it so someone else finds Ciara instead.

In the meantime, what’s Vincent up to? He could’ve easily just left Ciara in the car that was rigged to explode. Vincent was previously on board with letting Ciara die at brainwashed Ben Weston’s (Robert Scott Wilson) hands, so what changed? Why does Vincent want Ciara alive now?

When Vincent was driving Ciara to that airstrip, he had moments when he thought she was his dead fiancée, Wendy Taylor (Denice Duff). Vincent eventually came to his senses and realized Ciara wasn’t Wendy, but his perception of reality still seemed off.

Since Vincent was in such a fragile state, Ciara could’ve easily said, “Of course, I’m Wendy! Yes, it’s me!” Vincent was so desperate to have Wendy back that Ciara could’ve convinced him again off screen. Ciara might’ve known it was her only shot at survival.

Then again, Vincent is a master of mind control. Maybe Vincent has a new plan – one that involves brainwashing Ciara into becoming the new Wendy. Vincent might believe they can still have the farm, family and future he wanted. Vincent just has to program Ciara into who he wants her to be!

Whatever the case, it sounds like Ciara will be stuck with Vincent somewhere until she can be rescued. As other Days news comes in, we’ll provide updates.

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