General Hospital Spoilers: Friday, May 22 – Luke Remembers Killing Both Parents – Horrifying Trauma for GH 52nd Anniversary

General Hospital Spoilers: Friday, May 22 – Luke Remembers Killing Both Parents – Horrifying Trauma for GH 52nd Anniversary

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for Friday, May 22, tease that the ABC soap will air an encore presentation of an episode that originally aired on April 1, 20145. It was an action-packed 52nd anniversary show that’s worth revisiting! General Hospital spoilers say this is what you can expect in this classic.

For starters, here’s a fun casting reminder. In this episode, Jason Thompson (Patrick Drake) takes on the role of Dr. Steve Hardy. Ryan Carnes portrays Dr. Phil Brewer while Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth Webber) plays the part of Nurse Jessie Brewer. Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos) also plays Lena Spencer in these special flashback scenes.

Anthony Geary takes on the role of Luke’s father, Tim Spencer. Before she was Nelle Benson, Chloe Lanier made her GH debut back in this 2015 as a young Patricia Spencer. Joey Luthman is also in this episode as a young Luke Spencer, so General Hospital fans will remember the gripping revelations that come to light.

Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) visits the old Spencer home and reflects on this being where it all started. In Patricia Spencer’s (Dee Spencer) room at Oak Hill, she notes that her brother always found a way to beat the odds. Patricia ultimately recounts the story of what happened in that old house.

The most traumatic event of Patricia’s life happened exactly 52 years earlier. Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman) noted that their father had beaten their mother until her appendix burst, but Patricia explains that’s not the real story.

Back with Luke, he flashes to a younger version of himself and what went down all those years ago. Luke spots a bruise on his mother’s arm, but Lena lies about it.

After Patricia joins them, little Bobbie Spencer pops out from behind the curtain as an April Fools’ Day prank. Their abusive, alcoholic father is not amused when he comes home and starts lashing out.

Tim mocks Luke’s baseball swing before Patricia rants at him for being an old drunk. Luke’s upset when his sister gets slapped. The events of the night escalate when Lena suffers a blow to the head.

She’s bleeding from a gash in older Patricia’s memory of the event. Once Lena regains consciousness, young Patricia takes her mother to the hospital. She makes Luke stay home with Tim to look after Bobbie.

Lena lies at the hospital about falling down the basement steps, but Phil’s skeptical when he hears that explanation. Steve pushes Jessie to get in touch with Lena’s brother, Fred Eckert, since Lena’s husband has been known to knock her around. As for Patricia, she waits anxiously for updates on her mother’s condition while holding her crucifix.

Back with older Patricia, she clutched the same crucifix and recalled her time in the waiting area. Patricia has a flashback of receiving the news that her mother passed away due to the brain swelling she sustained from her injury.

Bobbie guesses Luke watched his father kill his mother and was driven to the dark side as a result. Patricia admits it’s more complicated than that.

Older Luke remembers how he told his father things would change once Lena came home from the hospital. Luke demands respect, but he soon learns Lena won’t be coming home at all. Tim shouts that Luke’s mother is dead, but young Luke is in denial.

Back with older Patricia, she corrects Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliott), who now assumes the appendicitis story was to cover up Tim’s murder of Lena. Patricia once again notes that it wasn’t that simple.

She recalls meeting her cousin, Bill Eckert, and getting help on what to do. Bill and Patricia return to the Spencer home in a flashback, where Tim is now dead as well.

As for Luke in the present, he remembers he killed his father and struggles to fill in the blanks as Tracy, Patricia and Tracy show up. Luke eventually realizes that he killed Lena himself by flying into a rage and inadvertently hit Lena in the head.

The others offer comfort as Luke breaks down in tears over killing both his parents that fateful night.

General Hospital spoilers say this powerful flashback episode is one many fans will want to watch again! As other GH updates come in, we’ll give you more info. CDL’s the place to be for exciting General Hospital spoilers, updates and news posts.