General Hospital Spoilers: Will Nathan Haunt Maxie’s Dreams, Warn About Peter – Mom Must Protect James and New Baby?

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Nathan Haunt Maxie’s Dreams, Warn About Peter – Mom Must Protect James and New Baby?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) will have a lot on her mind once she gets confirmation on some big news. GH fans know Maxie suspects she’s pregnant, which test results will prove down the road.

Of course, this is a huge deal because a baby could tie Maxie to Peter for the rest of her life. It’s something that could pull them even closer, but Peter’s deception presents a problem. Maxie has the wool pulled over her eyes when it comes to Peter. She thinks Peter’s come a long way from his sinister days, but he hasn’t really changed.

Peter’s willing to do anything – even order murders – to make sure Maxie never finds out some of the sinister things he’s done. Naturally, the more Peter tries to cover up his crimes, the more crimes he commits.

Peter could easily spiral out of control over this whole baby situation. It’ll leave Peter more determined than ever to maintain this perfect life he’s created and keep Maxie in the dark.

What will finally help Maxie see the light? Could a face from Maxie’s past warn her about the future? General Hospital spoilers say Maxie will be nervous over her impending bundle of joy.

Maxie wasn’t expecting to add a child to her brood right now. Peter’s bound to be excited, but Maxie may remain uneasy – especially if doubts about Peter start to creep in.

GH needs a way to jumpstart those doubts as they build to this storyline’s climax. Could Maxie have some pivotal dreams? What if Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) appears to Maxie and offers some sort of a warning? Ryan Paevey had admitted he’s open to negotiating a General Hospital comeback.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Nathan would come back alive though! Nathan could always make a ghostly visit to GH. Maybe Maxie could battle concerns after Nathan shows up in her dreams with a message about protecting James West (Caleb and Kyler Ends) and her new baby.

Nathan would certainly want to watch out for Maxie from beyond the grave if the danger escalates.

Maxie might be confused about what Nathan means at first, but she could ultimately sense that Peter isn’t quite the man he seems to be! Perhaps Maxie could determine that Nathan’s trying to warn her about building a life with his devious half-brother. That’d be a great story and an exciting way to get Nathan back in the action.

As other GH details emerge, we’ll deliver the hottest updates. General Hospital spoilers say Maxie has some stunning moments ahead of her! CDL’s where you want to be for thrilling General Hospital spoilers, updates and news, so don’t forget to stop by regularly.

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