The Young and the Restless Spoilers Review: Wednesday, November 11 – Adam Admits Little Adam Was Right – Chance Returns to Abby

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers review for Wednesday, November 11, reveals that Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) gets updates following Chance Chancellor’s (Donny Boaz). Bone fragments were removed from Chance’s lung, and his doctors repaired a severe laceration. Abby hopes that means Chance will be OK, so Elena Dawson (Brytni Sarpy) admits Chance’s vitals are good.

Considering the extent of Chance’s injuries and how complicated the surgery was, he seems to be doing pretty well. Elena insists that now they just need to monitor Chance closely and wait.

Afterward, Abby makes a sweet speech to unconscious Chance in his hospital bed. She loves Chance so much and hates that she was off dealing with all her family drama. Abby’s life is with Chance, so she begs him to come back to her.

Abby talks about all the plans they made and envisions moments in the future with Chance. “You are my partner. You are my heart. So please, please… You have to come back to me,” Abby pleads again.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) fills Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) and Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) in on her kidnapping. Chelsea talks about waking up trapped in captivity, so Chloe fumes about Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) doing this to her bestie.

Chelsea reveals that she drank from a water bottle that was drugged, so Kevin asks why Adam would do all this. Chelsea admits she saw something she shouldn’t have – enough to convince her Adam was going to do something bad.

When Chelsea learns nothing’s happened to the Newmans yet, she’s hopeful that Adam didn’t go through with his plan.

At Adam’s penthouse, Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) argues that Adam doesn’t seem too surprised that Chance was shot. Adam argues that he’s in shock and thinks he should go to the hospital. “You’re not going anywhere,” Rey insists. He reveals that “Adam” was the last thing Chance said before he lost consciousness.

Rey points out that Chance thought Adam was behind Chelsea’s disappearance, so Adam pretends her disappearance is news to him. Rey comes up with a story about Chance following Adam to that building, where things maybe go out of hand. “You’re way off base, detective,” Adam insists.

When Rey tries to establish an alibi, Adam says it’s none of Rey’s business where he was. Adam isn’t saying another word without a lawyer, but Rey thinks Adam could save them a lot of trouble by just telling the truth. “Or I could tell you to get the hell out,” Adam replies. Rey agrees to leave, but he points out that they’re far from done.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) gets a call about Rey questioning Adam in connection with Chance’s shooting. Sharon’s perplexed as to why Adam would shoot Chance. Rey notes that they don’t have enough to arrest Adam yet, but he wanted to fill Sharon in.

Rey doesn’t think Adam would be stupid enough to seek Sharon out, but… Sharon says she won’t let Adam anywhere near her and brings up all the drama with Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn Lind) recently. When Sharon asks if she should go pick up Faith, Rey thinks Faith’s better off away from her usual haunts.

Sharon worries she caused Adam to do this, but Rey insists Adam’s responsible for his own actions. However, Rey is concerned since there’s no telling what Adam’s going to do next.

Over with Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and Lily Winters (Christel Khalil), they discuss Chance’s shooting. Lily sighs when she realizes Billy’s jumping on this as a second Adam article, but Billy contends that “this is gold.”

Lily contends that they need confirmation before they can run with anything. Billy wants to head down to the hospital, but Lily would rather let one of their actual reporters do it. She finds it “morally ambiguous” for Billy to be involved since he’s related to Chance.

“Billy, he was just shot. What are you gonna do? Are you gonna go to his ICU room and interrogate him?” Lily asks. Billy says Chance’s well-being comes first, but Lily thinks Adam’s role in all this is blinding Billy and preventing him from being a decent human being. Billy suggests this is about justice and takes off.

In the hospital waiting area, Billy finds Abby and learns Chance is still in critical condition. He asks how Abby’s doing, so she admits she feels like she’s in this surreal nightmare. Abby doesn’t understand the circumstances surrounding Chance’s shooting, so Billy reveals the police are questioning Adam. “He’s their number one suspect,” Billy adds.

At the coffeehouse, Sharon sends a text that appears to be for Jordan’s (Madison Thompson) mom. When Sharon asks if she’ll check on the girls again, she gets a reply that they’re fine and in the basement watching a movie.

Lily arrives and wonders if Sharon’s OK, so Sharon admits she just got some upsetting news and insists she’s fine. They address Chance’s shooting before Sharon says she lied before; she’s not fine. Sharon’s worried about Rey. When something like that happens to another officer, it really brings it all home.

Sharon feels like the possibility of something happening is always out there. Lily ties it in with their recoveries, so they agree it’s scary always feeling like there’s a chance of cancer recurrence. Sharon and Lily do some bonding over their shared experience. Talking to another cancer survivor makes Sharon “feel seen.”

Back at the Chancellor mansion, Rey talks to Chelsea about the shooting. He notes that Chance implicated Adam and wonders if Chelsea thinks Adam was behind it. Chelsea doesn’t want to believe that, but she seems to think it’s possible. Rey asks why Chelsea wanted to meet Chance before and wonders what was so urgent.

Chelsea says she was scared Adam was being pushed past his limit. She got the sense that Adam wanted to retaliate against Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and maybe the whole family. Since Chelsea never had her meeting with Chance, she suggests he developed the same suspicions another way.

Rey feels like Chelsea still loves Adam and wants to protect him. “I’m afraid it’s too late for that,” Chelsea insists. Back at the penthouse, Adam admits Young Adam (Dane West) was right – that he was out of control.

Adam talks about what he almost did, but Young Adam notes that his friend intervened. Adam points out that now his friend is paying the price and might die from a bullet meant for him.

In the hospital waiting area, Abby doesn’t understand why Adam would shoot Chance. She never understood their friendship since Chance is so kind and generous. When Abby asks how Billy knew Adam was being questioned by police, Billy says he has a friend at the station.

“You mean a source,” Abby replies. She reels as she realizes this is about chasing a story and launches a verbal attack on Billy. “How could you possibly try to take advantage of what we are going through?!” Abby yells. She rages about how disgusted she is over Billy exploiting their family connection. “What is wrong with you?!” Abby adds.

Billy says Chance is family as well – and that makes it personal for him. He wants Adam to pay and thinks Abby does, too. Abby rants about all her messy emotions, but she needs to focus on Chance. Billy wants to stop Adam from doing more damage, but Abby says not now.

After telling Abby he’s sorry, Billy walks away. Once Billy’s gone, Adam appears near Chance’s room in the hall. As for Abby, she visits Chance again and makes another speech. “What we have is once-in-a-lifetime special,” Abby says. She feels Chance is going to be the husband and father he’s meant to be.

On Wednesday’s Young and the Restless episode, Elena checks Chance’s vitals again. Everything looks good, so she wants Abby to keep doing what she’s doing.

Over with Chelsea at the Chancellor mansion, she admits to Rey that of course she still loves Adam. They have a son together, but she kept hitting a brick wall when it comes to her ex.

Rey brings up the building, which is connected to a shell company that can be traced to Adam. Chelsea confesses that she spent the night there in a tiny room. “Against your will?” Rey asks on Wednesday’s Y&R episode. Chelsea says she thinks Adam had her kidnapped so she wouldn’t interfere with his plans.

Rey believes Adam’s plan is the reason Chance is fighting for his life in the hospital right now. Chelsea reveals that Adam had schematics for the Newman Tower and there was an X to mark it. If Chelsea knew more, she swears she would tell Rey.

Once Rey leaves, Chelsea talks to Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) on the phone. Connor wants to talk to his dad, but Chelsea says he can’t right now. She insists there’s a lot going on, so it’s just not a great time. As Chelsea becomes more emotional, she tells Connor she loves him so much and abruptly ends the call.

Next, Chelsea gets reassurance from Kevin and Chloe. Chelsea just hopes Chance recovers – and that someone or something stops Adam from going any further than he already has.

Billy reconvenes with Lily and admits all he did was cause Abby more pain at the hospital. He talked to Jill Abbott (Jess Walton), who’s trying to make it back. Billy notes that Jill’s plane is delayed due to weather, but he intends to accompany her to Chance’s bedside eventually for support. “So you’ve learned nothing,” Lily says.

Rey finds Sharon at Crimson Lights and notes that Adam shut down before demanding a lawyer. Sharon thinks Rey must’ve really gotten to Adam because when he thinks he has the upper hand, he’ll talk your ear off. Rey notes that Chance hasn’t woken up yet. He also saw a relieved look in Sharon’s eyes when he walked in.

Sharon says she was married to a detective once and lost him to the job. She’ll always worry about Rey and brings up her earlier conversation with Lily. Although Sharon’s fear won’t go away, she feels love and happiness to have Rey in her life.

Finally, Chance begins to stir in his hospital bed. Once Chance opens his eyes, he’s about to speak when Abby stops him. Abby says she knew Chance would come back to her and steps toward him. Adam lurks in the hall and makes sure Chance is awake before he heads out.

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