FBI: International Recap 10/05/21: Season 1 Episode 3 “Secrets as Weapons”

FBI: International Recap 10/05/21: Season 1 Episode 3 "Secrets as Weapons"

Tonight on CBS FBI: International airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 5, 2021 season 1 episode 3, “Secrets as Weapons,” and we have your FBI: International recap below. In tonight’s FBI season 1 episode 3 as per the CBS synopsis, “The team investigates when the hijacking of cryptocurrency en route to a safety vault in Switzerland leaves an American transporter dead and another on the run.”

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Special Agent Scott Forrester’s team caught a case. The Swiss Federal Police were requesting their service in a robbery/homicide involving two Americans and one of the Americans was killed. Melissa Miller and her partner were former cops. They became private investigators and they were delivering some called “crypto wallets” to a person when they got forced off the road. Held up and robbed. Melissa’s partner was killed. She managed to escape with some injuries and now the Swiss were investigating it. They asked Forrester’s team to join them because of the victims’ nationality. Forrester had an easier time questioning Melissa than the Swiss had and so she told him that she didn’t know how much bitcoin was on each wallet. All she knows was that she was being paid for expenses as well as five hundred dollars a day to deliver the items.

Melissa and her partner were asked to pose as tourists. They were supposed to hide their true intent in the city and they thought they had done an admirable job until they got forced off the road. Neither Melissa nor her partner told anyone what they were doing. The only way the thieves could have known was if they had gotten the information from someone in the know. Melissa was delivering the crypto wallets to a man named Steve Webb. Webb said the crypto wallets were direct access to twenty million in bitcoin and that anyone could cash them in. Webb had no idea had information of the trade-off had gotten out. He uses a crypto bank in the area that was top-notch. Forrester and his team asked questions.

They were all answered. Nothing stood out and so Special Agent Jamie Kellett said she would reach out to one of her contacts in the area. She knew a low-level crook. She went to his apartment to question him about the heist and murder and he was doing his best to get rid of her when his friend revealed himself. Jamie’s contact had one of the guys involved in the murder at his place. The friend pulled a gun on Jamie, but not before she made a call to Forrester and kept Forrester on the line as she tried to talk the guy down and it didn’t work. Her contact was murdered. Jamie was shot and it was a miracle she wasn’t outright killed. Forrester freaked out when he heard the gunshots over the phone. He had her phone tracked and they were able to reach Jamie in time to get her medical help.

Their friend in Interpol rode with Jamie to the hospital. The rest of the team however continued with their investigation and Forrester couldn’t prevent making this personal. He managed to offend Webb. He kept pushing and pushing until Webb demanded to have nothing to do with him. The Swiss backed up Webb because they’re the Swiss. They didn’t like conflict. Forrester also heard from his bosses in Washington to back off Webb and there was nothing he could do about it. Forrester suspected that Webb had the wallets stolen to hide his assets from his ex-wife. He had nothing other than a gut feeling and his gut was off. Forrester was being irrational in the case because Jamie wasn’t just a member of his team. The two were seeing each other.

It had gotten to the point where Forrester asked Jamie not to take a job in New York because he didn’t want to lose her. Forrester’s irrationality was therefore that of a boyfriend and not a boss. Jamie managed to write down some numbers on her hand before she lost consciousness. Forester had his team run those numbers and they later had their numbers run against a rental car when they saw that their shooter had taken a car to leave the location after he shot Jamie. The team found the car. The car had been abandoned and set on fire. His GPS was still working. The team used that GPS to determine where the car had been and it showed that it had been near Mr. Schmid’s address. He was someone who worked at the Vault.

The Vault was a crypto bank. It’s where Webb planned on housing his wallets in cold storage and Schmid knew about it in advance. Forrester went for Schmid. He got physical with him and that got Schmid talking. He was apparently feeling raw after being passed over for a promotion when he met a man named Hoschi. Hoschi arranged everything. He brought in two other men and one of them was named Kristian. Schmid hadn’t known that anyone was going to get hurt. He thought they were just going to rob the couriers and so Forrester had Schmid bombard Kristian with messages his cut. Kristian called Schmid. He told Schmid that the wallets were password protected. He also said he negotiated a ransom and that Schmid’s cut is not getting shot. The Swiss were able to trace that call.

They found Kristian as he was handing over the crypto wallets. Forrester and his team went after the men and they were able to capture Kristian and the crypto wallets but not Hoschi. Hoschi escaped. It was him that Forrester wanted the most. He wanted revenge for Jamie and so he proved willing to negotiate with Kristian. Kristian wanted citizenship for his Turkish girlfriend and her son. He wanted them to be safe. He offered up information that led to the capture of one of the other guys and Forrester got to look Hoschi in the face when he was arrested. Jamie meanwhile made a full recovery. Her near-death experience made her realize that she didn’t want to take the job in New York and so she later told Forrester that she was staying. She didn’t want to leave after coming so close to losing what they have.